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I have been actively involved in the Financial Markets since August 1987. After receiving my B.S. in computer Science in 1987 and my Masters in Business Administration in 1988 from MUM, I studied everything I could find on various Timing techniques and Cycles methods in the Markets, including Gann, Bayer, Baumring, Astrology, Geometry, etc.  

In late 2002, I found a proprietary Geometric Time CIT (change in Trend), that is 70-80% accurate in predicting SPX market turns within 1 trading day. A year later in 2003, I discovered my proprietary Solar Time CIT that is 80-90% accurate in predicting SPX market turns within 1 trading day. I found  a unique "Ezekiel Wheel" (Symmetry Point Cycle) in the markets in 1994, that predicted exact Highs and Lows, within 1 day, based on the works of my good friend and mentor, the late Mr. James Brock and in October 1994, I turned $5000 into over $112,000 in one month. 

By late 2007, I discovered a cycle that was in the market on a day by day basis, faded after a while, only to-reappear again, like clockwork it predicted shorter term and longer term swing highs and lows, within 1 trading day. Over the years, I noticed that this same cycle and its multiples would again appear with amazing day to day precision, sometimes lasting for weeks and even months, only to disappear again for some time. After some time, I realized that the Market cycle I found was intimately connected to the Human Physiology, Vedic & Biblical Numerology and the Laws of Nature. I decided then to call it the Master Cycle, which is a unique Natural Law based cycle, that when “active” predicts exact future Highs and Lows, within 1 trading day. 

In my work, I also take into account other timing and Cycle techniques that practically works, including high probability Market Statistics, Elliott waves, Master Time Codes, Astrology, etc. The main goal for anyone investing in these markets should be to find those high probability and profitable outcomes, while minimizing risks. 

The Raj T&C Daily Email is sent out 5 days a week, with 1 or 3 intraday updates sent via personal email and covers the various unique Time and Stock market Master Cycles for both SPX swing traders and intra-day daytraders.

Raj Ian G., BSc, MBA 


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vicsilver said...

Hi Raj,

I am impressed by your work. I was wondering if you the the April 4 highs in the SPX will hold and if we will test 1810 by May 12-14.