Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Trapdoor to Hell

On January 17th 2008, we took out the 3/14/07 and 8/16/07 Lows in one swift down move. Up until that time we could have been making a simple ABC flat with a potential bullish triple bottom, but eversince we took out this Trapdoor to Hell, the Bears have the upper hand.

There are some danger signs to watch closely:

We BACK-KISSED the Major Trapdoor to Hell Resistance at 1360-80 SPX right at the OPEN Friday 1/25/08 @ 1368 SPX and reversed -40 SPs into the close.

2. Eversince the 12/26/07 HIGH, There has been some extreme negative Time translation: 16 of the last 22 Trading days were serious decline days, much more than the consecutive rally days, which lasted only for 1- 1 1/2 trading days.

3. The strong downtrend is still very much intact , the danger has Not passed yet. Notice the 3 Red Down Trendlines in the chart (Click to enlarge) showing the angle of descent becoming steeper and steeper.

4. Although Cycles suggests we could still be in a brief rally phase into Feb 08, the overall trend remains Down into April 08.

We have yet to see CLEAR signs of reversals to the Upside. It is best to wait on these reversal signals first:

1. We need to see more than 1-2 Rally days.
2. Breaking above the severe downtrendlines with increased volume.
3. Breaking above the Major Trapdoor to Hell, which remains Key resistance.

The next hourly CIT arrives 1/30@1.50 pm, it should be interesting.

Good Luck and trade Safely.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update hourly CITs

Let's review the hourly CITs published on the blog (Click on chart to enlarge):

1. 1/8@10.35-11.40 am => Result: 10.15 High of the day (pt 1 on chart)

2. 1/9@1.50-2.55 pm => Result: 2.20 pm Low of the day (pt 2 on chart)

3. 1/10@11.40-12.45 pm => Result: 12.30 High (pt 3 on chart)

4. 1/10@1.50-2.55 pm => Result: 3.40 pm High of the day (pt 4 on chart)

We have been declining ever since the 1/10 Highs. The reason I bring up these hourly CITs is there are 2 of them today:

5. 9.30-10.35 am => Result: High at close yesterday (pt 5 on chart)

6. 12.45-1.50 pm => Result: ??

The hourly CITs has been useful to determine the short term swings and could also be used to help determine the intermediate Highs and Lows.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Double Hourly CIT Watch today

From last night's T&C daily email alert:

"The Series of cycles has 2 versions for the January Low, either 1/9/08 is the Low and we rally through OE week and into Feb High or
we make a 1/10H and decline into OE weekend and then rally into Feb High. Which will it be? Both Scenarios have merit.

For clues we would need to watch the double hourly CIT on the SPX we have coming in between 11.40-12.45 and 1.50-2.55 pm. Right around 1pm tomorrow Bernanke speaks.

How important are these hourly CITs? Well there was an hourly CIT due 1/9@1.50-2.55 Hourly, the LOD arrived at 2.20 pm, right in the heart of the hourly CIT. The hourly CIT before that was 1/8@10.35-11.40 am, we had the HOD at 10.15 am, about 20 min off. Now we have 2 hourly CITs tomorrow, which makes tomorrow doubly important to watch, along with the fact that the alternative Series heads down into OE week. To support this idea, we have some tides saying the exact same thing, top out 1/10 and head down into OE week.

OTOH, we have the main series that suggested this decline in the first place, from the 12/27-31 Highs heading down into 1/8-9 Lows, and a completed C wave down on the 5 min SPX from the 12/26 Highs, we also made a potential WBOE Low, are deeply oversold and near extremes, so a strong rally is possible."

In addition, there are 5 min CITs 1/10 at: 9.55 am, 12.30 and 2.50 pm EST

It would be bearish for Option Expiration week, if the double hourly CITs today were a High and Bullish if they are Lows.

Next week is determined by today's action.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weekly Summary of forecasts of our T&C Group and others Opinions

Happy New Year to All. Below, you will find forecasts and opinions of many of our Time and Cycles (T&C) Group and some others that we consider worthwhile, summarized weekly, compliments of our T&C Group.

Weekly Summary of forecasts of our T&C Group and others Opinions

This group is a fine blend of so many talented and successful posters, who are willing to share their unique and often accurate perspectives on the markets. The majority of the opinions/forecasts are from our Time and Cycles (T&C) group, and some we include from those we consider worthwhile and are the cream of the crop out there. Any technique/forecast that works that we have found freely on the web has been included. But, please remember these are opinions only and anyone could be wrong. It is best to do your own homework and combine whatever YOU find useful with your own work. IF you wanted to follow all, you would get CONFUSED really fast and that’s NOT the point of summarizing these opinions. You need to figure out for yourself who is your favorite and who had been most accurate for yourself. Trade at your own Risk. This should not be construed as trading advice, but should be seen as Research to aid your own work.

The Art of seeing: See that which is good, never mind the rest.

Airdale Hurst Cycles: 20 wk due 12/31, above 5 wk Lows, etc,  5wk target High 1516 SPX +/-11..10/22/07 = 10 wk Low, 5 wk Low = 11/26L, 11/12L = 2.5 Cycle Low. LT: next 9 Mo April-May 08L, next 18 Mo due Feb 09 Low (Others: Next 4-4.5 Yr 2009-2010 High, 2/2012Low). Al’s XGO: Strong Down into 1/2L

Allan/alblak: 12/31H, 1/3-4L, 1/9 Major High, 1/11-14L, 1/16H …Me Ma

Alletrop/ Pallerotrot: Inverse seasonal, multi month decline into 4/08Lows: CITs: 12/31, 1/14, 1/21, 2/4, 2/11, 2/14, 3/03, 3/10, 3/17, 3/19. 3/24,

Andre/anjuvick: 20 wk =12/31L, pos correction in 08, then final leg of Bull Market in 2009-2010.

Armstrong 3141/8.6 Yr Cycles: 3/22/08L, 4/23/09H, sharp decline to 6/18/11L, 8/12/13H, 10/7/15L, 12/01/17H

Astro CITs:

Astro Vedic: Ju in Sag 11/21/07-12/9/08, Ma deb 4/28/08-6/21/08

Astro Cycle trader(ACB): 12/25 Cluster CIT, 8/9/82L-10/19/87L= 1897 = 10/10/02L – 12/20/07

January Barometer: 12/30H

BC/Jack Gillen: 1. SaR-SaD(12/19/07-5/09/08) has 70-80% chance of 5/09/08> 1453SPX, 2. Venus Lines: 1/1-1/7Up, 1/7-2/17 down, May-June 08 down, 3. Ve120Sa +/-16 = Bearish=>1/19/08, 9/5/08, 11/14/08 +/-16, 4. 70-80% chance 7/18/08>3/22/08(Ma 90 FM), 5. JuR-JuD(5/9/08-9/8/08) has 70-80% 9/8/08>5/9/08, 6. Saturn Line 9/7-10/27 Down, 7. Jupiter Line 10/29-12/31 Up.

BC: Astro CITs: 31 Dec into 24-26 Jan 08. 1/23-24 High. 3/08 Major Sunspot Cycle Low +/- 3 Months, 2011H or late 09-Mid 2010 High, 12/19 Ju0PL, CITs: 12/31-1/1/08,. 1/14-19, 2/9-15, 3/3-5, 3/26-28. 4/18-24, 5/13-23

Billybob: double Top March-April 08H

Benner Fibo: 2003L, 2010H, 2011L

Boris 5 Yr Cycle 02=07: 1/10L, 1/25H, March 07L

Buffeetoo’s Tides: 12/21-24L?..11/25 Int High +/-1Mo, now down into Mid March08 Low +/-1Mo,

Gary Burton: 89% chance 12/31 >11/30. t 1/18/ 08 (16*54 TD) deep retest Low = 20 wk, 9 Mo and 4.5 Yr Low

Bradley Zimmel Geo 2008: 12/22L, 3/8-9H, 4/7L, 4/27H, 5/24L, 6/7HH, sharp decline to 9/9L, 9/20H, 12/14L

Bradley Helio Madrone: 1/9/08H, 1/28Major high, sharp 3/13/08L, 3/28H, 4/8L, 4/24H, 5/9L, 5/29L, 6/30H, 7/14L

Bob Carver: Markets ready to rally after Solar#23, 1/29/08 TDate

Cauchy: 12/21-23H…steady decline into 2008, beyond 2002 Lows.

Chanakya: 12/27H, 12/31L, 1/ 4-7 High.. Year End1/5-8/08 High.. Low late Jan/1st week of Feb and continued advance till April 4th 2008. Longer Term - 1/4-5/08 top at 1658.9 or so and a sharp correction to 1514 in Jan08 Maybe the low of the year. Up into 2010-2012? ..

Claude: 1170-1200 by 3/22/08

Curry: 12/26: 45 D Low =11/26L, 90% of time to 45 DMA, 20+10 TD Low = 12/18L@1435, min 8 TD Rally from 20 TD Cycle Lows=12/28H+1/8H. If >1523, then 1540+/-5, (NDX to 2160-80120 TD High By EOY/ early Jan 08., hard down to early Feb 08 Lows=45+120 Lows. Next yr first half and 2/3 is rough Yr as 360 TD/18 Mo from 3/14/07L bottoms in Summer 08 Lows.

Delta: Chris/Oyster ITD:, 1/1/08L
Delta: MTD: 11/28H, LTD 1/1/08L

Harry Dent/80-81 Yr Cycle: 1770H-1850H-Late29/30H-2010H@25,000Dow, 1920H=2000H, Late1920L=9/01L, 10/21L=10/02L, 1927-1928 = 2008 and 2009 Bull Years, 1929H=2010H

Joe Ehardt: Some bearish divergences, Composite Election Cycle tops early in 2nd Quarter 08

Eurobum: 12/28 Maj H, 1/24L, 2/19H, 3/3L, 3/17H, 4/11L, 4/24H, 5/1L, 6/3HH

Peter Eliades: Goepfert:Statistic: On 12.17: 5 day losing period gave a 10/10 Times rally (in last 30 Yrs) of a 5.8% Gain thru 1/4/08. 847 Mo Cycle: 10/31 Major High, 50% decline in next yr…

Roy Fellars: late March, late May Lows. 12/21-24H, 12/31/early Jan Low, Mid Feb HighACB’s 10/19/87L+7526=5/27/08, (78L-98L=5726, one Target is 1430, Panic = 1052 Target.. SC F19 10/10/02L = 1/2/08. LT Targets for Major 08 Low: 1051, 1182, 1275, 1314, 1390, 1461 SPX
Roy’s CITs:
2/23, 5/31, 8/14, 10/13, 11/29, next 1/5/08, 2/2, 2/25, 3/14, 3/29, 4/7, 4/19, 5/19
1450 next..10/23 wave B High in, now C down.. SC 11/29 CIT 3/21/08L, Jan 2012L,

Carl Futia: 1520 Dec SP is Res, Q’s to 55, 1600 in next couple of months,..1/15/08 3pks+Dome

Georg’s Presidential Seasonal: 1/1H, 1/4L, 1/8H, 1/12L, 1/15H, 1/29L, 2/2H, 2/10L, 2/14H

Georg’s decennial pattern: 12/28L, 1/5H, 1/10L, 1/20H, 1/24LL, 1/29H, 2/1L, 2/3H, 2/5L, 2/7H, 2/9L, 2/12H

Georg’s avg Seasonal: 1/8H, 1/13L, 1/18H, 1/22L, 2/2H, 2/10L

Georg’s Burke’s Seasonal 4th Year 2008 Bull Year: Early Feb08H, end Feb 08L, 1st wk April H, 5/25 Major LOY, Strong Rally to early Sep 08H, 10/10L, 11/21H, 12/14L, 12/31HOY

Pete Glass: Mid Jan 08 Low

Peter Grecco: Mass Pressure chart 2008: 1/25/08-3/27/08 Lows, up 5/15H, 5/30L, then Up rest of the year

Hadik: If >1536, then 1/9-11H @1517-24 Target. 1-3wks rally to 2160-73 NQZ / 1538-45 SP, 12/6-11 CIT H.. if new weekly Low = bearish next 2,3 years.. weekly SPX turned down below 1497, 1450.80 and 1433 Dec SP Key Spt. 10/11 Major HIGH, Mid Nov, 11/15 CIT,.. Dow 6* 10/11/90L = 17 yr Cycle, Jan 2000H = 5*10/11/90L,. 3* 97 + 02 Lows,

Jeff Grover: 2/9/08 CIT

Larry Haimson: Price Targets: 1606, 1699, 1613.89, Jan 08 Highs..12/21 CIT, 72 wks: 9/21, 11/23/07, 1/18/08, KK 3/21/08, also SE/LE, 2/7, 2/21, end Nov ,12 /21 CITs

Stan Harley: 12/19: 215 wks Lows in early 08, Triple Bottom @1360 SPX area. 11/26 Low will be taken out. 2 yr max Bull, then many years decline.

Harmonictg: 12/14L, 12/21H, Mid to Late Dec Low

Henry/Fractal: 40 SP decline by 12/24-26L, stop 1485-90. Low by 1st Quarter 08

IanG: 12/18 Major Low, 1/10/08 Low, April 08 Major Low of 2008

Idris CIT: 1/10 CIT, 4/11-12 (180 degrees 10/11H)

Jaywiz (Gerald strauss): 12/28Up, 12/31Up, then down, 1/ 2 –4 much lower, 1/7 down, then rally to 1/11H, 1/14 down to 1/23L or 1/28L, 2/6 Harmonic Cluster, 1370 poss after. Jaywiz Tides: 12/29H, 1/7L, 1/15H, 1/21L
Mid Feb 08 High, 12/27 bullish to 1/7/08H

JerryO: 12/31L@1pm, 1/9H (20TD) or 1/14H (34TD 11/26L)Looking for lower prices, Dec 31 cluster 8-16-40 td low, last 10/24L. StanH 54*7=378 TD, 54 TD: 3/14/07L-6/1H-8/16L-10/31H-harley 69 feb 28/08th hit CIT 1/9/08 20td high an unnamed cycle..19TD:. StanH 54*7=378 TD, 54 TD: 3/14/07L-6/1H-8/16L-10/31H-1/15-16/08…. 11/8-9(20-21TD), 11/29-30 (34TD) ATH...1/2/08 and 34/08 Cycle lows.
JerryO Cycle Graph: 10/24L= 48 TD/9.5 wk cycle Low: 1-22-07 low, 3-30-07 a little higher low,6-8-07 low,8-16-07 nasty low..CITs: Nov 15/16th, Feb 27/28 -08 and March 11/12-08 and this number could show up SPX 974.02 +/-20. 10/14H, 11/16L, 12/11H, 11/8-9 = 61/122 TD, 11

Jerry Rubenstein: down to 12/31L, 1/14-16 Price Low, .12/31=55TD 10/11H, 1/14=9 Mo Low,1/16/08=22 wk Low wave 4 Up now max 1489 SPX, wave 5 down 12/5 or 12/15 CIT Low, Target 1276 SPX.....9 Mo, 22, 44 wk Cycle: 3/14L- 8/16L-1/16/08L.

S Johnson/ Mass Pressure 36 Yr Ju Cycle: 1/10H, 3/3L, 3/31H, 5/31L, 8/28HH, 11/10L, 12/8L

John Kim: 10/10/02L-12/31/07=1314 TD, 8/9/82L-10/19/87L=1314, SC Late Dec/early Jan 08. 3/17/08 CIT

Gord Lawson 1/21-26 CIT HighAstro CITs: 12/19H, 12/17-20 CIT. SaR, 12/24-26 MaP op Su, Ju, 1/2/08: MaPop PL

Bruce Larson (Bond1): Fractal E wave down to 1440-60 SPX. 10/11/07H+162=3/22/08
รณ 3/5/04H-8/13/04L (and 12/02/02H-3/12/03L). 10/11-11/26=46 CD =6.78^2,10/11-12/27=77 CD=8.78^2,
Bruce Larson 88 YR Cycle:  7/14/19H=NDX7/19/07H, , 8/20L=8/16L, 11/5H=10/31H, 12/1L=11/26L, 1/5/20H=?, SD to 2/25/20L=?, 8/24/21L

Bruce/Steve Rock: 1877+55=1932+34=1966+21=1987+13=2000+8=2008

Bruce Larson’s/ACB’s 3/12/03L+1897=5/22/07,
Sq of 9 SR: 1370, 1406, 1445 SPX Olga: 12/18L, 1/15H, 2/15L, 3/22H 1498 SPX Target is next square..fractal: decline 11/26-27L, then sharp rally..11/26-30 Bond Cluster.. fractal: rally to 1490, then 1420, 1460, before another collapse..Inverted 2002: 2/22H, 3/14L, 7/17H, 8/16L, 12/2 Low Price SR: 1576 = 39.7^2..1498 SPX = 38.7^2

Terry Laundry/TTheory: 12/31: 1st week Jan High, then 2,3 year Bearmarket. Oct 2010 = 4yr Low

Leibovit: Xmas Rally, Up into EOY, strong 2008 (Yrs ending in 8), 1675 first half of 2008, years ending in 8 are bullish, 08 is Up

Magiceng/Stypik: 12/24H, 1/11L, 1/29-30H,12/26, 1/6-7, 1/15-22 CITs Gann CITs: sharp decline to 12/18L, 1/14-22 CIT Low, If <1443,>56 CD/8wk Cycle: 8/16L+56=10/11H+56=12/6

Mark /Gann Cycles: 12/6, 12/12, 12/21, 12/24, 12/31-1/2, 1/11, 1/14, 1/21-23

Mars Marina: 12/19/07 SaR 5/3/08 SaD, MP = 2/25/08 Major CIT

Mass Pressure Chart Georg: 10/26L, 12/10H, 12/28L, 1/4H, 1/20L, 5/2H, 6/13L, 7/16H, 8/29L, 11/21H, 12/22L, 12/29H
Mebob247: If 12/31 close>1469.25, then test 1552 (if >1473 SPX)+ 1576 SPX.   Key Dates: 12/27H @1523 SPX, then 1473 test by 12/31-1/2L, huge rally to 1/9H@ 1586 possible, 1/21.

Up Target is 1523, 1527-32. Watch EOY: 1552, >1469.25 = bullish and 1418.30. 1st wave down in Low 1200’s, eventually 1100 SPX for 2008. If <1458, href="http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TimeandCycles/post?postID=dL5QqiilY-toDdWo0-vK1abSkSIbIoLDpqq2OfKEftNfSaRsIBMIc-AyKUwkculwUQ">Low@1460-70, then 1552, 1/9/08 ATH Major High, like Jan 2000H, 9/08 Low 12/28-30, 1/9/08=+90 10/11H, if double Top = bearish, 920 by 9/08. MOB for Bulls: SPX 1473.10 by 12/31, if 12/31<1469.25 cd =" CITs." 1x3 =" 1586" 46 =" 138)" 1x2="1494," 1x1="1540"> 1x1 => retest 10/11H. if <1497 class="yshortcuts">SPX
close..spt 1469.25 = bullish yearly close and very bullish if EOY above 1552.87. If close below 1497.69, then 1478.40, 1459.24, 1440.20,1421.29. If EOY<1428.50>Merlin NN: 12/31L, 1/4H
Kevin Murphy: If Mid Jan Low, then strong rally to 2/1/08 Major High. 1/11/08 CIT large 4th High forming, then C wave down.. 1273 Cycle: 10/31 pos Major High…10/20/87L-3/24/00H *.618 = 12/13. 100 TD Cycle: 2/22H-7/17H-12/6H/L- 5/1/08… 12/6 maj CITs… 1/29/08 Maj CIT, 8/28/08 Major CIT , 8/2012 Major High, 3/4/08 Major CIT

Myles WW CIT: 2/1, 3/18, 5/1, 6/26, 7/20, 9/20, 10/19, 1/04/09

Neely: Major High in, The S&P's next big decline WILL NOT be retraced, many more new lows

Nenner: Year end rally Mid Dec High, 14,300 Target, volatile 2008, with 3,4 15% corrections, tough Feb+March 08

Jim Nicolosi: 2/1/08H@14308 Sq of Price&Time

Olga/OM: SP500 2/2-9 Major Low 12/22-23H, 1/3/08L, 1/10-14H, Mid Feb 08 lower Low, 3/1-8H, early May Low.. March 08=135 JuSa 10/10/02L, 5 year Cycle: 10/20/87L -5yrs- 10/5/92L -5yrs- 10/28/97L -5yrs- 10/10/02L -5yrs- 10/07L +/-, 3/16-19/08 or 3/27-29/08 High

Bob Olliffe: early Dec High = bigger ABC, mid Dec Low = Retest 8/16 Lows.

Paco: 9/8/08L@1300

Jim Patterson: highest correlation aspects: Su-Ve, Su-Ur, Pl-Ur, Me-Ma Bradley/Cycles: 12/31H, 1/7/08L, strong rally to 2/3/08H HOY, 2/14,.3/9, 3/19, 3/26, 4/7, 4/18, 4/22, 4/27, 5/6
General Bradley 2008: 3/9H, 4/7L, 6/7H, sharp 9/9/08L
J. Pearl: 12/18L, 12/20-24 retest Low, strong rally 1st wk of Jan High, 1/12/08H

Peter/kloten: 12/14-17 CIT, Jan 08 High, March-May 08 Low..12/21 CIT.. 1/23 CIT Low, 25 yr 1st Quarter 08 Low

Steve Potts: 2/28/08 CIT Low

PRP/Closet Guru: 1350-60 SP,

Steve Rock/kcorjsb: 12/14-17 CIT, 1472-73 SPX key Fibo support, 1852 by 4/7/08 or 4/21/08, 10/30/08 CIT

Barry Rosen/Fortucast: 12/16L 10/23 22 yr Cycle topped out. 10/22-31 Crash + war Energy starts, late Oct/Early Nov Low, 12/14L, 4/08 Major Low @ 800. War Cycle May-June 08

Seasonal: 10/27L, 12/3H, 12/16L, 1/20H
Seasonal Election year 2008: 1/8H, 2/27L, 4/6H, 5/28L, sharp rally 9/7H, 10/10L, good rally to 11/28 High, 12/15 Low, End Dec H
Seasonal Yrs ending in 8:
12/28L, 1/4H, 1/11LL, sharp 5/3H, 6/14L, 7/18HH, shapr 8/30LL, 9/22H, 9/30L, 10/28L, 11/22H, 12/13L

Sergio/Alphee: Astro Wax/Waning Forecast: early Jan 08HOY, Mid JanL, Late Feb High, Sharp decline to Mid June 08 LOY, early August HOY, Sep-Oct Low, sharp rally to Jan 09 High, Feb Low, Late April 09 High. May lower High, sharp decline to early July09L

Sibeez: If Market hold 3/8 Support @ 1468.75 SPX, => bullish1406 = 1/8 is LT target, 2/8 =1437, 3/8 = 1468.75 SPX

Sigma: LT: DOW should reach a minimum of 18,300 by 2012. As of right now though, it is more likely the ultimate target is 27,400 - 28,300.12/19: 1600 in next few months, 1540 sooner than later. LT 1800-2100, Max is 1200 in 2008. Feb high give or take with a summer or late summer low. Up rest of the year.. no crash possible at this time. 11/21: Time for the Bears to run....Biggest buy signal on US Dollar…B wave High from 10/10/02L(=A Low) forming then C wave to 1000-1200. Gold, Dollar and Oil are at extremes, should turn down.. Impulsive 5 wave patterns will ALWAYS channel between 2 parallel lines. Slightly higher Highs..Rally from 2002 Lows is ending, Major correction perhaps next year to Dow 10,000, Dow 20,000 afterwards.. …From 2000 High, A down and B High, now C down.. … big 9 Mo decline after to 960 SPX by 8/08L.

Slawek 2478 (21*118CD)same MTD +LTD Rotations: 1/31/01H=11/14/07H, 3/22/01L= 1/03/08L
Slawek/Quigly 70 yrs + 2 Mo: 8/14/37H =10/11/07H, 12/19L, 12/29H,1/8/08L
Slawek Lunar/16 pt Matrix/Tide: 12/31H, 1/5/08L, 1/8-11H, 1/16-21L

Slawek Tides: 12/29H, 1/6/08L

Slawek Solar NN
: 12/31H@1.30-2.30pm, 1/3L
Slawek Delta 118 CD
: 12/31H, 1/6-8L, 1/15H, 1/21L, 1/25-28H, 2/6H
Slawek triple Lunar Fractal
: 12/31H, 1/3-8/08L, 1/8-11H, 1/16-21L
Slawek 77 Mo Cycle: 12/31H=8/14/01, 1/8L, 1/15H, 1/29-2/06 Crash Lows = 9/11-21/01L
Slawek 50 Yr +3 Mo Cycle: 12/31H=10/3/57H, 1/22/08L=10/22/57L
Slawek 847 Mo (77*11Mo): 3/03L, 10/07H (=3/1937H), 1/08L, 3/08H, 10/08L
Slawek Bond Lunar Fractal (opp to Stocks): 11/30-12/1L, 12/31-1/4/08H, 1/17L

Taylor Tides (On his site): 12/22L, 12/29H, early Jan 08 Highs

Jeff Tennant (Eyeballs): 12/24: 3 unfilled targets 1529-1576, Down next week, eventually lower BB

Youmast: If >Q55 = then Q67!….70 yrs: 1937: 5 months left to 4/08 double Top, 30% drop to Jan 09 Low, LT much higher into 2010

WCA/Helge: 12/17-18H, 12/21L, 12/27-28L, 1/2/08H, drop to 1/21/08 Maj Low, sideways thru Feb 08. then multi year UP, early part of next decade, some downside action. Some minor corrective action after July-August 08 Highs, but no major Bear market

Henk Westerink 12/27L and 02/13/08 lower Low

Wood4brains: 1/20/08: helio Grand Trine with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. In addition Venus opposes Mercury

Manfred Zimmel: new Bull into June 09-Jan 2010. Ju/CM: 8/2013: The crises years 2012-13 are cross-confirmed by a vast number of independent astrological and cyclical factors, this time-line should be the biggest challenge for the world in the 21st century.