Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swing Cycles Update and Record

The short term swing Cycles were mostly determined by the "Series of Cycles" (see previous 4/1 post). It called for 3/28 Lows (Friday), 4/7 High, 4/10 High, 4/15-16 Lows, 4/18 High and is now looking for the next swing Low on 4/23-24 Lows. T&C Daily email Subscribers were regularly updated on these and future swing Highs and Lows.

The Markets actually had a 3/31 (#1 on chart, click on chart to enlarge) Low at Open, 4/7 High (#2), 4/10 High (#3), 4/15 Lows (#4) and from the 4/18 actual High (#5) is down 30 SP's sofar. A not too shabby performance. By ignoring all the Market Information that comes our way and simply trading these swing Highs and Lows, one could have been profitable.

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