Thursday, June 21, 2018

Retest of Lows in the coming days

The projected 6/18L was the 1st hour 6/19L at the 55 TD Cycle & 6/18 Geo time CIT.
We touched upper down channel resistance yesterday and we are now declining off that High and remain firmly in the 5 min & hourly down channel.
We should see a retest of the Lows in the coming days.

Monday, June 18, 2018

June 18 Low

The 55 TD Cycle was due today Monday, 6/18.

The next Apex CIT was  due today, 6/18.

The next Geometric time CIT was also due today 6/18.

We have declined into 6/18 Geo Time CIT, 6/18 Apex CIT and 55 TD Cycle, suggesting a 6/18 short term Low is forming.

We remain in the large Pink channel since the 4/2 Low.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The 80-20% rule in the markets

The 80-20% rule is certainly in these markets (80% of the price move happens in the last 20% of time), but applies to most everything else in our lives.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

SP near pink channel resistance at the projected 6/7 High, will it hold?

SP near pink channel resistance at the projected 6/7 High, will it hold?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Raj Time and Cycles 6/6/18 Review & Forecast

In my last major Cycle update, I was looking for an 4/18-19 swing High

From 4/19 Daily Email: “From the 4/18-19H, we were looking for a 5 day sharp decline into 4/25L

Actual: We made an 4/18H and saw a 5 day relatively sharp 105 SP decline into 4/25L.

The dominant cycle (green Lines) then predicted a choppy rally, with an 4/30H, 5/1L, 5/3H-1, 5/4 swing Low, followed by another rally into 5/10H+2, which was the 5/14 swing High.

The dominant cycle recently had 7 hits: 5/15L, 5/17H, 5/21L (5/18L -1), 5/22H, 5/29L, rally into 5/30H at the 5/30 Geo CIT and another decline into 6/1 Low (5/31L-1).

What’s next: We are looking for a short term 6/7 High, followed by another decline into XXX and another rally afterwards.

Daytraders: Intraday Time and Cycle Forecast:

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 6/06/18: 10.35-40, 12.35, 3.50, 4.15 pm Eastern


Intraday Cycle is the Pink lines(9.40H), 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.10L

Actual: 9.45H, 10.10L

Wednesday sees a possible 9.40 cycle High+/- , decline to a 10.20 cycle Low at the 10.35-40 time CIT, rally to a 11.15 cycle High+/-30, decline to a 12.30 cycle Low at the 12.35 time CIT, rally to a 2.00 cycle High+/-30 min, decline to a 3.10 cycle Low at the 3.50-4.15 pm time CIT.

Actual: We gapped higher to a 9.45H and made a 10.10 1st hour Low so far.

The intraday cycle sees a 1st hour Low, midday Low and last hour Low.

If the midday Low is lower than the 1st hour Low, it suggests a last hour lowest Low and Vice Versa.

Tomorrow’s intraday cycle is biased higher.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5/14 Apex CIT High and 2.15-40 pm CITs

The most recent daily Apex CIT (Change in Trend) was on 5/14 at the 5/14H. The hourly Apex of the same, was on Friday 5/11 at the close. The actual swing High arrived a little more than 1 hour later on Monday 5/14 at 10.40 am. There are other future Apex Time CITs to watch.

The last 9 consecutive days saw an important CIT (Change in Trend) centered on 2.15-2.50 pm Eastern. 5 were High of Day (HOD) and 3 were a Low of day (LOD).

5/2 2.15HOD
5/3 2.45HOD
5/4 2.50HOD
5/7 2.40HOD
5/8 2.45LOD
5/9 2.15HOD
5/10 2.45L
5/11 2.15LOD
5/14 2.20LOD
5/15 2.15-50?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Short term Trends and the next daily Sun Jupiter 30 degrees

The last 5 consecutive days saw a CIT (Change in Trend) centered on 2.40-2.50 pm Eastern (red lines). The first 4 were High of Day (HOD) and yesterday was a Low of day (LOD).

5/2 2.15HOD
5/3 2.45HOD
5/4 2.50HOD
5/7 2.40HOD
5/8 2.45LOD

Will today be another 2.40-50 time CIT? 

In any case, there is 2683-84 SPX triple resistance above.

Meanwhile, we had another daily Sun Jupiter 30 degrees CIT on 5/8-9.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

3 Upcoming Apex CITs to watch

Within the large contracting triangle, we are in a smaller contracting (brown lines) triangle, with 2685 SPX, resistance and 2630 SPX support. A break out (large move) of the smaller triangle is imminent. (green lines is the active cycle).

The pink vertical lines are Apex CITs (Change in Trend) that has worked well in the past (see chart). There are 3 upcoming hourly Apex CITs to watch closely on 5/3, 5/8 and 5/11, suggesting the choppiness should continue for a while longer. The Daily Apex CITs falls on different dates, which gives daily time CITs.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stuck in a large triangle the last 3 months

From the projected 4/18H, we declined a profitable 104.72 SPs into 4/25 Low so far.

We remain in a large red contracting triangle the last 3 months, with 2738 SPX resistance and 2566 SPX support, whichever way it breaks, will determine the next 350 SP direction.

Per request, here is the crude monthly chart. 

I look at crude in the weekend Updates, the chart is in a clear up channel, with resistance at 71.56. There is a possible Junction point f Trendlines CIT for the April Month.

Monthly crude bottomed at the 37 month cycle back in June 2017 Low, before that there was a large monthly Apex CIT at the Feb 2016 Lows/

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Updated Bitcoin Cycle

I first discovered a  Bitcoin cycle shifted 40-41 CD to predict the SPX back  on 2/5/18.

My friend Georg from upon my request updated the Bitcoin Chart shifted +44. here are the results. The Updated Bitcoin Cycle supports the Master Cycle (MC) and the two other active Cycles suggesting an 4/18 major High. Please note the MC, which has precedent, has a different path than the Bitcoin cycle after some time.  

Saturday, April 14, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs BitCoin | shifted 44 Calendar Days

The correlation between Bitcoin prices shifted 44 Calendar Days into the future and the S&P 500 was discovered by Raj Time and Cycles (HERE + HERE). The correlation cycle is not perfect; it contracts and stretches ± 2 calendar days. Currently a 44 calendar day correlation points to a major high in the S&P 500 around April 17 (Tue).

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The April 18-19 Time and Cycle Cluster swing High

Time Cluster 4/17-20 

1. 4/19 Geometric time CIT (Change in Trend)

2. 4/20 Solar Time CIT

3. Time Square CITs from 10/11/07H:
10/11/07  39.88^2=1590 TD = 2/6/14L
42.88^2=1838 TD = 1/30/15L+1
45.88 = 2105 TD = 2/23/16L+1
48.88 = 2389 TD = 4/17/18+1

Explanation in mathematical terms: 

Example: Time Square CITs from 10/11/07H: 10/11/07H  39.88^2=1590 TD = 2/6/14L

1. There are 1590 Trading Days (TD)  between 10/11/07H anf 2/06/14L
2. Take the Square root of 1590 = 39.88 (39.88 X 39.88 = 1590)
3. Increment that number by 3 to get the next number, 39.88 + 3 = 42.88
4. Re-square the new number: 42.88^2 = 42.88 X 42.88 = 1838.69 TD
5. Add that to the 10/11/07H + 1838.69 TD = 1/31/15 Low...

4. Time Squares CITs from 9/3/1929H +
55 Squared weeks = 8/25/87H
56 Squared weeks = 10/10/89H
57 Squared weeks = 12/10/91L+1
58 Squared weeks = 2/22/94H-2
59 Squared weeks = 5/21/96H+2
60 Squared weeks = 09/01/98L
61 Squared weeks = 12/26/00L-2
62 Squared weeks = 05/06/03 Miss
63 Squared weeks = 09/27/05+4
64 Squared weeks = 03/04/08H-4
65 squared weeks = 8/24/10L+2
66 squared weeks = 2/26/13L
67 squared weeks = 09/15/15H+2
68 Squared weeks = 4/17/18+1

Example Time Squares CITs from 9/3/1929H + 55 Squared weeks = 8/25/87H

Explanation: 55 Squared weeks = 55 X 55 x 7 CD = 21175 CD + 9/3/29H = 8/25/87H, etc.

So now you can calculate the next major CIT dates for yourself: 

69 Squared weeks + 9/3/29H = 12/01/2020

70 Squared weeks + 9/3/29H = 08/01/2023, etc.

Cycle Cluster 4/18-19

Besides the current Master Cycle (shown as the green lines on the chart), there are 2 other cycles topping out at 4/18-19H.

1. Cycle 1 is an exact Lunar Month Cycle that has several important hits: 

1. 2/09/18L+2 

2. 3/13/18H 
3. 4/02/18L+1 
4. 4/04/18L 
5. 4/18/18 swing High

2. Cycle 2 has the following hits: 

1. 3/13/18H+2 

2. 3/23/18L 
3. 4/06/18L 
4. 4/18-19 swing High

Conclusion: 4/18 was a swing High, Bulls Beware, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

In the Sphere of Influence of the next Sun Jupiter CIT

We are in the Sphere of influence of the next Sun Jupiter CIT due 4/11/18 (green Lines). 

The last 5 of them were important Highs and Lows.

Friday, April 6, 2018

In this age of miracles and distraction, discipline is key

In this age of miracles and distractiondiscipline is key.

I truly marvel at the age we live in now. I can take my time and space and directly share it with you in your time and space. 

But, I know that I am not the only person whose time and space you are tuning into these days. There are many, many others competing for bandwidth in your world. Now that the Internet, youtube, media and promotion are available to anyone, recognizing quality over quantity is the biggest issue. 

Information becoming knowledge wisdom being diluted by your need to be entertained is more important than ever. 

The information age is dead and we are now in the "Distraction" Age. 

Dig one Deep Well, not infinite shallow holes - Stop Wasting Time.

Same Amount of Time Spent, but when Focused and Disciplined, we discover the true gems, when we dig deep in any subject, than just merely scratching the surface.

This is analogous to the image above, where instead of digging many small holes, we concentrate our energy on the same path and dig a verydeep hole, that eventually strikes water - or oil!  

This is the real challenge of these times. Filtering through the morass of information is really needed now, otherwise you run the risk of being entertained into mediocrity, or even worse "stupidity". This is a shame. It is easy to understand why you may be doing this and it is easy to fix.  Not only is this inefficient, but it is a waste of time, and our time is much shorter here than we think.

Source/Credit Sam Geppi at

With TM (, you dive directly to the deep silent bottom of the Ocean, where Bliss and true Happiness dwells, the source of creation and thought. Anyone who doesn't transcend (going beyond activity to pure Silence, the 4th state of Consciousness) through their meditation technique is wasting their time.  Maharishi

  • "In this (Yoga) no effort is lost and no obstacle exists.  Even a little of this dharma delivers from great fear." (Chapter 2, verse 40)
  • Nistraigunyo, bhava, Arjun. Be without the three gunas, Arjuna. (Chapter 2, verse 45)
  • Yoga stah, kuru karmani.  Established in Being, (pure Silence) perform action. (Chapter 2, verse 48) Bhagavat Gita

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you"  Matthew 6:33 The Bible

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The current Battle

The current battle between large fund managers automatically buying the markets when it drops below the SPX 200 DMA ( 2589 SPX) and the current Bear market forces are the root cause of the crazy whipsaw Volatility we have seen the last few days. It is expected to last the next fews days and weeks. 

The MC suggests it ain't over until its over! Be prepared!