Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The next hourly time CIT due in last hour today

The last hourly time CIT arrived as the 3/23 last hour Low.

The next hourly time CIT is due today in the last hour.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The next hourly time CIT

Markets remains in an hourly down channel. The last hourly CIT was the close of Friday 3/13H.

The next hourly CIT is due tomorrow 3/24 in the 1st hour+/-.

Monday, March 9, 2020

3/3/20H was a Time Cubed Day CIT

I have mentioned in several previous posts how Time Squared Days pinpointed major future Change in Trends (CIT, ie Highs or Lows), which was a discovery of one of my mentors, the late Mr. James Brock.

Recently, on the basis of this discovery, Tim Every showed me another wonderful discovery he made, working with mathematical Time Cubed Days, which pinpointed the 3/3/20 as a major secondary High and 50% retrace. This is a gift for those who enjoy doing mathematical accurate research in the markets.

From 10/11/2007 major High:

1. 12/03/08L  =  6.61107326 Cubed Trading days (= 289 TD)

eg. 6.61107326 X 6.61107326 X 6.61107326 = 289.
10/11/07H + 289 TD = 12/03/08L, etc.

2. 07/11/09L = 7.61107326 Cubed Trading days
3. 04/26/10H = 8.61107326 Cubed Trading days
4. 04/21/11L = 9.61107326 Cubed Trading days
5. 07/10/12L = 10.61107326 Cubed Trading days
6.12/29/13L = 11.61107326 Cubed Trading days
7. 09/29/15L = 12.61107326 Cubed Trading days
8. 10/17/17 = 13.61107326 Cubed Trading days
9. 03/03/20H = 14.61107326 Cubed Trading days

Conclusion: 3/3/20 Timed Cubed High was an important secondary High and the start of yet another Crashwave. Anyone can calculate the next Time Cubed Days in the future and use it for their own fortune money$ making benefit.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

The Mars opposite Rahu Crash cycle

In our last blogpost, we focussed on the transits of Mars over the recent Solar Eclipse that triggered the current decline. In this post we focus on Mars opposite the Moon's North Node (Rahu) and its association with historic crashes.

This information below was given to our clients a week ago, after we called for a major Mid February High and as a historic crashwave is unfolding before our eyes, it would be good to share it with everyone on our blog. Be safe out there.

Eversince we got a grave warning when we took out 3212 SPX Trapdoor to Hell Support (pink line on chart below), the markets quickly accelarated to the downside.

The Mars opposite the Dragon Crash cycle was mentioned before and in the May 5 2013 blogpost here: http://timeandcycles.blogspot.com/2013/05/mars-and-dragon.html

"The Mars opposite Rahu (Moon's North Node) Crash Cycle.

1. Mars opposite Rahu: between 9/25/29 and 11/7/29, exact aspect was on 10/24/29. The market crashed from 10/11/29H into 10/29/29L

2. Mars opposite Rahu: between on 9/29/87 and 10/30/87, exact aspect was on 10/12/87. The market crashed from 10/2/87H into 10/20/87L.

3. Mars opposite Rahu: between 8/25/01 and 10/18/01, exact aspect was on 9/14/01. The market crashed from 8/27/01H into 9/21/01L.

Notice that in the 3 examples above, the Mars Opposition Rahu played a direct role in the 3 biggest Crashes of the last Century."

The 3 largest historic Crashes had Mars opposite Rahu (The Moon’s North Node) (exact) =  9/14/01! = 10/12/87! = 10/24/29!

More recently, the Mars opposite Rahu saw the 9/21/18H and crashwave into 12/26/18L and right now the 2/19/20H and ongoing historic crash wave.

1. Mars 180 True Node 09/25/2018 23:17:08: 9/21/18 major High, crash into 12/26/18L

2. Mars 180 True Node 02/25/2020 13:07:34: 2/19/20H, ongoing historic crashwave.

The next Mars 180 True Node is due in 2021.

Conclusion: The Mars opposite Rahu Crash Cycle has been associated with the 3 largest crash waves in History and more recently in the Sep 2018 to Dec 2018 Crash wave and currently in the ongoing historic Crash wave decline from the 2/19/20H. Caveat Emptor.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The 18.6 Year cycle of Mars and the Dragon that causes Panics

The sudden sharp declines in the last few days were triggered by the "Mars biblical Passover (transiting) the 12/26/19 Solar Eclipse", which has caused Tragedy, Panics and Crisis in the past including 9/11/01.

From my 5/5/13 blogpost on Mars and the Dragon:

"In Vedic Astrology, there's an ancient Dragon that was split in a
fierce battle into two parts, the upper half of the dragon's Body, Rahu
is the Moon's ("True") North Node and the lower half of the body is
Ketu, the Moon's South Node, which causes the Solar and Lunar Eclipses"

A Solar Eclipse occurs on a New Moon, ie when Sun is conjunct the Moon and conjunct the North or South Node. On 12/26/19, we had a Solar Eclipse (Sun conjunct Moon Opposite Rahu) at 3.39 Capricorn. Mars made its Passover/transit over the Solar Eclipse degree at 3.39 Capricorn on 2/22/20.

It takes Rahu and Ketu 18.6 years to go through all 12 signs and return to the same sign position. More info at Joni Patry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snOmjJELs3Y

When Rahu is in certain degrees of Gemini and Ketu is in certain degrees of Sagittarius (in Vedic Astrology), we often see global tragic and crisis events. This was mentioned back in my December 2019 blogpost

The 18.6 Year Cycle of Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Saggitarius:

1. 1927: Worst Earthquake in Xining, China, 200,000 Deaths
2. 1945: Bombing of Hiroshima8/6-9/45
3. 1963Assassination of President Kennedy, 11/22/63
4. 1982Aids Virus
5. 2001Twin Towers, 9/11/01 was triggered by Mars Passover the 12/26/19 Solar Eclipse.

6. 2020: Corona Virus, 2/22/20 was triggered by Mars Passover the12/26/19 Solar Eclipse.

Rahu is in 6.40-20 min degrees in (Vedic) Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra (Teardrop Stargroup)= 9/26/19 -4/22/20 

Ketu is in 0-13.20 min degrees in (Vedic) Saggitarius in Mula Nakshatra (destruction Stargroup) = 2/12/20- 9/20/20
When both1. Rahu is in Gemini in Ardra stargroup and 2. Ketu is in Saggitarius in Mula stargroup, we get this time frame between 2/12/20-4/22/20: we get the concentration of energy of destruction, explosion & tragic events.

Monday, February 24, 2020

A Multi Month decline has started

In our most recent blogpost 2/13, we were looking for a 2/13 +/- 3 TD major High. We had a convergence of Price, Time & Cycles, the 282 TD and 505 TD cycle both projecting a 2/12-18H, which arrived at the 2/19/20 major High.

Mars transiting over the 12/26/19 Solar Eclipse on 2/20-22 is being felt globally, with the Corona Virus Panic. The last Mars transit over its past Solar Eclipse was on 9/11/01 Panic

Conclusion: 2/19/20 at 3393.50 SPX is confirmed in and we are at the start of a multi month decline.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The inverted and 282 TD cycle suggests a 2/12 swing High

There is an active Inverted cycle that has been in the markets for some time and recently called the 12/03/19L, 12/13/19H, 12/31/19L, 1/22/20H and is now suggesting a 2/13/20+/-3 major High.

This is supported by a dominant 282 TD (Trading Days) fixed cycle that has been in the markets for 13 years now, since the October 11, 2007 major High.

282 TD Cycle10/11/07H-282-11/21/08L-284-1/11/10H-279-2/18/11H-281-4/2/12H-285-5/22/13H-281- 7/3/14H-284 -8/18/15H-282 TD- 9/29/16H-284-11/15/17L-282-12/26/18L-282- 2/12/2020+/-3.

Conclusion: The markets rallied into an 11 year Long term channel resistance, since 3/06/09L, at the 3380 SPX area at the 2/12/20H, combined with the active inverted and the dominant 282 TD cycle. Price, Time and Cycles converged and we may be looking at a major High in this time frame.

Mars makes its biblical "passover" of the 12/26/19 Solar Eclipse on 2/22/20. This is similar in the past when Mars made its passover over the 6/21/01 Solar Eclipse on 9/11 2001. See original article here: http://timeandcycles.blogspot.com/2019/12/december-26-2019-solar-eclipse-date-to.html

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Day 32 and 38 were Bulls eye Hits

"Since 12/26/18L, "Trading Day 32 and 38" from the last Low, was a CIT, often Highs"


1/22H was Day 33 and we saw a 1/22 High, yesterday was Day 38 and we saw a 1/29 lower High. Both are Bulls-eye hits.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Jan 22-29 Major High

There is a dominant, simple and elegant chart pattern since 12/26/18L, when this current Bull market began, notice there is an important CIT (Change in Trend), often swing Highs, at 32 TD (Trading Days) and or 38 TD from the last major Lows. 

1/22/20H was 33 TD from the last swing Low. If 1/22H is not the High, then 1/29+/-1 will be the major High.

The current pattern of the markets topping out at 32-33 TD and or 38 TD has been highly reliable and has been the pattern since the 12/26/18 major Lows.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Jan 02 High?

"Mars, the planet of War is currently having an 8th house aspect on Rahu, the Moon's North Node, which escalates Wars and Tensions" Sam Geppi

Markets rallied into 2 long term double red channel and green trendline resistance at yesterday's 1/02/20 Highs.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Dec 26 2019 Solar Eclipse projects into the future

"The upcoming Solar Eclipse on Dec 26 2019 is a powerful one as 6 planets are conjunct in Saggitarius (in Vedic Astrology) and this eclipse is associated with many destructive events in the past:  the bombing of Hiroshima, the assasination of Kennedy and the attack of Sep 11 2001" Joni Patry

The precise times to watch in the future is when the biblical "passover" of various planets occur in the future, which has pinpointed the exact dates of major events, for example 9/11/01. We will be watching these dates closely.

February 2020 and May 2020 are two examples when there are clusters of various Times and Cycles due, including when the 8 month and 75 week Flash Crash cycles are due. 2020 should be full of explosive rallies and declines. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

MC Update

 The Master Cycle predicted the markets to be “in a channel for 26 TD"

26 TD (Trading Days) projected a 11/18H. We gapped to higher Highs in the 1st minute of the opening of 11/19H.  

With this The “Stuck Up” Blow off rally phase it is allowed to stretch a day or two, but any rally to higher Highs beyond 11/21 means the Master Cycle is too far stretched or incorrect.

As all trends are Up and bullish momentum is strong, we need to wait for a reversal lower to confirm any initial Highs to be in. 

Further confirmation that a major High is in is also needed with a solid decline and close below that 26 TD up channel. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Master Cycle predicts a 11/14/19 major High+/-2 TD

In my last public update on 9/23/19, the Master Cycle was looking for "a large move in October"

From 10/31 Raj T&C Daily Email: “The active Master cycle  can be up to 2 days off, but it predicted the 8/5L, 9/12H-2 and 10/3 major Low…..We should then see a strong rally into 11/13 major swing High.

Actual: We made an 10/3 major Low and saw a strong rally into 11/12 High so far.

The active Master cycle predicted the 8/5L, 9/12H-2 and 10/3L and predicted the rally to last 29 TD (Trading Days) from the 10/3L(=11/13H, , see chart above) and be “in a channel for 26 TD" (=11/15H). Shorter term, it suggested a 11/4H, a brief pullback into 11/7L(-1) and a final rally into 11/14 major High+/-2, with a 3118-25 SPX channel target.

Supporting the above Master Cycle, we are now rallying into the 11/12-14 Time & Cycle Cluster, where there is a longer term 11/12 Geometric time CIT and a 11/14 Solar time CIT and a cluster of fixed cycles, including the 23/46 TD, 110 TD and 214 TD cycles.

What's Next: We should make a November 14 major swing High+/-2 and start a relative sharp decline into December 2019. Many will be surprised by the intensity of the coming decline.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Master Cycle is alive and well

The Master Cycle is alive and well and suggests a major swing High is around the corner, but timing will be Key to benefit from the coming fortune making rallies and declines.