Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today's 12/17 Intraday forecast vs Actual

Today's 12/17 Intraday forecast:


The Biblical 7 year Cycle and the 360 TD Cycle

"Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt:"
"And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land;"
(Genesis 41:29 & 30 KJV)

I first mentioned the 360 TD (trading Days) Cycle on my public blog more than 3 years ago in October 2011. In my last public post, I had a 360 TD Analog looking for a major High, where 7/16/07H=9/19/14H, 8/16/07L=10/15/14L and the 10/11/07 major High, became the 12/5/14 major High, which is the biblical 7 year Cycle.

The day by day analog was not exact as fixed cycles always have a variance and this one was off by 1-2 weeks, but what is interesting here is the following: 10/11/07H + 1800 TD = 12/5/14H. What is so special about that? 1800 TD = 5 X 360 TD is the 7 year cycle.

This 1800 TD/7 year cycle+/- has pinpointed major Highs and Lows in the past:
  1. 10/11/07H – 12/05/14H =1800 TD
  2. 08/13/04L – 10/04/11L = 1798 TD
  3. 03/12/03L – 04/26/10H = 1793 TD
  4. 03/12/03L – 05/06/10L = 1801 TD (Flash Crash)
  5. 09/21/01L11/21/08L = 1805 TD
  6. 09/01/00H – 10/11/07H = 1785 TD
  7. 08/11/08H - 09/28/15H = 1792 TD
  8. 11/21/08L01/26/16L = 1800 TD
The future 9/28/15 Blood Moon total Lunar Eclipse is another biblical 7 years/1800 TD from the 8/11/08 swing High, before the panic into 11/21/08 crash Low, which was 1805 TD from the 9/21/01 Crash Low and 1800 TD in the future is January 2016.

There are other examples of course, but these are some from the above chart. The 1800 TD/7 year cycle suggests 12/5/14 was a major High and we are due for a sharp correction, which is due to bottom in 2016.  However, there are other Cycles, like the 3 and 4 year cycles that bottomed on 10/15/14 major Low that suggest we will see an initial bullish up trust early next year. The various cycles will cause some large swings in 2015, so be prepared.

The Short term outlook: We are looking for a 12/16-17 short term Low at the triple 12/16-17 geometric and Solar CIT and a sharp, but brief rally, before we decline again.