Saturday, January 30, 2010

The MC and the 22 Month cycle

The Master Cycle was looking for a 1/11 High and sharp decline into February.

One other cycle that is supporting the MC is the 22 Month cycle of Lows (see chart) that is next due in February 2010.

There are 2 ways of counting the MC in CD or in TD, they interchange. The TD version was looking for a 1/27L and a brief rally, but the CD version just have us straight down, despite brief rallies, which has now become the dominant version.

Ever since the 1/19 highs, we have been straight down with 1-1 ½ TD counter trend rallies.
We should see Lower Lows in the coming days, with brief rallies along the way. The hourly, daily and weekly trends remain down. Keep it simple and trade with the trend.

In general we should be much lower soon.

Good Luck trading.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

1/29 MC Update

The ideal MC target was 1079 SPX by 1/27 Low, the actual Low was 1 TD later by 1/28 Low at 1078.46 SP.

The 8/16L-11/2 Channel support remains intact and we have broken above the steep down channel.

We should now see an oversold rally and then another down into February.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/10 was the next MC swing Low

Today, 1/27/10 was the next Master Cycle (MC) swing Low. The Price target given was 1079-1085 SPX (see chart). We were looking for a reversal Up today.

The markets made a 1083.11 SPX Low, right in the target zone, right in the 1/27 double geometric and Solar timing CIT ( I love these solar CITs as they are 85-90% accurate) and right in the MC 1/27 Low, reversed up as expected, confirming that the Master Cycle is in active status. We completed wave 1 or A down. We should now see an oversold rally and then another down into February.

Note: I received over 200+ requests in the 1st 24 hours for the annual MC forecast. It might be wiser to just email the MC forecast to those that really want it, than to post it on any public forum (excepting ofcourse my own forum), so that we don't need to deal with those that are not interested, etc.

To get your report by 2/19/2010, all you'll need to do is email:

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Master Cycle 2010 stockmarket and Crash forecast

The Master Cycle is a Natural Law based Vedic Numerology Cycle that has been very precise and dominant in the market.
It is a Time Series Cycle, predicting precise future swing Highs and Low.
It doesn't always project the magnitude of the Price Highs and Lows.

The Master Cycle can and does fade or invert at anytime, so take it Fwiw, but when it is active it tends to be very precise for weeks and months. Of course we should NOT expect an exact repetition, but it should give you a general idea, as the Master Cycle can be amazingly PRECISE day by day. For this reason only, it has worth its price in gold.

It recently predicted the 9/2L, 12/18L and 1/11 Major High (see previous posts)and sharp decline afterward, which should continue into February 2010.

Just for fun, If there is enough interest (100+ requests), I will post the general MC forecast for the entire 2010 on this public blog by Option Expiration of next Month. It includes a crash period as well.

To request the forecast, please email If there is not enough interest (100+ requests) well then those that send me their request will simply receive it free by Option Expiration day 2/19/10, but I will limit it to the 1st 50 requests.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The 1/8-11/2010 High

In the last blog post a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a 1/8-11 High, the date is marked by the arrows. Timing is important.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 8-11 2010 High

The 55 CD/38 TD Cycle of HIGHS: 6/5H, 7/30H, 9/23H, 11/16H, next due 1/11-12

Some fibo dates supports this: 10/21H+54-55 TD = 1/8-11, 9/2L +89 TD = 1/11

There was also an 11 and 77 wk Cycle due now, combining it with my 1/8-9 (read 1/8-11, due to the weekend) Geometric and Solar CIT:

11 Wk Cycles: 12/19/08L(12/22L)-3/6/09L-5/22L(5/21L)-8/7H-10/23H, 1/8/10H

77 Wk Cycles: 8/20/02H(8/22)-2/10/04-8/2/05H(8/3)-1/23/07-7/15/08L- 1/8/10H

This will be my last post for some time. Good Luck.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Timing is everything

If I would have shorted the last couple of weeks (and months) I would have been seriously hurt by now, so in this relentless market, Timing remains everything.

Here are some timing stuff, worth mentioning:

11/16/09H + 34 TD = 1/6
08/28/09H + 89 TD = 1/6
06/11/09H + 144 TD = 1/6

77 Wk Cycles: 8/20/02H(8/22)-2/10/04-8/3/05H-1/23/07H-7/15/08L- 1/6/10H.

The Master Cycle was looking for the next Major High anytime now, but the markets might be waiting on the
1/8 unemployment news at 8.30 EST.

My next Major Timing CIT is on 1/8-9.