Thursday, October 26, 2017

Twiiter Update 10/26

The giddiness is getting less, so here are today's power intraday time CITs that are +/-5 min: 10/26/17: 10.25, 2.05**, 3.45 pm Eastern

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Twitter Update 10/25

  The markets have started to track the various Time and Cycles again, with the 10/19L & 10/23H. The roadmap & outlook are crystalizing.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Triangle 10/23 Apex CIT, with 2577.40 SPX target

Triangle 10/23 Apex CIT, with 2577.40 SPX target

Friday, October 20, 2017

Long term Major channels

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Raj Time and Cycle cluster on 10/18 & How to find a true CIT in these "Stuck Up" markets

We have been focusing on a major Time and Cycle Cluster, centered on 10/18/17 for many weeks now as the most important Change in Trend (CIT) of the October month.

From the 10/2/17 Raj T&C weekend report: "There is major Time and Cycle cluster on 10/18L+/-1: 1. 787 CD/543 TD Cycle: 3/6/09L- 5/2/11H- 6/27/13L -8/23/15L+1 – 10/18/17. 2. Triple 10/17-19 Geo CIT & 10/17 Solar CIT."

Raj Time and Cycle Cluster on 10/18/17 +/-1 

Time CITs:
1. 10/17 Solar time CIT
2. 10/17-18-18 Triple Geometric time CIT
3. 10/17 is the next Time Square CIT from 10/15/14

Cycle CIT: 
787 CD/543 TD Cycle: 3/6/09L- 5/2/11H- 6/27/13L -8/23/15L+1 – 10/20/17+/-

Stuck Up Markets, How do we find a true CIT?

We have had highly unusual  “Stuck Up” markets since 9/25L, where we see the normal Time and Cycle techniques getting ignored. We have to let the market run its rally course and prove itself, by giving us a CIT of these melt up patterns.

1.Since 9/25L, we have seen max a 2 consecutive down days of max 11 SP's from High to Low. 

For a true CIT, a change in this melt up pattern of the last 3-4 weeks, we would need to see declines that last more than consecutive days and more than 11 SP's.

2. Since 8/21L, we have seen max 2 consecutive down days, but the corrections have been  max 3-5 days, with a max 21-33 SP declines from High to Low.

For a true CIT, a change in this pattern of the last 8 weeks, we would need to see declines that last more than 5 consecutive days and more than 33 SP's.

Intraday Timing: We also have a 9.35 am CIT & a 1st hour CIT today that could be a Low of the day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Twitter Update 10/17/17

For almost 2 weeks now (9 TD), we have been this narrow red channel, so we are definitely in a daytraders mode and it' not for swingtraders

A close up shows the daily has a bearish rising wedge, with an 10/23 Apex CIT (Change in Trend)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Twitter Updates 10/13/17

  1. Markets have been in a bullish Stuck-Up/Melt Up phase since 9/25, where the normal Time and Cycles techniques have not been working.
  2. We have to let this rally run its course & give us a clear Change of the meltup trend and decline below 2540 SPX, before we consider shorts.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Time Squares has 10/7 +/- as the next major swing High

1. Long term (red) channel resistance is at 2555 SPX+/-5. 

The 3/6/09L - 4/3/12H (top red) channel and (lower red) the 10/4/11L-11/16/12L-10/15/14L parallel channel line comes in at 2555 SPX area. We are right there now.

2. Time Squares from 7/8/09L (pink lines on chart)

+38.89^2 = 1512 CD = 08/28/13L
+40.89^2 = 1672 CD = 02/04/14L+1 CD
+42.89^2 = 1840 CD = 07/22/14H
+44.89^2 = 2016 CD = 01/14/15L
+46.89^2 = 2199 CD = 07/16/15H+4 CD
+48.89^2 = 2390 CD = 01/23/16L -3 CD
+50.89^2 = 2590 CD = 08/10/16H +5 CD
+52.89^2 = 2797 CD = 03/05/17H -4 CD
+54.89^2 = 3013 CD = 10/07/17 +/-4 CD

This is a simple Square of 9 technique. Counting from 7/08/09L and adding Time Squared Calendar days (CD), has pinpointed future major Highs and Lows, for example 

7/08/09L + 38.89^2 CD (Calender Days) = 38.89 X 38.89 = 1512 CD.

7/08/09 Low + 1512 CD  = 08/08/13 Low. 

To get the next date, you keep incrementing by 2, so, 38.89 + 2 = 40.89, etc. 
(see table above)

It next targets 10/07/17 +/-4 as the next major turning point (High).

3. Vedic Venus in Virgo (Red vertical lines on chart)

7 of the 8 Vedic Venus debilitated in Virgo, since 3/6/09L, saw sharp declines.
5 of the 8 saw a Major High decline to a major Low during those days.
8 of 8, all of them saw a major High or Low during those days.

The next Venus in Virgo is: 10/9/17-11/2/17

Shorter term, we are right at double channel resistance as well.

Conclusion: The euphoric rally is about to end in the coming days as we are right at major long & short term channel resistance and right at the next major time Square due 10/7 High+/-. We need to see a reversal & close lower to confirm this. The "Vedic Venus in Virgo" suggests we should see a relative sharp decline in the coming weeks. Overall, once this pullback completes in the coming 2-4 weeks, the rally should resume to fresh All time Highs.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Banks, Bonds Dollar & Gold all saw a 9/8 week major cycle CIT (Change in Trend)

The Banks weekly had a 111 week cycle that bottomed at the 9/8 week at 89.13 and has since closed sharply higher last week at 99.26. A solid rally and close above 99.03 will lead to a test of its All time Highs at 121.16.

The weekly Bond markets Interest Rates bottomed at the 133 wk cycle at the 9/8 week at 26.51 and closed higher last week at 28.57, suggesting an intermediate Interest Rate Low & Bond High was formed. 

The Dollar weekly Chart bottomed at the 162-63 week cycle Low at the 9/8 week at 90.99  and closed higher last week at 92.885. We may have bottomed a large wave C of an expanding triangle. 

The Gold weekly chart topped out at the 90 week cycle at the 9/8week at 1347.30 and closed sharply lower last week at 1281.50.