Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5/1/08 Low is next

This was sent just before 2.15 pm to clients:

"I have 3 Cycles that suggests 5/1-2 CIT should be a Low, those are high odds, which again suggests we should react negatively to the Fed's expected .25 cut. PC ratios are optimistic at .80, which is a contrary signal. I guess we will know in the next 10 minutes"

Amazingly the Series of cycles had a 4/15 Major Low (#1 on chart, click on chart to enlarge), a rally to 4/29 High (#2) and now a brief pullback into 5/1 Low. I also have a separate timing cluster on 5/1-2, which makes 5/1-2 the next Time and Cycle Cluster.

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