Friday, February 26, 2010

The Decennial Lunar Calendar

The Decennial or 10 year Lunar anniversary is the real anniversary to watch:

1. 02/28/00 Major Low = 02/05/2010 Major Low

2. 03/24/00 Major High= 03/04/2010

3. 04/04/00 Spike Low = 03/15/2010 = Start of the 9 days of MD (3/16) (previous)

4. 04/14/00 Spike Low = 03/25/2010 = End of the 9 days of MD (3/24)

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vedic Lunar Calendar's 3 most important Dates

What you can find right away (If you know what you are looking for) are the 3 most important Dates for every year:

1. 3/16 -3/24, The 9 days of Mother Divine in the Spring, which ends with Ram Navami

2. 10/8-10/16, The 9 days of Mother Divine in the Fall, which ends with Victory Day on 10/17.

3. 11/5/10, Dipavali, Festival of Light, Mahalaksmi Day. In the past 3 of the greatest crashes in Market history ended right before the lotus feet of the Great Goddess of wealth, Dipavali: 10/29/29, 10/20/87 and 10/28/97. These are aka Carolan's Dark Days.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hourly CITs

Hourly CITs have been working like clockwork:

1. 1st hour 2/11 Low (1)

2. 1st hour 2/12 Low (2)


3. last hour 2/12 - 1st hour 2/16 (3)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intraday CITs review and the current bias

The 5 min intraday geometric CITs (Change in Trend, ie Highs or Lows) in the last few days are marked with arrows on the 5 min SPX chart. Intraday 5 min CITs for 2/11 are: 10.05 and 2.05 pm EST (red vertical lines in the chart).

Furthermore, for a week now, I have had an hourly CIT in the 1st hour today 2/11, the 5 min of that CIT came at the close 2/10. There is also daily NDX CIT on 2/12 and a Solar CIT on 2/14 in the weekend. The speculative bias is we make a Low in the 1st hour today, which may have arrived at the close yesterday and rally into 2/12-14 CIT, as Monday is a Holiday, 2/12-16 High.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 463 TD/22 Mo Cycle and the MC, Lows in?

The 463TD/22 month Cycle should provide downward pressure into February 16th 2010 Lows. Looking at the 3 previous declines of the 463 TD/22 Month Cycles, from Swing High to Swing Low was a 8-10% decline:

3/05/04H at 1163.23 - 8/13/04L at 1060.72 = 102.51 SP's or 9% decline

5/08/06H at 1326.70 - 6/14/06L at 1219.29 = 107.51 SP's or 8% decline
2/19/07H at 817.68 – 4/14/97L at 733.54 = 84.14 SP’s or 10% decline

An average 9% decline would suggest 1046 SPX, which was achieved by the 2/5 Lows at 1044.50 SPX.

The MC in CD was looking for a decline into 2/8 Lows. So far we have seen the expected 9% decline from the 22 month cycle into Friday 2/5 Geometric and Solar CIT Lows, which was 1 TD early. There is a real possibility that the 2/5 Low was the MC Low, even though there are other Cycles suggesting the MC in TD will be correct, ie the decline should last into 2/12-16 Lows, where the next SPX geometric CIT is. If 2/5 was the MC Low, we should see a retest of these Lows by 2/10-12 higher Lows and go sideways into Option Expiration week.

Intraday CITs for 2/10: 9.50, 12.05, 12.25 and 3.20 pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The next Solar CIT is on 2/14

2/5 was the most important CIT for last week as it was both a geometric and Solar CITs:

Result: 2/5 was a Low and we have rallied ever since.

The next Solar CIT is on 2/14/10, along with a NDX geometric CIT on 2/12, making 2/12-16 the most important CIT for this week.

The SPX Geo CIT is on 2/17-18

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gold and US Dollar Times and Cycles

The Gold index has 2 Major CITs coming up: 2/9** and 3/8-9**.

If Gold is closely related to the stock markets, they will influence them as well. Cash Gold has Major support at the 1000 area, which is the 50% retrace and TL support.

The US$ Dollar Monthly chart is still in a long term down channel with Major resistance at the 86 area, The regular Long term 39-40 month Cycle is next due in July 2011.

The US$Dollar has major resistance at 81.50-90, the previous wave 4 and 50% retrace. Dollar Daily CITs: 2/22, 3/10 and 3/12.

If anyone is interested in the Free 2010 MC forecast, simply email:

Friday, February 5, 2010

SPX Hourly

I had a 5min CIT at 10.05 am, which was the Low and Trendline support as well. That should be good for a short term bounce, before heading lower.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Solar CITs

I received some questions on the Solar CITs.

A Solar CIT is a proprietary Sun based timing system.

The Solar CIT (Change in Trend) has an unusual High 85-90+% accuracy:

Take the recent examples as documented daily in my T&C daily Email, : 26/31 = 84% CITs were direct Hits +/-1 TD

The Solar CIT on 7/2 was a 7/1 High.The Solar CIT is on 7/8 was a 7/8L. The Solar CIT on 7/13 was a 7/13 Low. The 7/18 and 7/23 CITs were non-events due to the extreme SU move. The Solar CIT on 7/29 was a 7/29 Low, The Solar Cit on 8/5 was an 8/6 low. The Solar CIT on 8/11 was an 8/11 Low. The Solar CIT in 8/17 was an 8/17 Low. The Solar CIT on 8/23 was the 8/25 High. The Solar Cit on 8/29 was the 8/28 High. The Solar CIT on 9/6 and 9/12 was no shows. The Solar CIT on 9/18 was a 9/17 High. The Solar CIT on 9/25 was a 9/25 Low. The Solar CIT on 10/2 was an 10/2 Low. The Solar CIT on 10/9 was a minor 10/9L. The Solar CIT on 10/19 was an 10/19H. The Solar CIT on 10/26 was an 10/23H. The Solar CIT on 11/3 was an 11/2L. The Solar CIT on 11/7 was an 11/6L. The Solar CIT on 11/15 was an 11/16H. The Solar CIT on 11/23 was an 11/23H. The Solar CIT on 12/01 was a non-event. The Solar CIT on 12/9 was an 12/9L. The Solar CIT on 12/16 was an 12/16H. The 12/24 Solar CIT was a 12/28H (1 TD). The 1/1 Solar CIT was a 12/31L. The 1/9 Solar CIT was a 1/11H (+1TD). The 1/18 Solar CIT was a 1/19H. The 1/27 Solar CIT was a 1/26H.

The next Solar CIT’s is on 2/5, which is also a geometric CIT (which are 70-80% accurate) and should be the most important turning point Date for this week.