Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The new moon - 2 Day is today, 7/1/08!

The long awaited New Moon - 2 Day has arrived today (see previous posts). 717 Lunar Months ago we matched the top on 5/29/08 and bottomed on 7/1/08. Fwiw, I am still expecting a Low today. Markets are deeply oversold and sentiment is at rare extremes (everybody is talking Crash here).

Remaining Intraday Turning points were 12.25 pm, 2.00 pm and 2.45 pm EST. 12.25 pm has been the LOD sofar. I do expect a last hour rally today.

In previous posts, I mentioned the 1250-67 SPX Price was the ideal Price for a Low and we are now in the ideal Times and Cycles for a Low.

For further information: timeandcycles@gmail.com

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