Monday, May 19, 2008

Next daily CIT 5/19/08 and Intraday CITs

Intraday CITs (Change in Trend):
9.45, 1.40, 12.45-1.50 hourly and 3.25 pm

Actual: 9.45 LOD (Low of the Day)! (1 on chart, click to enlarge), 1.35 HOD
! (2 on chart)

I also had a 1.50 Hourly CIT, so the 1.35 pm High was a perfect fit and today was my next short term daily CIT fwiw, but there might still be some other highs on 5/21-22 this week, as the Series of Cycles suggests.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High due early next week

We have a Gap and Go day today on the bullish CPI numbers, meaning there is a high likelihood that we close on our Highs today. We are having an Up OE week.

The series of cycles was generally looking for sideways to Up into early next week and didn't see any real strong pullbacks until that time. It was looking for a very short term High yesterday, but it may have arrived today, with a one day pullback into tomorrow, 5/15L, before we rally again on 5/16. This choppy, sideways to Up action should continue into next week, where the series has a short term High.

I have a Rare confluence of 5 proprietary Cycles, in the Cycles section of my T&C daily email service, all making the SAME prediction for a Big move in the coming weeks and months, which to me is very exciting information, as they give additional confirmation, which gives me a High confidence and some potentially very profitable trades in the coming weeks and months.

It is going to be fun to watch it unfold.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trading Range since Time Cluster

From the last post: "I also have a separate timing cluster on 5/1-2, which makes 5/1-2 the next Time and Cycle Cluster."

Amazingly we have stayed in the 5/1-2 Change in Trend (CIT) Time Cluster range ever since. 5/1 CIT Low ("1" on chart, click on chart to enlarge) and 5/2 CIT High ("2" on chart) has marked the High and Low up until today, 5/13, which I have as another short term daily CIT High("3" on chart). 5/13 is also another short term High in the series of cycles. We remain in a narrowing wedge, eventually we should breakdown. The series of Cycles tells me when that should happen. The last month has been basically boring sideways to up. That should all change next month as various cycles are suggesting a large move should unfold

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