Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The next Major Turn: 7/31-8/1/08

The major CIT (Change in Trend) due 7/11-14 (see last post) arrived a day (more like an hour) late on 7/15 Low at my 10 am intraday CIT cluster. I also had a 214 (2*108) hourly Cycle (Click on chart to enlarge) due around that time. We have rallied 85-90 SP's in the 6 Tradings days ever since.

The next Major daily CIT is due 7/31-8/1/08 and should be just as important as the one that called the 7/15/08 Low. Never a dull moment with these markets. We should see a powerful move after the 7/31-8/1 time frame.

For further formation:

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