Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This 4 minute Video could change your World view

Can group meditation bring World Peace? Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains.

The above video is part of a recently published article below:
Scientists Propose "Peace-Promoting Technology" To Counter Terrorism: An Interview With
Quantum Physicist John Hagelin

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle review and Forecast Dec 2 2015

Review: In my last public post on Nov 13 2015, I was looking for a  Friday 11/13 Scorpio Moon Low+/-1.

Forecast 1: From the Nov 13 Raj T&C Daily Email: “The cycle bias is 11/13-16 Solar CIT Low and then rally into  OE week 11/20-23H.

Actual: We made a Monday 11/16 Low, 1 TD later than the projected Scorpio Moon Low (Red Lines) and rallied into Option Expiration week and made a 11/20 cycle High (#1 on chart)

Forecast 2: From the Nov 20 Raj T&C Daily Email: The cycle bias is we see a 11/20 OE Day High at the 11/19 Geo and 11/23 Solar CIT and then see a decline into 11/27 double Geometric time CIT Low.

Actual: From the 11/20H, we declined into 11/24L at the 11/23 Solar CIT and made a higher 11/30 Low, 1 day from the 11/27 double Geo CIT (#2 on chart)

Forecast 3: From the Nov 27 Raj T&C Daily Email:  I found one cycle that suggests 11/25L+/-1 was the Low and we rally into 12/1H. From there we decline into XXX Low”

Actual: We saw a 11/24L and then a rally into 12/2 cycle High, 1 TD from the 12/1 Solar time CIT (#3 on chart).

What’s Next: The current cycle that predicted the last few weeks is a Master Cycle that has been in the markets for many years. As it expands and contracts, it is not easily recognizable to many, but it predicted the 10/15/14 major Low and inverted to a 7/20/15 swing High. It is now looking for a 12/2 High and a decline. This fortune making Master Cycle has some large swings, both up and down in the not too distant future. Be prepared.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Scorpio Moon Low

In my last 11/10 public post I was looking for a 11/9 Low and a “Scorpio Moon Low

From my 11/7 Raj T&C Weekend Email:  The cycle bias is we make a 11/9L, we then rally 1-2 days and see another 11/13-16 Low at the 11/13 Scorpio Moon Low and 11/15 Solar CIT”

Actual: We made a 11/9L at the 11/9 Geometric time CIT, rallied for 1-2 days to a 11/11H and have since declined to a 11/12-13 Scorpio Moon Lows.

The debilitated Scorpio Moon Low

The Moon (mind/emotions) is debilitated (is weakest) in Vedic Scorpio and is shown as the red vertical lines. It occurs once a month. In 2015, most of them were major Lows. From the last 13 Scorpio Moons, 6 were major Lows, 3 were Highs and 4 were misses, ie 70% were important CITs (Highs or Lows) and 30% were misses. Most recent Scorpio Moons that were Lows are: 1/16/15L, 3/11L, 5/6L, 6/30L, 7/27L and 8/24 major Low. Currently, not only the Moon is debilitated until 11/13-14, but also the Vedic Sun is debilitated in Libra until 11/15 and Vedic Venus is debilitated in Virgo, until 11/29.

What’s Next: The next Scorpio Moon is due 11/12-13 and we have declined into it, suggesting a 11/13+/-1 Scorpio Moon Low, right at the 11/15 weekend Solar CIT. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9-10 or Scorpio Moon Low is due soon

In my last public post, I was looking for "9/21 lower High (lower than 9/17H) and start a relatively sharp decline."

Actual: From the 9/21 lower High, we declined sharply into a 9/29 major swing Low.

Most recently, I had a 11/2 geometric time CIT and the 11/3 1.50 pm hourly CIT (green vertical Line on chart) that was the 11/3H. We have now declined into the 11/8-9 Solar & Geometric time CIT suggesting a 11/9-10L. The hourly CIT of that same 11/9 Geo daily CIT is due today 11/10 at 12.45-1.50 pm.  Will this be the Low of the Move or another short term High? We will find out today, if the current decline will reverse higher or if it will continue to decline into the next Vedic debilitated Scorpio Moon, which I will elaborate on in the next Time and Cycles Update.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle review and Forecast 9/21/15

From the 8/22 Raj T&C weekend report: “From the 8/21-24L, we are expecting a few days sharp rally and another sharp decline.”
Actual: We bottomed on 8/24L, reversed sharply for 4 days into Friday 8/28H, right at the 8/30 weekend Solar CIT.

From the 8/31 Raj T&C  Daily Email: We are rallying into the 8/30-31 Solar CIT, suggesting an 8/28-31 High. From there we see a choppy light volume decline into 9/4 Lows at the 9/3 Geo and 9/5 Solar CIT.
Actual: From the 8/28H we saw a choppy decline into 9/1 and 9/4 Lows. Since the 9/1L, we have been in a 2 week choppy triangle until last week.

From the 9/18 Raj T&C Daily Email:

9/17/15 was a major T&C Cluster swing High:

  1. The 9/16 double Apex CIT
  2. 9/17 FOMC and Mercury Retrograde
  3. The 9/18 Geometric Time CIT,
  4. 57 Squared weeks from 9/3/29H (+2)
  5. The active Cycle High.

The History and effect of 9/3/29 major High continues to date, credit goes to Mr. James Brock for first discovering this major Time square.

Major Time Squares from 9/3/1929H

1. + 55 Squared weeks = 08/25/87H

2. + 60 Squared weeks = 09/01/98L

3. + 65 Squared weeks = 08/24/10L

4. + 66 Squared weeks = 02/26/13L

5. + 67 Squared weeks =  09/15/15H +2 = 9/17/15H

The active cycle has been in the markets for some time and has pinpointed the 10/15/14 Crash Low and 8/24/15 crash Low and was looking for a 9/16 major High (+1), a 2 days decline into 9/18L, which we saw and now a 9/21 lower High.

What’s next: We should make a 9/21 lower High (lower than 9/17H) and start a relatively sharp decline.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

OT: Dig one Deep Well, not infinite shallow holes - Stop Wasting Time

In this age of miracles and distraction, discipline is key. 

I truly marvel at the age we live in now. I can take my time and space and directly share it with you in your time and space. 

But, I know that I am not the only person whose time and space you are tuning into these days. There are many, many others competing for bandwidth in your world. Now that the Internet, youtube, media and promotion are available to anyone, recognizing quality over quantity is the biggest issue. 

Information becoming knowledge wisdom being diluted by your need to be entertained is more important than ever. 

The information age is dead and we are now in the "Distraction" Age. 

Dig one Deep Well, not infinite shallow holes - Stop Wasting Time.

Same Amount of Time Spent, but when Focused and Disciplined, we discover the true gems, when we dig deep in any subject, than just merely scratching the surface.

This is analogous to the image above, where instead of digging many small holes, we concentrate our energy on the same path and dig a very deep hole, that eventually strikes water - or oil!  

This is the real challenge of these times. Filtering through the morass of information is really needed now, otherwise you run the risk of being entertained into mediocrity, or even worse "stupidity". This is a shame. It is easy to understand why you may be doing this and it is easy to fix.  Not only is this inefficient, but it is a waste of time, and our time is much shorter here than we think.

Note: Source: Sam Geppi at 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast August 21, 2015

In my last July 30 July post. I was looking for a 7/31 swing High.

Forecast #1: From 7/31 Raj T&C Daily Report: we should rally into 7/31 geometric CIT Highs and then see another decline into Friday August 7 Lows+/-1 at the 8/6 Geometric CIT.

Actual: We rallied into a 7/31 High and declined 46.33 SP’s into Friday 8/7 Low 
(Forecast #1 on hourly chart, click on chart below to enlarge).

Forecast #2: From the 8/5 Raj T&C Daily Report: “We should decline into August 7 Lows and then rally into 8/10-13 quadruple CIT”

Actual: We made an 8/7 Low and saw a brief sharp 37.44 SP rally to an 8/10 High (Forecast #2).

Forecast #3: From the 8/11 Raj T&C Daily Report: We were expecting a 8/10-13 High and saw an 8/10 High. We should now see an 8/13 Geo CIT Low (#3)"

Actual: From the 8/10 High, we declined 53.26 SP’s into 8/12 Low (Forecast #3 on chart), 1 TD from the 8/13 Geometric CIT.

Forecast #4 +5: From the 8/11 Raj T&C Daily Report: "From this 8/13 CIT Low, we rally into OE week into 8/19H (#4) and see another decline into 8/21 Lows (#5) at the next 10 TD Low due 8/21L and the next 19-20 TD Moon debilitated Scorpio Moon Cycle 8/21-24 Lows.

Forecast #4 +5: From last weekend on Sunday 8/16 Update: "I was doing some research last night. Some analogies suggests we could top out as early as 8/17 and the majority as late as 8/19 and start a relatively sharp decline into 8/21-24 Low...The decline after 8/18H+/-1 should be sharp, so be alert.""

Actual: From the 8/12 cycle Low, we rallied 51.38 SP’s into 8/18 High (Forecast #4) at the 8/18 Solar CIT and projected 8/17-19 High and saw a sharp 67.74 SP’s decline into 8/20 Lows so far (Forecast #5).

What's next: We are approaching some major long term 1X1 support at 2025-30 SPX area, so a bounce/rally would be only natural here. We should see an 8/21 Low at the 8/21 double Geometric CIT, see another brief rally, before we retest the recent Lows at the next major Time and Cycle cluster CIT swing Low.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast July 30, 2015

In my last public post, I was looking for a 7/16-17 CIT High, that was later updated to Monday 7/20 geometric CIT.

From 7/18 Raj T&C weekend Report:We could see a spillover rally to higher Highs on Monday 7/20 Geometric CIT that could be the High, if not Friday. From the 7/20 High (1 on chart), we will see a decline into 7/27 (2) Geometric and Solar CIT, which is also the 19-20 TD debilitated Scorpio Moon cycle of Lows. From there we rally into 7/31 geometric CIT Highs. (3)

Actual: We made a 7/20 High, declined 69.30 SP’s into 7/27 Low and rallied 47+SP’s into 7/30 High so far. Those were 3 Bull’s eye Hits.

What’s next: We make a 7/31 High at the 7/31 Geometric Time CIT and start another decline into XXX August Time and Cycle Cluster Lows and rally once again.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

7/16 is the next major Time and Cycle Cluster CIT swing High

From my 6/30 Daily Email: "We are Lower into 6/30 T&C cluster Low,  at the 6/29 and 7/1 Geometric CIT and at the 13 and 19 TD cycle Lows. From here we rally into a 7/6 High at the 7/5 weekend Solar CIT"

Actual: We made a 6/30 Low and rallied into 7/2 High, 1 Trading day before the 7/5 High and we then declined into 7/7 marginally Lower Lows.

7/16 is the next major Time and Cycle Cluster CIT  

Time CIT:
17/16 Solar +/-1
2. 7/15 Geometric CIT

3. Time Squares from 7/08/09 major Low
a.  +1512 CD = 08/28/13L+0. 1512 CD = 38.88^2 + 2 = 40.89^2 = 1672 CD
b.  +1672 CD = 02/04/14L+1. 1672 CD = 40.89^2 + 2 = 42.89^2 = 1840 CD
c. + 1840 CD = 07/22/14H+2. 1840 CD = 42.89^2 + 2 = 44.89^2 = 2015 CD
d. + 2015 CD = 01/13/15L+2. 2015 CD = 44.89^2 + 2 = 46.89^2 = 2199 CD
e. + 2199 CD = 07/16/15H+/-2

Cycle CIT
1. 7/16: The 7 yr cycle is the 1800 TD Cycle: 05/19/08H + 1801 TD
2. 66 wk Cycle or 460 CD cycle: 07/01/10L-460-10/04/11L-454-12/31/12L-466-= 4/11/14L-4617/16/15H+/-
3. Peter Eliades 784/112wk Cycle: 
(784 CD X 4 = 3136 =close to 3141 Armstrong Cycle)
start from 9/3/29, recent examples:
a. 38 X 784 = 4/03/11L
b. 39 X 784= 5/22/13H
c. 40 X 784 = 7/14/15H major +/-  
4. Bradley 7/16
5. 4/16 SP Cycle is due on 7/15.

What's Next: We have rallied strongly in Option expiration week into the 7/16 major Time and Cycle Cluster CIT, and close to the key 2130-35 SPX resistance, suggesting a swing High forming, before we start the next sharp decline. As all trends are Up, we need a clear reversal lower to confirm.

Update Friday 7/17:  I have a Monday 7/20 Geometric CIT that could be the High, if not today.
Around this Mid July window, the Solar CITs shifts a few days here and there, ie it could be on 7/18 weekend CIT, instead of 7/16. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

6/30 is the next Time and Cycle Cluster CIT

Forecast: In my last 6/12 public post, I was looking for a "Friday-Monday 6/12-15 hard retest of the 6/9 Low at 2072 SPX"

Actual: We declined into 6/15 Low at 2072.49 SPX, retesting the 6/9 Low at 2072.14 SPX.

The 6/30 Time & Cycle (T&C) Cluster CIT

  1. 6/29-30 Medium term Geometric CIT (most important)
  2. 6/29 and 7/1 short term Geometric CITs (most important)
  3. 4/16 Symmetry Point Cycle due 6/29.
  4. Venus 120 Uranus 06/28.
  5. Venus 0 Jupiter 6/30.
  6. Mars Square Rahu 7/1.
  7. Bradley 7/1.

  1. The 19 TD (Trading Day) Cycle of Lows due 6/29-30L
  2. The 13 TD Cycle of Lows due 7/1L
  3. 8 Month Cycle of Lows: June 30 2015 Lows
  4. The 350 TD Cycle due 6/29+/-

The 350 TD Cycle: 5/12/04L-699- 2/22/07H-351-07/15/08L-704-5/2/11H-347-9/14/12H-348-2/05/14L-351-6/29+/-.

Forecast from the 6/12 Raj T&C Daily Email: The bias remains we are down in to 6/12-15 Time and Cycle Cluster Low, retesting the 6/9L at 2072 SPX (#1 on chart), then  up to 6/23 High and the 6/23 Solar CIT (#2) and then see another decline into 6/30 CIT Lows (#3)”

Actual: We made a 6/15 Low, rallied into 6/22 High at the 6/23 Solar CIT and declined into 6/29 Low so far.

Conclusion: We should make a 6/30 T&C Cluster CIT Low+/-1 day and rally into my next proprietary Solar CIT.

Friday, June 12, 2015

6/12 is the next Time & Cycle Cluster CIT

From my last public post, the 6/8 geometric CIT (Change in Trend) was the 6/9 Low at 2072.14 SPX, right at the 14 week large sideways channel support.

From the 5/31 Weekend Email: Based on 3 important cycles we see a sharp decline into the next major T&C Cluster due 6/12.

The 13 TD cycle of Lows and the 14 week large sideways channel.

I had 6/12 marked since the beginning of the year, when I calculated the various Time and cycles for the entire year and 6/12 showed up as a very long term Geometric CIT covering decades, 6/12 was also an important Time Square from 9/3/1929 and there are other Time squares shown below.

6/12 Time & Cycle Cluster CIT (High or Low)

  1. 6/12 Solar CIT (most important)
  2. 6/12 long term Geometric CIT, covering decades (most important)
  3. 7/18/06L + 57 Squared = 6/10 (important)
  4. 9/3/29H + 177 Squared CD = 6/13 (important)*
  5. Mars Passover Venus sine wave 6/11 (important)
  6. Venus Saturn sinewave 6/14
  7. Major Bradley 6/10 +/-3
  8. Mercury Direct 6/11 (Semi important)
  9. Neptune Retrograde 6/11
  10. Symmetrical Triangle Apex 6/11
  11. Vedic Mars enters Gemini 6/13
  12. 3/23H + 55TD = 6/10
  13. 5/22/13H+750 = 6/11, 9/14/12H+1000= 6/11,  5/2/11H+1500 = 6/10, 8/11/08H+2500 = 6/16, 12/2/94L + 7500 = 6/15
The History and effect of 9/3/29 continues to date, credit goes to James Brock for first discovering these squares

1. 55 Squared weeks = 08/25/87H
2. 60 Squared weeks = 09/01/98L
3. 65 Squared weeks =08/24/10L

Squares from 9/3/1929H +
173 Squared CD =29,929 = 8/13/11=> 8/9/11 Low
174 squared CD =30,276= 7/24/12 Low
177 squared CD =6/13/15 nex!

  1. The 911 TD Cycle: 3/17/08L -912-10/27/11H-911-6/15L
  2. 13 TD Cycle of Lows due 6/12L
  3. 8 Month Cycle: June 2015 Lows

Conclusion: 6/9 was a geometric CIT Low, right at the 14 week sideways channel support and Friday-Monday 6/12-15 should be a hard retest of the 6/9 Low at 2072 SPX and then we rally strongly afterwards into my next proprietary CIT (turning point).

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast June 3 2015

Review: In my last public post, the 5/15 Geometric CIT (Change in Trend) was a miss, which happens at times as the geometric CITs are 70-80% accurate in pinpointing important Highs and Lows (The proprietary Solar CITs are 85-90% accurate).

Since 3/3, we have been in a large 13 week choppy sideways channel, with resistance at 2136-38 SPX and support at 2065-70 SPX. Whichever way it breaks, determines the next large 70 SP directional move (2205 or 1999 SPX). The markets have been in a volatile trading range, so it is best to have some useful Time and Cycle tools to guide us.

From the 5/19 Evening Email: From the 5/19 High (#1), we should see a decline into 5/22 Solar CIT Low+/-1 (#2). 
Actual: We made a 5/20 High (+1) and saw a decline into 5/26 Low, 1 trading day later than the 5/22 Solar CIT and have seen another choppy rally since.

From the 5/31 weekend Email: "The 6/1 Solar CIT was biased a 6/1 High. However, there are 3 arguments suggesting an early June Low (#3): 1. The increased volume Friday 5/29 suggests lower lows soon. 2. There is a regular 19 TD Cycle of Lows, which is the debilitated Scorpio Moon cycle suggesting 6/2-3 should be a Low. 3. The Squares of Lows from 10/11/07 suggests 6/4+/- Low+/-"

Actual: We declined into a 6/2 Low, 1 TD from the 6/1 Solar CIT and right into the debilitated (Vedic) Scorpio Moon cycle, associated with market lows, which is the current 19 TD Cycle of Lows shown in the chart.  

What’s next?: We should see another volatile rally into 6/5-8. The 4/16 Symmetry Cycle has Friday 6/5 CIT and Monday 6/8 is next Geometric CIT. The next 70 SP move comes when we break the current 13 week choppy sideways channel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast May 12, 2015

From the 5/4 Daily Report:The 5/5 double Geometric, the 5/5 SP Cycle CIT and the 5/6 24 Sq wk Cycle CIT will be a 5/5-6 Low, most likely on 5/6L, which is the WBOE Low and we are higher into 5/11-12 Highs at the next 5/11-12 Solar & SP cycle CIT, from there we decline into 5/15 double Geometric CIT Low“

Actual: We declined into 5/6 Low and rallied into 5/11 High, right at the 5/11-12 Solar and SP CIT High and have since reversed sharply lower.

We remain in the large (red lines) choppy and volatile sideways triangle since the 2/25 High, more than 75+ days now. 

What’s next?: We should decline into 5/15 double geometric CIT Low+/- 1 day and then see another rally phase and then we start a relative sharper decline.

Intraday May 12 9.45 am:  Globex futures have been down all night, often (80%), though not always, we see the Low of day near the Open or in the 1st hour.

If this is a ” Low am to High pm” day, then we will see a last hour High of Day.

This will be my last public post for some time. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another Time and Cycle Update

From the 5/3 weekend Report:  "We should decline into the 5/5 double Geometric, the 5/5 SP Cycle CIT and the 5/6 24 Squared week Cycle CIT  and see a 5/5-6 Low and we are higher into 5/12 Highs at the next 5/12 Solar & SP cycle CIT."

In the 5/4 public blog post: "Any decline into the 5/5-6 double Geometric CIT, confirms a 5/5-6 swing Low"

Actual: The 5/5-6 cluster CIT was the 5/6  Low and we have rallied today. 

What's next: We should rally to a 5/12 Solar CIT High.

Monday, May 4, 2015

5/4 Update on 4/30 T&C Forecast

4/30 T&C Forecast: "We are lower into the 5/1-5 cluster CIT Low"

Actual: The 5/1 Solar CIT was the 4/30 Low we were looking for.

Any rally into the 5/5-6 double Geometric CIT, confirms a 5/5-6 swing High.

Any decline into the 5/5-6 double Geometric CIT, confirms a 5/5-6 swing Low.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Raj Time and cycle Review and Forecast 4/30/15

From my 3/27 last public blog post”We should make a 3/27 Low +/-1 Trading Day at the 3/27 Geometric CIT and start a relative sharp rally”

Actual: The 3/27 Geo CIT was the 3/26 Low, which remains the Low to date.

Since that 3/26 Low, the markets have been in a choppy, sideways to up (Red) channel, without a clear directional trend, frustrating Bulls and Bears alike.

There is a 2/20/15 Symmetry (mirror Image) Cycle that has been in the markets:

  1. 02/02L =  03/11L
  2. 01/22H = 03/20H
  3. 01/14L = 04/01L
  4. 12/26H = 04/15H
  5. 12/16L = 04/27H
  6. 12/05H = 05/05H is next!

The proprietary Solar and Geometric Time CITs (Change in Trend, is High or Low) in the last 4 weeks (Cyan vertical lines on chart) continue to outperform, all +/-1 Day:

  1. 3/27 Geometric CIT was the 3/26 Low
  2. 4/01 Solar CIT was the 4/1 Low
  3. 4/06 Geometric CIT was the 4/6 Low
  4. 4/11 weekend Solar CIT and 4/13-15 triple Geometric CIT was the 4/13-15 High
  5. 4/21 Solar CIT was the 4/22 Low
  6. 4/24 Geometric CIT was Monday 4/27 High, 1 day later.
  7. 5/1 Solar CIT is the 4/30 Low so far

From the 4/25 Raj T&C weekend Email“We have rallied into Friday 4/24 Geometric and 4/24 SP Cycle CIT suggesting an 4/24-27 High  forming. We are overbought, suggesting a pullback is due soon, most likely into the 5/1 Solar CIT Low and 156 TD Cycle due 5/1.
Actual: We made a Monday 4/27 High in the 1st hour and right at pink channel resistance and reversed lower into Thursday 4/30 Low so far.

What’s next?The red channel break opens the door for lower prices, especially if we decline below the last 4/17 swing Low. We are lower into the 5/1-5 cluster CIT Low at the 5/1 Solar CIT and 156 TD Cycle due 5/1 and 2 TD later at the 5/5 double Geometric and 2/20 Symmetry Cycle CIT on 5/5.

Forecast: Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 4/30/15: 9.35, 11.25, 4.10 pm CIT Eastern

Actual: 9.40 High of day (HOD), 11.35 High, 4.05 High

Forecast: Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines (9.40L), 10.30H, 12.30L, 1.30H, 3.30L

Actual: 9.40HOD, 10.25L, 11.35H, 12.55L, 1.35H, 3.15LOD

Thursday sees a High am to Low pm day, with a possible 9.40 Low at the 9.35 CIT, rally to a 10.30 High at the 11.25 CIT, decline to a 12.30 Low+/-30. rally to a 1.30 High+/-30, decline to a 3.30 Low at the 4.10 CIT

Result: The intraday cycle saw a High am to Low pm day, with a 9.40 1st hour HIgh of day and a last hour 3.15 Low of Day.

5/4 Noon UpdateThe 5/1 Solar CIT was the 4/30 Low, which was the 10 TD Hurst Low, being 9 TD from the 4/17 Low and if we rally into the 5/5 double Geometric CIT, it will be a swing High.