Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 70 Trading Day Cycle

The 70 Trading Day (TD) Cycle (click on chart to enlarge) has been in the market in the last 4 years.  Notice how roughly every 70 TD, we have had major Highs or Lows. The 70 TD is due within the next week. 

There are a couple of versions of the 70 TD Cycle ,  one due around 5/24, the other due in early June.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 5/16-18 CIT Time Cluster and Cycles update

I had an important Change in Trend (High or Low) Time Cluster on 5/16-18.

5/16/11 is:
      1.  8/16/07L+37^2
      2. 8/11/08H+144 wk cycle High
      3. 04/26/10H + 1 X 55 wks = 5/16/11 
      4. 03/17/08L + 3 X 55 wks = 5/16/11
      5. 5/01/00H + 24 Squared weeks = 5/16/11
      6. geometric CIT.

5/17/11 is :
1.    9/2/08H+987
2.    3/17/08L+34^2
3.    7/18/06L+42^2,
4.    02/07/06L + 5 X 55 wks = 5/17/11,
5.    10/10/02 Major Low + 3141 CD = 05/17/11
6.    geometric CIT
7.    Apex NDX CIT
8.    Sun 30 Jupiter 05/17

5/18/11 is:
1.    5/6/10 Flash crash + 377
2.    1/19/10H+22^2
3.    Geometric CIT
4.    Venus 030 Uranus 05/18

Yesterday, 5/18, we managed to close at 1340.68 SPX, right at the 5/6 close at 1340.20 SPX, which was almost 2 weeks ago, showing the sideways and choppy nature of this market and frustrating both the Bulls and Bears alike, as we really didn’t go anywhere in these past 2 weeks. 

Cycles: Originally I was looking for a 5/17-18 CIT High, but this past Monday, 5/16, an updated Forecast for the next 3-4 weeks was sent out, that suggested the 5/16-17 cluster CIT would be a Low instead and that we should still see a couple of higher Highs further down the road at future projected dates.   

We are not out the woods yet, as we still need to rally right away and close above a certain price to confirm the bullish cycles are correct.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Potential Cycle CIT finder

 I first mentioned the squared Cycle CIT back on 4/28th.

The 24 squared weeks = 4032 CD cycle produces future Highs and Lows:

1. 2/28/00L + 24 Squared weeks = 3/14/11 Low (+2) 
2. 3/24/00H + 24 Squared weeks = 4/08/11 High
3. 4/04/00L + 24 Squared weeks = 4/19/11 Low (-1)
4. 4/10/00H + 24 Squared weeks = 4/25/11 Low
5. 4/14/00L + 24 Squared weeks = 4/29/11 High (+1)
next is:
6. 4/26/00H + 24 Squared weeks = 5/11/11
7. 5/10/00L + 24 Squared weeks = 5/25/11
8. 5/16/00H + 24 Squared weeks =5/31/11
8. 5/24/00L + 24 Squared weeks = 6/08/11

One rule about these kind of cycles: not all of them will work, but I look at these dates as potential CITs only if my cycles and other timing work agrees, ie I look for confluence of Time and Cycles.

Bullish Cycles are looking Up

Both the Long term (LT) (Cyan lines in chart) and Master Cycles (MC) (Red Lines) in my work does not see any serious pullbacks until a certain Time and Price is met.  
 The LT and MC cycles suggested the 4/29 High (5/2H) and 5/4-5 Low (5/5L) (see previous posts) and now is looking up. 

We need to close above 1355 SPX to confirm these bullish cycles, although they already are on track with the previous hits.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Make or break Day

The majority of the Cycles, including the Long term and master Cycles that called the 4/29-5/2 High (see previous posts) , were now looking for a 5/4-5 Low, which we have seen sofar,  but today was a Make or Break day as we had to reverse higher today or be proven wrong.

The Jobs report was seen as bullish as Globex futures are + 12.00 SP's at the moment, which is a good start.

A rally and close above 1346 SPX down trend line (DTL) was needed to get short term bullish.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The weekly dollar chart

The weekly Dollar chart is in a down channel, we touched channel support at 72.70, right at the 5/3and this weekly Apex CIT,  but only a rally above 75 is short term bullish.

We are approaching Long term support at the 3/17/08 Lows at 70.70.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cycles Update and free week starts on 5/5

Several cycles including the Long term and Master Cycles and the 121 and 55 TD Cycles called for the recent rally into  4/29-5/2 High that topped on 5/2 at the Apex of the 5 min CIT.

You can find out what is next in the coming virtual free week starting in only 2 days on Thursday 5/5,  you won't want to miss it. 

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