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The Master Cycle

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By late 2007, I discovered a cycle that was in the market on a day by day basis, faded after a while, only to-reappear again, like clockwork it predicted shorter term and longer term swing highs and lows, within 1 trading day. Over the years, I noticed that this same cycle and its multiples would again appear with amazing day to day precision, sometimes lasting for weeks and even months, only to disappear again for some time. After some time, I realized that the Market cycle I found was intimately connected to the Human Physiology, Vedic & Biblical Numerology and the Laws of Nature. I decided then to call it the Master Cycle, which is a unique cycle, that when “active” predicts exact future Highs and Lows, within 1 trading day.

A Master Cycle (MC) is an actual historic cycle with a proprietary numerology, that repeats exact swing Highs and Lows and day by day and is off at most 1 day. The Master Cycle has to have at least 3-5 recent "hits", ie it has to have predicted 3-5 recent Highs and Lows,  to become “active and dominant”.

The MC is a Time Series Cycle, ie it predicts future swing Highs and Lows. It doesn't always project the magnitude of the Price Highs and Lows, ie the cycle in the past would suggest a 10% rally or decline, but it doesn’t always have the same % rally or decline in the present time.

The Master Cycle can and does fade or invert at anytime, so take it fwiw, as it is certainly not the Holy Grail, it will not catch every Major swing High or Low and it will have misses that last for weeks or longer, but don’t discard it or give up on it like I did for years, because when it is active it tends to be very precise for weeks and months.

Of course we should not expect an exact repetition, but it should give you a general idea, as the Master Series of Cycles can be amazingly precise. For this reason only, it has worth its price in gold.

The Master Cycle is calculated in Calendar Days or Trading Days as the MC shifts from one to the other. The Master Cycle expands and contracts like the Universe, so at times some adjusting, curve fitting and fine tuning is needed to get the Master Cycle aligned with current market conditions. It will then reward us by predicting the next swing high and Low with amazing precision.

10 Master Cycle forecasts between April 2008 and January 2010

The Master Cycle, aka the “Series of Cycles” predictions have been well documented on
my public blog, as well in my T&C daily and weekly email for members and private blog at

Below are 10 Master Cycle forecasts from April 2008 to January 2010:

1. 4/1/08: The MC called for the 7/16/07H and sharp decline to 8/16/07L”

2. 4/23/08The Series of Cycles called for 3/28/08 Lows (Friday), 4/7 High, 4/10
High, 4/15-16 Lows, 4/18 High and is now looking for the next swing Low on
4/23-24 Lows. The Markets actually had a 3/31 (#1 on chart, click on chart to
enlarge) Low at Open, 4/7 High (#2), 4/10 High (#3), 4/15 Lows (#4) and from
the 4/18 actual High (#5) is down 30 SP's sofar.”

3. 5/14/08: The MC predicted the 5/19/08 Major High and sharp decline after:
High due early next week… I have a Rare confluence of 5 proprietary Cycles, in the
Cycles section of my T&C daily email service, all making the SAME prediction for a Big move in the coming weeks and months, which to me is very exciting information, as they give additional confirmation, which gives me a High confidence and some potentially very profitable trades in the coming weeks and months.”
4. 9/2/08, 9/8/08: The MC called the 9/2/08 Major High and sharp decline after:
9/2/08: The Series recently predicted a 7/28/08L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/19L,
8/22H, 8/26L +/-1…We actually had a 7/28L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/20L, 8/22H, 8/26L
The Series of Cycles are now looking for a 9/2 Major High
"We should have a 9/2 Major High and 3 Hard down Days into a 9/4 Lows @
Close"That is exactly what we got (click on chart to enlarge), the actual Intraday Low
arrived 2 trading hours later on 9/5 @ 11.25 am intraday Lows, close enough”

5. 3/4/09: The MC predicts 2 Major Lows for 2009, March and Mid June 09:
There are 2 Major lows that my Master Cycle, a Vedic based Cycle suggests to
watch for 2009, one is due in March 09, the next one is due Mid June 09.”
The most likely Scenario is that we complete wave 3 from 2/9 Highs into 3/5+/-1
Major Lows and June 09 will be the final wave 5 Low of the year.
Today is 39 TD from the last 1/6 swing High. I have found many times in the last year
that large moves end at 39 TD from a previous Major High or Low”
6. 6/17/09The MC was looking for a Straight Up rally from the March 09 Lows
into early May 09 Highs, which we actually got. It was then looking for a Mid June

7. 8/26/09: The MC performance: “The Master Cycle (MC) performance since the
3/6/09 lows is shown as the green swing lines on the SPX chart. All the swing
High and Low dates are in the archives of the T&C Daily Email for subs and
some of them are also on this blog”

8. 9/24/09: Detailed Cycles this past week were:
Forecast: 9/18H, 9/21L, 9/23H, 9/24L Actual: 9/17H, 9/21L, 9/23H, 9/24L

9. 10/22/09: The MC predicts a rally through end of the year: “I have mentioned a
couple of months ago, that the Master cycle suggests, we will see a continued
rally into end of the year 2009, with some normal pullbacks along the way. That
seems like an impossible feat, but so far it has been doing just that, with the recent
October 21st High of the year”

10. 1/10/10: The MC recently predicted a 1/8-11/10 Major High.

The MC predictions in 2008:
1. 12/26/07 High
2. 1/9/08L
3. 2/21/08 High
4. 4/14/08 Major Low
5. 6/05/08 High
6. 6/23/08 Low
7. 9/2/08 Major High
8. 9/23/08L
9. 11/04/08 Major High
10. 12/17/08L

The MC accurately predicted 5 Major Highs and Lows in 2008, even though 2008 was a
difficult year to predict due to the historic Panic. The MC was off here and there
(red = right, blue = wrong) in 2008, but it managed to make 290 SP’s between June 08
and November 08, when I first started to closely track the MC. It predicted the
12/26/07H, 4/14/08L, 6/5/08H, 9/2/08 Major High, and the 11/4/08 High.

The MC predictions in 2009:

1. 3/6/09 Major Low
2. 5/8/09 High
3. Mid June Low
4. Rally into end of Year 2009 and into 1/8-11/2010 Major High

The MC was followed very closely in 2009 (red=right, blue =wrong) , as it predicted a
3/6/09 Major Low of the year (LOY) and a strong rally into 5/8/09 High, with a
secondary Low around Mid June 2009 Low. The actual Low was a few weeks later on
7/8/09. The MC then predicted a rally into end of the Year Highs, which is what
happened (see chart). The MC will not always be that accurate as 2009 was.

It is good to remember a couple of points:

1. The MC can be correct and exact sometimes predicting exact swing Highs and
lows for many days, weeks and months at a time. In this time you might tend to
“fall in Love” with this cycle and be impressed with its accuracy, but Caveat

2. At other times, the MC can and will be flat out wrong. For some unknown
reason, the MC fades, inverts or becomes dormant. This could last for days,
weeks and even months. It is best to use it only when it is “active”. I define a
cycle to be active when it gets 3-5 “Hits”, ie when it gets 3-5 Highs and Lows correct.
When it is inactive, you simply don’t use it. I use my other Time & Cycle work to
tell me what is happening. It is best to be patient and wait until it becomes active
again and then trade on it as it tends to be very precise, as can be seen in the many
examples above.

3. The MC does not always follow the predicted Price magnitude, ie the actual
Price rally/decline could be a whole lot bigger/smaller than the forecasted Price
rally/decline as shown on the forecasted chart.

4. The Master Cycle was a gift from God, so for the pure Joy and exhilaration one
gets from giving, I felt the need to share it with others. Also the MC gets the
recognition it deserves.

The Master Cycle (MC) became active and dominant in late 2017 and into March 2018.

The MC became active and dominant with at least 3-5 direct recent "hits", ie it predicted at least 3-5 previous Highs and Lows.

Currently the MC has 12 hits (green Lines): 

1. 11/15/17L-1,
2. 12/15/17L-1,
3. 12/29/17L,
4. 1/26/18HH
5. crash into 2/5/18L+1. 
6. 2/6/18H+1.
7.  2/9 major Low.
8.  2/16H
9. 2/21L+1.
10.  2/27H
11.  3/2L.
12. 3/9-12H (3/13H)
13. 3/20L +3
From the 3/13H it declined beyond the predicted MC 3/20L+/-1, so it had to be adjusted by a few days. It now suggests:

13. 3/23L
14. 3/28 swing High (3/27H, 1 day earlier)
15. Another 4/2 High (3/29H, 1 day earlier)

What’s next: The MC saw a 3/27 swing High and another 3/29 High, one day earlier. It should be followed by an even sharper decline into April major Lows.

Editor: Raj Ian G. Thijm, Bsc, MBA
President Raj Time and Cycles, Inc.

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