Saturday, October 18, 2008

10/28/08, Maha Laksmi Day

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve Santu niramaya
Sarve Badrani pashyantu
Ma kaschit duhkbhag bhavet

May everyone be happy
May everyone be free of disease
May auspiciousness be seen everywhere
May suffering belong to no one

In Vedic Astrology, The great embodiment of Natural Laws governing all Wealth, MahaLaksmi day arrives on 10/28/08.

What is so very special about this New Moon following the 9 days of Mother Divine? The 2 days before this special New Moon are Carolan's Dark days (, ie 3 of the greatest Crashes in History, 10/29/29, 10/20/87, 10/28/97 Crash Lows were all a couple of days before the Mahalaksmi date.

It is asif all the wealth, accumulated through wrongful means, greed, corruption and other vices, was eventually destroyed and surrendered before the lotus feet of the Great Natural Law (Goddess) of wealth, Mahalaksmi.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amazing Predictions by Mayan Calender, Dr Ravi Batra and Maharishi

Some amazing predictions were made by a Mayan article written in 2004 that is worth mentioning:

"In the Fifth NIGHT, (November 18 2007 – November 12, 2008, ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness), we will see the last desperate attempts of the West, and power hierarchies based on materialism everywhere, to remain in control and strengthen their power in some new very oppressive way. If the international monetary system collapses in DAY 5 we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). "

"Following the Fifth NIGHT large groups of people will however in the Sixth DAY break away from hierarchical control and guided by their intuition find a path towards increased wholeness. This is when the hierarchies will really start to break down, probably largely in a chaotic way. Yet, this is exactly the kind of chaos that is needed for the recreation of an Enlightened world."
"The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment." "Enlightenment completes by 2011"

There is also Dr Ravi Batra's Economic predictions that has been 80-90% accurate and the following is worth mentioning, he predicted back in 1999:

Soon after the stock market crash, a democratic revolution at the ballot box will catapult the United States into a golden age that will eclipse the reign of wealth in politics, establish a truly free enterprise economy, end permissiveness, and bring now discarded spiritual values back into fashion. Then will dawn a brilliant day, quickly sweeping across the world, the beginning of a thousand years of righteousness, compassion, and innate goodness on earth. The darker moments in human history will finally succumb to the nobility inherent in each and every one of us. It could take another thirty-year cycle before the new age sprouts in its all-encompassing effulgence, but come it will."

In his latest book, "The New Golden Age" that appeared in January 2007, Dr. Batra predicted:

* Oil price will break new record until 2010 in spite of a slowing economy, but collapse in the next decade.

* The housing bubble will keep bursting at least till 2009.

* Share prices will see a slow fall in 2007 but an accelerated fall in 2008 and 2009

* An unprecedented movement will appear by 2009 to start a revolution against the rule of wealthy lobbyists in politics. The revolution will lead to a new golden age in the next decade.

This all agrees with the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who predicted that a Golden new Age is dawning for mankind in the coming generation, Heaven on Earth will be lived by everyone.

"The future of the world is bright and that is my delight"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Intraday Turning Points 9/24/08

Intraday CITs (Change in Trends):
10.00, 11.15, 12.35, 1.15, 1.35 pm EST

Actual: 10.00H (see chart "1"), 11.19L (2), 12.30L(3), 1.30H(4)

CITs are working well, there is one more at 3pm. If a High, we should sell off into the close and vice versa.

Note: If you have a hidden email address, we will be unable to respond to any requests.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Manipulation during Option Expiration Week? Nah!

Eversince the 10/11/07 SPX All Time High, we have been in a perfect Down Channel (Click on chart to enlarge). Yesterday we touched lower support of this channel at 1133 SPX and in less than 24 hours, on the very last day of Option Expiration, we are up 120 SP's!

Simply Amazing!

Today, 9/19/08 is Option Expiration Day and all September Options expire in the first hour today and close to the
"Maximum Pain" price, that is the price, where most Options will expire worthless, which of course is to the benefit of the "Big Boys", who underwrite these Options.

Manipulation during Option Expiration?, You Bet! and this time with the Fed's direct Help, publicly bailing out and providing hundreds of Billion of dollars to save the current financial crisis that was caused by the wealthy Risk takers (aka Gamblers) in the first place in our not so free Capitalistic System. They were once again "saved by the Option Expiration Bell". Derivatives is a Trillion Dollar Market, so there is alot at stake.

Just look at the last 2 Major Lows in the Stockmarkets, they arrived, you guessed it, during Option Expiration week!:

1. 3/17/08 Low, was the 1st day of OE week and we rallied 73 SP's in 4 days into OE Friday.

2. 7/15/08 Low, was the 2nd day of OE week, and we rallied 62 SP's in 3 days into OE Friday.

3. 9/18/08 Low, was the 4th day of OE week, and we rallied 120 SP's (sofar) in less than 1 day into OE Friday.

Will this outright Manipulation continue? Yes of course, unless something drastically changes, it has always been like that.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Quick Review Series of Cycles

In my last post, the Series of Cycles was looking for a 9/2 Major High and T&C Members were alerted to this:

"We should have a 9/2 Major High
and 3 Hard down Days into a 9/4 Lows @ Close"

That is exactly what we got (click on chart to enlarge), the actual Intraday Low arrived 2 trading hours later on 9/5 @ 11.25 am intraday Lows, close enough.

We should now get some choppy markets into Option Expiration week.

Note: If you have a hidden email address, we will be unable to respond to any requests.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Series of Cycles: 9/2/08 Major High

The amazing Series of Cycles has been repeating in the markets for many years now. Sometimes the series fades, but after a month or so, it shows up again and then the Cycle provides very accurate turning dates.

The Series recently predicted a 7/28L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/19L, 8/22H, 8/26L +/-1

We actually had a 7/28L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/20L, 8/22H and 8/26L

The Series of Cycles are now looking for a 9/2 Major High and a good decline into XXX (reserved) Major Low, after which we should see a powerful rally into XXX Major High.

For further formation:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pinpointing the short term Cycle Low

In my previous post, my proprietary Series of cycles was looking for an 8/19 Low, I also had an unusual triple Change in Trend (CIT) Cluster intraday on 8/21, right at the Open at 9.40-45 am.

Result: We had an 8/20 Low right at the Open (click on chart to enlarge), and an
8/21 Low exactly on the triple Time Cluster.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Series of Cycles and Intraday Turning Points

The proprietary series of Cycles has been back on track and was looking for an 8/8L, 8/15H and a 8/19 Low, and is now looking for higher prices, but other cycles are suggesting the Low could stretch to a 8/21-22 Low. We'll see which dominates, but the Series has been the dominant Cycle for now.

In any case today, 8/20, intraday (Change in Trend) CIT and bias (sent to clients) was:

"Speculative Path: C/Open High, 9.55 Low, 10.45-55* High, 11.30 High and 12.20 Low"

We had a Open High, 10.05LOD, 11-11.15HOD, 11.30H, 12.25L

For tomorrow, 8/21 there is a 9.40-45 am Time Cluster, bias is it will be a Low.

Other CITs for 8/21 are 1.40, 2.25 and 3.50 pm EST.

For further formation:

Monday, August 11, 2008

3 Major CITs, 3 Major Lows

3 Major CITs, 3 Major Lows:

In the last couple of posts, I had 3 Major CITs, which produced 3 Major Lows:

7/15 Major Low ("1 " chart, click on chart to enlarge), 8/4 2nd Higher Low most recently the 8/8 3rd higher Low.

We have entered the Olympic festival Mood. This is very bullish along with Crude Oil crashing.

The NDX/QQQ is leading the way breaking UP and away and rallying off its long term Up Channel support. We should be much higher by the end of the Month.

It is time to be bullish...

Thursday, August 7, 2008



What is so special about this number? The Chinese considers 8 an extremely lucky number, as the sound of 8 in Chinese is associated with great fortune,
that is why the Olympic Games in Beijing are scheduled to begin on Aug. 8, 2008 - yep, 8-8-08 - at 8:08:08 p.m. and tons of people plan to marry on this once in a lifetime date, 8/08/2008.

When you count all the numbers up, 8/08/2008 =8+8+2+8 =26 = 2= 6 = 8!

In Vedic Astrology and Numerology and also in Western Astrology, 8 stands for Saturn
, the planet of Death & Change, suffering and sorrow, but Saturn also stands for Wisdom gained through experience, Discipline and Maturity. Saturn is considered the Father of Time as it governs change.

In general, it is considered inauspicious and a sign of hardships.
However, Saturn "delays, but never denies", according to Vedic Astrology, once you have learned Saturn's lessons, after some delays and obstacles through the school of hard knocks, it becomes the greatest friend to you, and gives you "Self made Luck". Saturn eventually gives you a Kingdom. Here are some real time examples.

This Friday is also the Midpoint of the 2 Eclipses, one on 8/1/08 and the other on 8/16/08. We had a possible negative Omen for the Olympics, when we had an earthquake there a couple of days before the start of the Olympics tomorrow.
Starting important events in between eclipses is considered inauspicious in Vedic Astrology, unless it is something of a spiritual nature.

In any case, 8/8/2008 will be an important time to watch for a Major change in the World as well as the Stock Markets. What Direction?

Time will Tell.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sixsigma's 1987 Fractal

This is an interesting 1987 Fractal pattern (Click on chart to enlarge) that has been in the markets for over a year now. It is "1 Trading Day is a week" Fractal. This was posted a couple of weeks ago on our T&C Group, courtesy of "s" (that I thought was worthwhile to share with everyone.

1. 08/25/87H = 10/11/07H

2. 09/08/87L = 01/23/08L
3. 09/22/87L = 03/17/08L
4. 10/02/87H = 05/19/08H,
5. 10/12/87L = 07/15/08L
6. 10/13/87H = 07/23/08H
7. 10/20/87L = 09/11/08L???

If I calculated it correctly, this Fractal Cycle has roughly a 7 Times expansion (
1 Trading Day in 1987 is equal to a week in 2008) and bottoms around 9/11/08, the 7 Year anniversary of 9/11/01, but it could arrive earlier or later, as the fractal can expand or contract.

In Sixsigma's work it is the pattern that is strikingly similar and it doesn't always have to abide by the exact 7 Times expansion of 1987. In any case it is an interesting pattern at an interesting Time.

Intraday Turning points for 7/28/08

Intraday CITs: 9.50-10, 11.50, 2.05, 2.20-2.30 and 3.25 pm

Actual: 9.50H&10.10HOD (#1 on Chart, click to enlarge), 11.45L (#2)

Markets are declining as expected.
TL support is at 1238-40 SPX.

Either the 2-2.30 CIT or the 3.25 CIT is expected to be the Low of the day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The next Major Turn: 7/31-8/1/08

The major CIT (Change in Trend) due 7/11-14 (see last post) arrived a day (more like an hour) late on 7/15 Low at my 10 am intraday CIT cluster. I also had a 214 (2*108) hourly Cycle (Click on chart to enlarge) due around that time. We have rallied 85-90 SP's in the 6 Tradings days ever since.

The next Major daily CIT is due 7/31-8/1/08 and should be just as important as the one that called the 7/15/08 Low. Never a dull moment with these markets. We should see a powerful move after the 7/31-8/1 time frame.

For further formation:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The next Major Turn: 7/11-14/08

Kudos to all Astrologers that called the decline this past week (see previous post). We didn't get their expected crash, but the decline continued down.

Initially, I was looking for a 6/30-7/1 Low from the 6/5/08 Highs . This last week had alot of crash calls, but you know what is very strange? We are ONLY 20 SP's Lower than the 7/1/08 Lows (click on chart to enlarge), but it feels like we dropped over 100 SP points as bearish sentiment has grown even more extreme in the last week.

I have my next Major daily CIT due 7/11 -14 (Friday-Monday) and we are declining into it, so we should be making an important Low right in this time frame. Ideally we will see a Monday 7/14/08 Low.

Please note: When applying for T&C Membership, you need to disclose your email, If you haven't heard back from us, that is probably the reason.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Looking for some Fireworks after the 4th of July?

Looking for some Fireworks after the 4th of July?

Well, that is what many of the respected astrologers on the Time and Cycles (T&C) Yahoo Group and others are predicting for the coming week, including AstroCycle trader, Jaywiz, Jonathan Pearl, Olga, Marina, as well as Rosecast and Barry Rosen and others.

Some other cyclists (not astro based) in the T&C Group are also looking for a steep decline in the coming weeks, most notably Eurobum, with his mathematically based, often accurate model, who correctly called for a 6/4 Major High and is now looking for a sharp decline into 7/14 Low. Then there is the Master of Cycles himself, Slawek with his "Oscar nominated" 847 Month Cycle, who is looking for a sharp decline from a 7/7 high to 7/19 Low.

Will they be right? We'll soon find out, but many of the Astro based calls for a potential crash next week is based on the Sun opposite Jupiter and Mars conjuncting Saturn on 7/9-10/08.

I decided to research all the Mars conjunct and opposite Saturn from 1994 to present. This is what I found:

Mars 000 Saturn 03/14/1994 04:54
Mars 180 Saturn 07/12/1995 07:05

Mars 000 Saturn 03/22/1996 01:41

Mars 180 Saturn 01/09/1997 11:05

Mars 180 Saturn 02/16/1997 16:33
===> 2/19/97 High, 3 days later

Mars 180 Saturn 07/29/1997 03:14

Mars 000 Saturn 04/02/1998 07:23
===> 4/6/98 High, 4 days later

Mars 180 Saturn 01/19/1999 19:33

Mars 180 Saturn 04/20/1999
01:19 ===> 5 Daydecline into 4/20/99L

Mars 180 Saturn 08/11/1999 12:24

Mars 000 Saturn 04/15/2000 20:21 ===> Day meltdown into 4/14/00L
Mars 180 Saturn 02/03/2001 21:23 ===> 1/31/01 High, 4 days earlier
Mars 000 Saturn 05/04/2002 05:51

Mars 180 Saturn 02/20/2003 14:00

Mars 000 Saturn 05/25/2004 05:34

Mars 180 Saturn 03/07/2005 15:58
===> 3/7/05 High

Mars 000 Saturn 06/18/2006 05:58 ===>
6/14/06 Low, 4 days earlier

Mars 180 Saturn 03/22/2007 19:14 ===>3/14/07 Low, 1 week earlier

Mars 000 Saturn
07/10/2008 18:06 ???

Conclusion: Out of the last 18, 8 or 44% were important (some were off by a week) with 4 Major Highs and 4 Major Lows.

This is what the Sun opposite Jupiter did from 1994 to present:

Sun 180 Jupiter 04/30/1994 08:55

Sun 180 Jupiter 06/01/1995 11:22

Sun 180 Jupiter 07/04/1996 11:41 ===>7/1/96 High, 2 week crash
Sun 180 Jupiter 08/09/1997 13:39 ===> 8/7/97 High, 7 day decline after
Sun 180 Jupiter 09/16/1998 03:02 ===> 9/17/98 Secondary Low

Sun 180 Jupiter 10/23/1999 19:04 ===> 10/18/99 Low, 5 days earlier

Sun 180 Jupiter 11/28/2000 02:12 ===> 12/2/00 Low, 4 days later

Sun 180 Jupiter 01/01/2002 05:53 ===> 1/7/02 High, 6 days later

Sun 180 Jupiter 02/02/2003 09:12

Sun 180 Jupiter 03/04/2004 05:05 ===> 3/5/04 High

Sun 180 Jupiter 04/03/2005 15:30

Sun 180 Jupiter 05/04/2006 14:36 ===> 5/5/06 High

Sun 180 Jupiter 06/05/2007 23:13===> 6/4/07 High

Sun 180 Jupiter 07/09/2008 07:39???

Conclusion: Out of the last 13, 9 or 69% were important (some were off by a week) with 6 Major Highs and 3 Major Lows.

Both aspects are important to watch, especially how they are coming together on 7/9-10.
Although they do have misses 55% (Mars 0,180 Saturn) and 30% (Su op Ju) of the time, it remains an important astro aspect be aware of, especially if they complement your own work.

Please note these are not my opinions as I was looking for a 6/5 High and a decline into 6/30-7/1 for many months now.

For further formation:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The new moon - 2 Day is today, 7/1/08!

The long awaited New Moon - 2 Day has arrived today (see previous posts). 717 Lunar Months ago we matched the top on 5/29/08 and bottomed on 7/1/08. Fwiw, I am still expecting a Low today. Markets are deeply oversold and sentiment is at rare extremes (everybody is talking Crash here).

Remaining Intraday Turning points were 12.25 pm, 2.00 pm and 2.45 pm EST. 12.25 pm has been the LOD sofar. I do expect a last hour rally today.

In previous posts, I mentioned the 1250-67 SPX Price was the ideal Price for a Low and we are now in the ideal Times and Cycles for a Low.

For further information:

Friday, June 27, 2008

The 6/30 -7/1/08 New Moon -2 Crash Harmonics

This one is in the Fwiw Department.

The 6/30-7/1/08 New Moon -2 Crash Harmonics is:

1. 84 Lunar Months (= 7*12) 9/21/01 Crash Lows
2. 132 Lunar Months (= 3 *44) 10/28/97 Crash Lows
3. 176 Lunar Months (=4 * 44) 04/04/94 Mini Crash lows
4. 256 Lunar Months (=2*128=4*64) 10/20/87 Crash Lows
5. 717 Lunar Months (Carolan Crash Analog) 7/13/1950 Mini Crash Lows

This last one was one of the Major Cycles I have been watching closely these last months for my clients and is
now coming to a conclusion:

3) The 717 Lunar Month (LM) Cycle:

This cycle was discovered and made famous by Chris Carolan and its of historic importance as it connected the 1929 Crash to the 1987 Crash, Day for day!, the distance between them? 717 Lunar Months, 1 LM =29.53 CD, so 717 LM = 21173 CD.

So I looked back 717 Lunar Months and guess what I found?

1. 6/11/1950 High = 05/30/08 High, Actual 5/29/08 High.

These are rough estimates, as I couldn't find the exact date, but see the green chart at:

2. 6/25/1950 = 6/13/08, is when N. Korea invaded S. Korea and markets were down heavily on the days after that.

3. 7/13/1950 Low = Major 07/01/08 Low = New Moon -2, often associated with Crash Lows.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The next Time and Cycle Cluster: 6/30/08

The last Major Time and Cycle Cluster was on 6/3-6/08 (see previous posts). We had a 6/5 Major High. The markets are now declining into my next Time and Cycles Cluster due on 6/30/08 +/-1.

Potential Price Targets are shown on the Monthly chart (Click to enlarge).

The first area of support is 1290-1300 SPX (where we are now), but the more likely target is the 1257-67 SPX area.

The 1257-1267 SPX is the 38% and 62% retraces and is the previous 1/23 and 3/17 support lows as well as the long term UP (green) channel. Only if we manage to crash through this triple Major 1257-67 SPX support, then 1172 SPX is the 50% retrace and (Red) Down Channel (1st chart) Major support.

There are several proprietary Timing Clusters due on 6/30/08. There is also the well known New Moon-2 (due early am 7/1/08) harmonics with past crashes:

6/30/08 NM-2:

1. 84 Lunar Months (= 7*12) 9/21/01 Crash Lows
2. 132 Lunar Months (=2 *66=4*33) 10/28/97 Crash Lows
3. 256 Lunar Months (=2*128=4*64) 10/20/87 Crash Lows

Although there are Lunar Harmonics with past crashes, a crash remains unlikely into the 6/30/08 Lows, but you won't want to be long during this time period.

The potential bullish counts are shown on the chart. This suggests we should get an explosive rally in July, once the 6/30 Major Lows are in.

Please note: When applying for T&C Membership, you need to disclose your email, If you haven't heard back from us, that is probably the reason.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Gap and Go day?

Gap and Go day? It sure looks like it. We got our 6/5 High @ Close. There was an hourly CIT at Close yesterday/Open Today, which appears to be the High. This would confirm the series of Cycles looking for a 6/5-6 High.

The possible wave count is shown on the chart (click to enlarge).

I am still looking for a 6/9 Low as mentioned in the last post.

Fasten your seatbelts, it should be a wild ride.

Please note: When applying for T&C Membership, you need to disclose your email, If you haven't heard back from us, that is probably the reason.

This will be my last post for awhile out of respect for subscribers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The June 3-6 Time Cluster

Since my last timing post on 5/19's Major CIT (Change in Trend), which has been the Major High sofar, I had a 5/30 CIT lower High (Click on Chart to enlarge).

There has been a huge Cluster of "Hits" mentioned by various respected timers in the June 3-6 Time Frame, through their own various Timing methods, some say this time frame will be a Major Low, others, a Major High.

In my own Timing and Cycle methods, I have 2 separate timing CITs, an NDX 6/4 CIT and a Major 6/9 SPX CIT.
My Series of Cycles has the last High due on 6/4-5, so my current bias is that we will see a 6/4-5 HIGH, right along with my 6/4 NDX CIT. We should then see a fast decline into my next daily SPX CIT due on 6/9/08 LOW. It becomes clearer to me once my Timing methods confirms my Cycles.

For further formation:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Next daily CIT 5/19/08 and Intraday CITs

Intraday CITs (Change in Trend):
9.45, 1.40, 12.45-1.50 hourly and 3.25 pm

Actual: 9.45 LOD (Low of the Day)! (1 on chart, click to enlarge), 1.35 HOD
! (2 on chart)

I also had a 1.50 Hourly CIT, so the 1.35 pm High was a perfect fit and today was my next short term daily CIT fwiw, but there might still be some other highs on 5/21-22 this week, as the Series of Cycles suggests.

Please note: When applying for T&C Membership, you need to disclose your email, If you haven't heard back from us, that is probably the reason.

For further information, please email me at:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High due early next week

We have a Gap and Go day today on the bullish CPI numbers, meaning there is a high likelihood that we close on our Highs today. We are having an Up OE week.

The series of cycles was generally looking for sideways to Up into early next week and didn't see any real strong pullbacks until that time. It was looking for a very short term High yesterday, but it may have arrived today, with a one day pullback into tomorrow, 5/15L, before we rally again on 5/16. This choppy, sideways to Up action should continue into next week, where the series has a short term High.

I have a Rare confluence of 5 proprietary Cycles, in the Cycles section of my T&C daily email service, all making the SAME prediction for a Big move in the coming weeks and months, which to me is very exciting information, as they give additional confirmation, which gives me a High confidence and some potentially very profitable trades in the coming weeks and months.

It is going to be fun to watch it unfold.

For more information:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trading Range since Time Cluster

From the last post: "I also have a separate timing cluster on 5/1-2, which makes 5/1-2 the next Time and Cycle Cluster."

Amazingly we have stayed in the 5/1-2 Change in Trend (CIT) Time Cluster range ever since. 5/1 CIT Low ("1" on chart, click on chart to enlarge) and 5/2 CIT High ("2" on chart) has marked the High and Low up until today, 5/13, which I have as another short term daily CIT High("3" on chart). 5/13 is also another short term High in the series of cycles. We remain in a narrowing wedge, eventually we should breakdown. The series of Cycles tells me when that should happen. The last month has been basically boring sideways to up. That should all change next month as various cycles are suggesting a large move should unfold

For further information, you can email me:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5/1/08 Low is next

This was sent just before 2.15 pm to clients:

"I have 3 Cycles that suggests 5/1-2 CIT should be a Low, those are high odds, which again suggests we should react negatively to the Fed's expected .25 cut. PC ratios are optimistic at .80, which is a contrary signal. I guess we will know in the next 10 minutes"

Amazingly the Series of cycles had a 4/15 Major Low (#1 on chart, click on chart to enlarge), a rally to 4/29 High (#2) and now a brief pullback into 5/1 Low. I also have a separate timing cluster on 5/1-2, which makes 5/1-2 the next Time and Cycle Cluster.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swing Cycles Update and Record

The short term swing Cycles were mostly determined by the "Series of Cycles" (see previous 4/1 post). It called for 3/28 Lows (Friday), 4/7 High, 4/10 High, 4/15-16 Lows, 4/18 High and is now looking for the next swing Low on 4/23-24 Lows. T&C Daily email Subscribers were regularly updated on these and future swing Highs and Lows.

The Markets actually had a 3/31 (#1 on chart, click on chart to enlarge) Low at Open, 4/7 High (#2), 4/10 High (#3), 4/15 Lows (#4) and from the 4/18 actual High (#5) is down 30 SP's sofar. A not too shabby performance. By ignoring all the Market Information that comes our way and simply trading these swing Highs and Lows, one could have been profitable.

For more information, email:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intraday Times today

2 intraday Times to watch today: 10.40 am** and 4.10-4.15 pm**(from daily email)

Both Times were double hits. 10.40 was a low.

There was also a CIT at 1.10 pm, which was a Low 1.05 Low @1371 June SP (
Notice the support in that area), bias is we rally into the close HIGH.

As mentioned before we should be down into 4/23-24 Lows. Tomorrow should be down to new lows, especially if the close today is a HIGH.

Friday, April 18, 2008

CRB Mother Divine Crash?

With Gold and Crude Oil nose diving today, I thought this chart might be a Relevant Scenario.

The CRB chart, courtesy of George Slezak of who sees this potential Crash analog, shows a possible Mother Divine Crash Formation (see 4/4 post) with a 4/15 +/- HIGH and a crash into 5/3/08, the New Moon-2.

I am not sure if there is a correlation, but I sure wouldn't want to be long Gold and Oil right now...

Mother Divine High and Low

I previously mentioned that the start and End of the 9 Days of Mother Divine (MD) are often CITs. The 9 days of MD started and ended on 4/7/08 and 4/15/08. 4/7 was wave 1 or A High (click on chart to enlarge) and 4/15/08 Low was wave 2 or B Low. I also had a daily timing Change in Trend (CIT) on 4/15. You should have been long and strong from that day onwards.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Additional Notes on the 4/10 Daily CIT

The NDX back-kissed the broken TL at yesterday's Highs (click on chart to enlarge).

Yesterday's CIT needs some additional confirmation today.

If we take out yesterday's Lows, the CIT was a confirmed High (preferred bias).

If we take out yesterday's High, the CIT was a confirmed Low.

The CIT is valid until the next daily CIT comes along sometime next week..

Note: From henceforth, I will post exclusively on the T&C Group as I don't find the time to post elsewhere, but I will maintain this blog. T&C is a great group of many expert traders. Please be aware that T&C group of Traders is a premium site, membership is only a nominal fee and you need to not hide your email address in order to become a member or get a response

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Next Time and Cycle CIT Cluster: 4/10/08

Next Time and Cycle CIT Cluster: 4/10/08

It should be a Major Turn.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Vedic New Year!

Happy Vedic New Year!

The Moon in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is the number One Planet as it governs the Mind (Spirit) and thus rules everything, as we "destroy, maintain and create" our Universe first in the mind, before it manifests in the outer world.

In Vedic Astrology, the New Moon in Spring (Between Mid March and Mid April) that starts the 9 days of Mother Divine, is the Start of the Vedic New Year. The Vedic New Year begins as new life is blossoming with the awakening of the earth after the long slumber of winter.

Generally speaking, it is an auspicious time to form new resolutions, begin new business ventures, new projects, new plantings, new relationships; anything which benefits from the thrust of nature which is supporting the blossoming of new life.

This New Year (2008-2009) has a special quality known as "Sarvadhari".
Sarvadhari is a Sanskrit word meaning "all-bearing". The Sanskrit name signifies the particular cycle we are in this year, which is part of a larger sixty year cycle. It denotes the general global trends, strengths and challenges of life at this time.

Happy Sarvadhari

Chakrapani, a well renowned Vedic Astrologer has more on this New Year:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Intraday CITs today

CITs today were 9.35 Low and 12.45 High. Expecting a retrace back to the 2pmish Low area, before a rally into the close.

There is also a 1.30 and 3.30 CIT, bias now is 1.30 Low and 3.30 High,
tomorrow should be down.

Today is the start of the 9 days of Mother Divine, often a CIT.

The female, primordial forces and Natural Laws responsible for all of creation manifests on these 9 days of Mother Divine in their primordial original forms of dissolution, maintenance and creation.

On the first three days, Mother Divine is lively as a powerful primordial force and Natural Laws of destruction (Durga) in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects in our lives.

The next three days, Mother Divine is lively as the Natural Laws of maintenance that gives inexhaustible wealth (
Lakshmi) to maintain our lives .

The final set of three days, Mother Divine is lively as the Natural Laws that governs creation that gives knowledge, wisdom and Intelligence (Saraswati).

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Crash History of the 9 Days of Mother Divine

Crash History of the 9 Days of Mother Divine

Please Note: This is similar to Chris Carolan's Original Study for October Crashes, although I am not sure he has this Crash signature in Spring as well, which is 180 degrees away from October.

I know Puetz came with the idea for spring crash possibilities.

Below is the Vedic Lunar Calender version of the above ideas. (All ancient calenders were LUNAR Calenders, as the Moon governs the Mind, the spirit)

The 9 Lunar days of Mother Divine occurs twice a year in the Vedic Lunar Calender in the Lunar Month around Mid March/Mid April and also in Mid September/Mid Oktober. It starts around the New Moon.

***Please note that the 9 Days of Mother Divine occurs twice a year, but Crashes Seldom happen in a Decade, so take it fwiw.***

In 1929, the 9 days started on 10/02/29 and ended on 10/10/29. There was a 10/2/29L and a 10/10/29 secondary High Before the Big Crash into a few days before the New Moon (=Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Natural laws governing Wealth) following the 9 Days.

In 1987, the 9 days started on 09/23/87 and ended on 10/02/87 .There was a 09/22/87L and a 10/02/87 secondary High before the Big Crash into a few days before the New Moon (=Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Natural laws governing Wealth) following the 9 Days.

In 1997, the 9 days started on 10/1/97 and ended 10/9/97, There was an 10/8/97H before the Big Crash into a few days before the New Moon (=Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Natural laws governing Wealth) following the 9 Days.

In all 3 Crash-markets the secondary High was at the END of the 9 days and the New Moon (Mahalakmi Day)- 2 after that was the Crash Lows.

It is asif all wealth was surrendered (crashed) to the lotus feet of the Great Goddess of wealth (Mahalaksmi).

The female, primordial forces and Natural laws responsible for all of creation manifests on these 9 days of Mother Divine in their primordial original forms of Dissolution, maintenance and creation. It's considered to be a very auspicious time.

Some more 9 days examples were:

03/26/01 - 04/03/01, we had a 03/27/01H and a 04/04/01L
09/28/00 - 10/06/00, we had a 09/28/00H and a 10/05/00H
04/05/00 - 04/13/00, we had a 04/04/00L and a 04/14/00L
09/23/87 - 10/01/87, we had a 09/22/87L and a 10/02/87H
03/29/87 - 04/06/87, we had a 03/30/87L and a 04/07/87H
10/02/29 - 10/11/29, we had a 10/01/29H and a 10/11/29H

Note that the start and the end of the 9 days is a CIT, ie a High OR Low.

The 9 Days starts on 4/7/08 and ends on 4/15/08 this time around.

IF we had a Crash signature, then we would have a secondary High on 4/15/08 +/1 and a crashwave into the next New Moon-2 = 5/3/08.

***Please note again that the 9 Days of Mother Divine occurs twice a year, but Crashes Seldom happen in a Decade, so take it fwiw.***

The next 9 days starts on 9/30/08 and ends 10/9/08, The New Moon after that is 10/28/08, "Deepavali, the festival of Lights for Mahalaksmi, the Great Natural Law of Wealth.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Series of Cycles

A while back I discovered a repeating Series (group) of cycles that has been in the markets for many years on and off and recently it predicted the July 16 2007 Highs to the day and subsequent sharp decline into 8/16/07 Lows (This was well documented in the T&C Group). When it worked, it was almost perfect, it also predicted in general the rally afterwards into the October Highs.

The Cycle then faded and inverted and didn't predict the magnitude of the decline after the October 07 Highs, which threw me off abit as I had become attached to the wonder and accuracy of the Cycle. Later I found, that there is a normal variance in the Cycle, when studying the "multiples" of the Cycle and it is mainly a Time Cycle, not a Price Cycle, ie it doesn't always predict the magnitude of the rallies and declines.

In general however, the series of cycles has been pretty good and in the last month or so, has reasserted itself. It recently predicted the 3/24/08 Highs and decline into 3/28/08 Lows. The actual Lows was a double Bottom right at the Open on Monday 3/31/08. The next very short term swing should be Up in the next couple of days.

The one thing about the Series of Cycles, it doesn't tell me in advance when it will stop working for awhile, before it reasserts itself, so buyer beware. I am not sure why it fades and then reappears in a crystal clear repetition, but I just take it as it comes and I work with many other Time & cycles techniques to confirm it is still dominating the markets.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/24 Cycle Highs

3/24 predicted Highs still stands and we're currently down -10 today

The 10.45 CIT was a 10.50 LOD sofar.

The remaining 2 CITs at 2.15 and 2.45 pm EST should be highs.

We should close on our Lows, we are on our way to our expected lows in a couple of days...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Warning signs

There were warning signs for the current breakdown. Staying consistently below the 200 DMA and staying 8 weeks below the Trapdoor to Hell were some of them. Breaching the Long term SPX Monthly uptrend channel (Click on chart to enlarge) was another bearish indicator.
As mentioned before, the Series of Cycles predicted at the beginning of the year, a January Low, February High and April 08 Low (and more). The detailed series was pretty good too:
1/23L, 2/13H, 2/26H, 3/5H, 3/11L, 3/13L, 3/14H... Lower Lows are out there. The decline is not over quite yet.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Trapdoor to Hell Part 2

Ever since I first mentioned the Trapdoor to Hell triple Resistance @1370-90 SPX area (click on chart to enlarge) more than 6 weeks ago, it has proved to be Major Resistance for any rallies, which suggests we remain in a weak and dangerous market.
The market needs to prove this is anything different than a bear rally by first of all taking out the 1395 SPX Resistance
, as long as we stay under this, the market remains weak and bearish.

Our Market leader, the weekly NDH has broken below its long term weekly channel. If we have weekly close below this channel and below the 1/23/08 Lows @ 1698 NDH/QQQQ 41.61, it would be an ominous sign. We already had a Lower Low intraday today.

In my annual forecast for 2008, I mentioned to the T&C Group and clients, we would have a January 08 Low, a February High and an April 08 Major Low. If the decline is minimal, we should reach the uptrend channel on the monthly SPX chart and retest June 06 Lows at 1220 SPX.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

What's next

From last night's email:
"For Monday, the bias is UP atleast in the first hour, down into Midday (11.40 am), as it is an inversion day, we'll have to see how it unfolds afterwards, but the bias is for a rally into 2.35 pm atleast.**

Speculative Path: 10.45-55 High, 11.40L ,2.35 High."
We got an 11 am High, a decline into noontime, 12.30L and we also got the rally to 2.35 pm High of the day and promptly reversed 11 SP's. Not too shabby.

Amazingly we remain in a sideways trend (click on hourly chart to enlarge). The expectation is for another 1-2 day rally and some more choppiness. There is a CIT at 11 am and 1.30 pm tomorrow, which is likely going to be the Highs of the day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 intraday Times to watch today 2/20 LE

2 intraday Times to watch today 2/20 LE(There are more):

9.35 am CIT, most likely a LOW

12.20-30 pm, most likely a HIGH

As mentioned before, I am still expecting 2/21-22 CIT to be an important LOW.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The 2.15 CIT arrived 11 minutes late at 2.26 pm as a HIGH.

This is why we have one rule: Trade the CITs, not the biases.

Monday, February 18, 2008

2/19/08 T&C Daily Email Alert

"We were looking for a 2/13/08 CIT which was a High.

The next Major Time and Cycle Cluster is due 2/21-22/08.

Short term tomorrow 2/19/08, expect a Major intraday turn, ideally at 2.15 pm.

Current Bias is Open High, 2.15 LOD, Close High."

From the 2/19/08 T&C Daily email Alert.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Down into 2/22 CIT Lows

From yesterday's update: "I have a 9.40 and 9.55 am CIT"

When the markets gapped down this morning, it was obvious a Low was being made in the first half hour.

The 9.55 CIT was the LOD sofar, looks like a down day, which should basically continue into 2/22 Lows.