Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review and Forecast

In My last post, various Time and Cycles (T&C) projected a 12/31 Low.

From my 12/30 weekend report: "We expect a 12/31L, right at the 1/1 Solar, 12/28 Bradley,  Time and Price square on 12/29 and MTC due on 12/30-31, see a potential sharp rally into 1/4/13 CIT High, decline into 1/09-10 solar CIT Low."

Actual:  We saw a 12/31L, then a sharp rally into 1/4/13H, followed by a decline into 1/8 Low.

From the 1/11 daily Email: "The current bias is we will rally into the 1/11 CIT High, see a  decline into 1/16 intraday Low, close higher and rally into 1/18-21 Highs."

Actual: We made a 1/11H and have since declined into 1/15-16.

The previous forecasts have also been drawn, since my call for a 11/16/12 major Low on my public and private blog

What's next: From the 1/15-16 Low, we should see another rally into 1/18-21 Cycle Highs, ideally targeting 1485 SPX+/-5 and right at Friday's 1/18 Solar Time CIT and Monday 1/21 geometric Time CIT.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review 12/31 Low and a New Year's Poem

From 12/28/12 Email: "We expected the 12/27L and reversal higher, which we saw, but the lean is we continue the choppy decline into 12/31L"

From 12/29/12 Email: "We expect a 12/31 Low, right at the 1/1 Solar, 12/28 Bradley,  Time & Price square on 12/29 and MTC due on 12/30-31, then see a potential sharp rally into the long term CIT."

From 12/31 Update: "6/4/12L - 9/14/12 yearly High = 1474.51-1266.74 = 207.77 SP
6/4/12L + 207.77 CD = 12/28-29 Low"

Actual: Various Time and Cycles were looking for a 12/31 Low and the Fiscal Cliff deal caused a Monday 12/31 Low right at the open in the SPX Cash, although SP futures made its Low at the close of Friday 12/28L. The Time & Price Square due 12/28-29 and 1/1 Solar CIT worked its charm.

Here are some previous examples of Time & Price Squares:

4/2/12H-6/4/12L  = 155 SP's  

4/2/12H + 155 CD =09/04/12L  
6/4/12L + 155 CD = 11/06/12H

155 seems to vibrate in the markets:

5/2/11H + 155 CD = 10/4/11L

10/27/11H + 155 CD = 3/30/12H, 1 TD from the 4/2/12H

1/28/11L + 155 CD = 5/1/12H

A New Year's Poem
"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."

Leonard Cohen

Happy New Year!