Friday, May 23, 2014

May 22-23 Swing High

Forecast from last May 17-18 weekend: The 5/16 Geo CIT was most likely the 5/15L and we are now headed higher into the 5/22 Solar CIT, where we could retest the previous 5/13 ATH, but remain in the 4 week channel”

Actual: From the 5/15 Low, we rallied 34 SP’s into 5/22 High at 1896.33 SPX, retesting the 5/13 All time High at 1902.17 SPX.

A few days down, followed by a few days Up, this has been the non trending nature of the market for the last 5 weeks, frustrating Bull and Bear alike and making it relatively difficult to trade for many. We remain in this 5 week trading channel, with channel resistance at 1905 SPX and channel support at 1868 SPX channel support. All trends are up, but whichever way it breaks this 5 week channel will determine the next major trending direction.

What’s next:  Swing Traders: We make a May 22-23 swing High and start a decline soon after into the next major swing Low at the next Solar and Geometirc Time and Cycle cluster.

Intraday traders: Intraday 5 min SPX Change in Trend (Highs or Lows) Times to watch for Friday 05/23/14: 10.40, 11.05, 12.15, 12.40 pm Eastern.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014