Friday, January 28, 2011

The 1/26-27 double CIT is a confirmed High

The 1/26-27 double CIT (see previous posts) is a confirmed High as we rallied into it and we are seeing a sharp reversal lower today. 

This puts the Master Cycle on hold for now.  1288 SPX is Major channel support.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update Intraday Cycle and Times

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 1/27/11: 9.55, 11.00-05**, 12.00-12.10** pm Eastern

Actual: 10.05 High, 11.00 High**, next is 12.00-12.10 pm

Intraday Cycle: 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.20L, 2.00H, 3.40L

Actual: 9.40L, 11.00H, next is 12.20 Cycle Low

Below 1292.50 Mar SP channel support, is a Sell signal

Intraday Times and Cycles for 1/27th

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 1/27/11: 9.55, 11.00-05**, 12.00-12.10** pm Eastern

Intraday Cycle: 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.20L, 2.00H, 3.40L

The intraday cycle is biased to be Lower and choppy. 

The 11.00-05 double CIT is biased to be a High.

The 12.00-10 double CIT is biased to be a Low. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trading the 1/26 Master Cycle Low

The 1/26 Master Cycle (MC) Low is still expected, although it could only be a double bottom or higher wave C Low (Click on chart to enlarge), with the 1/20 Low and even though we did not see a sharper decline, the MC remains valid, as Price magnitude is never a guarantee with the MC Time Series that only predicts a 1/26 Low.

We also have a matching double geometric (70-80 % accurate) timing Change in Trend ( CIT) due on 1/26-27 and a Solar timing CIT (84-90% accurate) also due on 1/26-27.

If we decline into 1/26-27 CIT, which remains the current bias, then 1/26-27 will be a Low and the MC remains ontrack.

If we rally into the 1/26-27 CIT, then the 126-27 CIt will form an important swing High and the MC will be incorrect and be put "on hold", until it becomes active again.

It is that simple and that is the way to trade the 1/26 time and cycles date.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Master Cycle outlook for the next week: 1/18H, 1/26L

The Master Cycle (MC) has been active and in the markets since 11/1/10 Lows.   
Most recently, it called for a 1/7-10 High (#1 on the chart) and a brief pullback into 1/11 Low (#2 on the chart), which was 1 TD earlier, when calculated in Calendar days (see previous posts).

The Master Cycle (click on chart to enlarge) is now looking for a Top today, 1/18 High, then a decline to 1/26 Low. 1/18 is also a double Timing CIT as it is both a geometric and Solar CIT. The means 1/18 is both a Time and Cycle Cluster and an important turning point to watch. The MC projected Price magnitude is not always assured, but we get a general idea what to expect. This matches other Cycles I am watching as well.

#1: 1/7-10 High 

#2: 1/11 Low

#3: 1/18 High

#4 1/26 Low

Monday, January 17, 2011

The 144 Year Lunar Anniversary: The Tuscon, Arizona Massacre

I made the following predictions based on the 144 Lunar Year Cycles on 3/12/03 on the CB Forum, 5 days before the start of the Iraq war on 3/17/2003:

"According to Plato and Aristotle, there would be great changes in the cities every 144 years (square of 12).

The Gettysburg Civilian War occurred on 7/1/1863. 
3/17/03 - 7/1/1863 = 51,028 CD = 1728 Lunar Months : 12 = 144 Lunar Years."
The Gettysburg Civilian War occurred on 7/1/1863, which is EXACTLY 144 Lunar Years from 3/17/03, which should be the possible start of our War."

I just noticed that the 144 Lunar Year Cycle remains active in the world events:
CAMP GRANT MASSACRE in Tuscon Arizona occurred on April 30, 1871 

What is 144 Lunar Years from April 30, 1871 Massacre? 

Answer: The Jan 8th 2011 Massacre in exactly the same Tuscon, Arizona.

Strange accuracy, isn't it? 

Coincidence? Unlikely.


Friday, January 14, 2011

USA Vedic Astrology wrt Mayan predictions for 2011 and 2012

I posted this before, but it is so important to watch for the current years

USA Jyotish predictions for 2011 and 2012

 The council of the Maharishi Jyotshis (Vedic Astrology) focused on the World Kundali (World Chart):

The Graha's (Planets) are always moving, always delivering the Karma's of mankind.

Guru (Jupiter) is transiting in Pisces at this time (10/2/10)

During Jupiter Retrograde from 8/02/10 - 11/18/2010: More care in Nations finances is needed, greater expenses for international affairs.

Guru's transit is more favorable from December through May 2011 and contributes more to financial progress.

Sani's (Saturn) transit in Kanya (Virgo) from 11/5/10 into 8/2012 slows/weighs down financial progress/Economic recovery for USA

From 3/24/11: Budh (Mercury) period, the planet of mediation, communication and diplomacy from 3/24/2011 increases Rivalry, political infighting, expansion in foreign affairs but with challenges, Mercury gives new ideas and directions, likes to move the Economy, with much work.

From 7/24/2011 : Ketu period, Ketu has more influence: Rising resistance from opponents, more care is needed in that area.

From 9/15/2011: Sukra (Venus) period is most responsible and will give mixed counsel in managing difficult situations, structuring and handling National debt will require wise counseling.

From Jan 2012- August 2012: Even more challenging time due to Saturn's position, compounded by the planetary period of the Sun from 2/5/2012 onward: bring some difficulty in Government function and interaction, both domestically and internationally, more caution and care needed for anti social elements and enemies of the state.

The 1st 6 months of 2012 are not easy due to the influences of Saturn's transit and the Sun's period. The jyotishis were specifically asked about the "Mayan" and other predictions about the potential destruction of the world in 2012 and the Jyotish Pandits delved really hard, but were unable to find any such dire predictions.

The answer may be in the following cartoon:  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick update on the Master Cycle

My view of the Master Cycle (MC) was incorrect.  The MC in Calender Days was more correct as it had 1/10 as a Low, instead of 1/11 in Trading days. 

The MC was expecting only a brief pullback, which was 1-2 TD, which  was seen on the 1/7-10 Lows.  We are now in the next rally phase to the next swing High.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stockmarket forecast 2011 and the next Master Cycle High

The Master Cycle (MC) (click on chart to enlarge) became active again on 11/1/10 and it predicted: 11/1L, 11/09H, 11/16L, 11/26H, 11/29L, 12/6L, 12/8H, 12/9L, 12/13H, 12/16L, 12/28H, 12/29L

next High is on:

Friday-Monday 1/7-10 High

The MC does not see this as a final High, but as the next swing High.  This is supported by the next Astro CIT  on 1/7/2011, when Mars will leave Rahu (The Moon's North Node, which causes eclipses) and the Sagittarius House and the 1/9/11 Solar CIT.

If we do see a 1/10 High, we should see 1/11 as a large down day

Stock market forecast 2011: The MC suggest we see a January High, but generally we should see a strong 1st Half year in 2011 and weaker in the 2nd Half of the year.

The daily Banks Index (BKX) (click on chart to enlarge) has been in a bullish Up channel, ever since the 3/6/09 Lows. We made a 11/23/10 channel Low and have rallied strong ever since. The Banks are bullish above and bearish below this Key Channel support Line, which is at 45.80 today. The Banks have been moving sideways for the last couple of months and have started to expand on the upside. The Banks have been relative weaker to the other indices and should be watched closely. We tested Long Term 12/31 yearly support and the 8/31 yearly Lows at 42.70 on 8/25/10.