Saturday, July 12, 2008

The next Major Turn: 7/11-14/08

Kudos to all Astrologers that called the decline this past week (see previous post). We didn't get their expected crash, but the decline continued down.

Initially, I was looking for a 6/30-7/1 Low from the 6/5/08 Highs . This last week had alot of crash calls, but you know what is very strange? We are ONLY 20 SP's Lower than the 7/1/08 Lows (click on chart to enlarge), but it feels like we dropped over 100 SP points as bearish sentiment has grown even more extreme in the last week.

I have my next Major daily CIT due 7/11 -14 (Friday-Monday) and we are declining into it, so we should be making an important Low right in this time frame. Ideally we will see a Monday 7/14/08 Low.

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