Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Master Cycle Update: Panic Lows are already in

The Master Cycle in Calendar days (CD) forecasted:

1. 1/27/11 Low (actual 1/28 Low)
2. Rally to a 2/18/11 Major High was looking for a 28 CD mini Panic decline into 
3. 3/18/11 Major Low, which arrived on 3/16/11 Major Low.

This means the Panic Major Lows are already in and we are in a new rally phase, short term declines notwithstanding.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Open House at the Time and Cycles Forums

As many have requested it, there will be an Open house at the Time and Cycles (T&C) Forums starting 4/12-4/19

Click on "Register for free Trials" here:

This is not the Raj T&C Daily Email, but I will provide some intra day and daily Time and Cycles information at that time.

Let your friends know about the Open House starting on 4/12-4/19.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is it time to Panic?

The Master Cycle predicted the 2/18/11 High and ever since that time was looking for a sharp decline to occur, which will end with a possible Panic  wash-out decline. 

If we get a washout panic decline, we will be close to a Major Low.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review Intraday Price, Times and Cycles for 3/15/11

Review Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times (1st chart) are the red vertical lines 3/15/11: 9.50, 12.25, 1.50, 2.40, 3.00 pm Eastern

Actual: 9.55H, 12.30H, 1.50L, 2.55L, 3.05L  Most of the 5 min CITs were solid hits

Review: “Intraday Cycle are the Cyan lines: 10.00H, 11.00L, 12.30H, 2.15-2.30L, 3.20-50H
Tuesday’s bias is a 10.00 cycle High at the 9.50 CIT, decline to a 11.00 cycle Low+/-30, rally to a12.30 cycle High at the 12.25 CIT, decline to 2.15-30 Cycle Low at the 2.40 CIT and rally to a 3.20-50 Cycle High at the 3.00 CIT.”

Actual: 9.40LOD, 9.55H, 11.15L, 12.30H, 2.25L, 3.45HOD The intraday cycle was followed near perfection

Solar Price Support/Resistance are the pink horizontal lines:  1261, 1277-, 1279, 1281-, 1297, 1315, 1324, 1333 June/Mar SP

Actual:  1261 June SP Solar Price was support for the sharp decline we rallied to 1281 June SP Solar Price Resistance

From this morning's update to subs: "The current Bias is we make a 3/15 at Open = Low of the day"

Actual: Stock Markets saw a hard Gap Down -34  SP’s and as expected was the actual Low of the day at the Open at 1261.12 SPX, right at Solar price support at 1261 and rallied the rest of the day into the last hour 3.45 HOD at 1288.46 SPX, just as the intraday cycle suggested, still closing lower -14.52 SP’s at 1281.87 SPX on increased volume. If you were aggressive and bought the Open LOD as suggested at 1261 and held it into the close, you would be up +20 SP’s  X $50/SP on the emini = $1000 profit for the day. (That would equal to close to a 1 year subscription of the Raj T&C Daily Emails) If you didn’t buy the Open, then not to worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Master Cycle was predicting this large move down after the 2/18 Major High...

The Master Cycle was warning to "fasten your seatbelts" and was predicting a Large "take no prisoner's Move"  Down move after a 2/18/11 High as posted on 2/10/11 and 2/24/11


and it is finally unfolding, with the market down -34 SP's in Globex. Granted it did not follow the "day by day" Map that the perfectionist that I am desires, which at times was frustrating, but the Final meltdown Low is already known as this powerful down cycle remains in force for a while longer.

Trade well and Good Luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An earthquake cycle and 55 squared weeks

The 3/18/1953 Turkey earthquake

The 1953 Yenice-Gönen earthquake occurred at 21:06 local time (19:06 UTC on March 18, in the province of Çanakkale and Balıkesir in the Marmara Region at western Turkey. It had a magnitude 7.5 on the surface wave magnitude scale and a maximum felt intensity of (Violent) 9 on the Mercalli intensity scale. It caused widespread damage, killing 1070 and causing damage that was estimated at US$3,570,000 repair value.[2]

The 3/11/2011 Japan Earthquake had a 8.8 Magnitude, similar in strength!

55 Fibonacci squared weeks = 21175 CD that James Brock thought me many years ago, long before I knew of Chris Carolan's discovery of his 717 Lunar Months = 21173 CD, but 21175 CD, 55 fibonacci squared weeks is slightly more accurate:

09/03/29 Major High = 08/25/87 Major High = 21175 exact
10/29/29 Crash Low  = 10/20/87 Crash Low   = 21175 exact

3/18/1953 Turkey Earthquake + 55 squared weeks/21175 CD = 3/10/2011 Japan's Earthquake

Friday, March 11, 2011

3/11 Reversal Day

Today, 3/11, is the Apex of that Triangle CIT. I also have a 3/12 Solar CIT. This was one of the many reasons I was looking for a Low and reversal straight up from this morning's Low.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review Intraday Price, Times and Cycles

The intraday cycle is shown in Cyan: 10.30H, 11.15L, 12.20H, 2.00L, 3.40H

Actual: 10.25H, 11.15L, 12.05HOD, 2.35L, 3.50H

The intraday CITs are the Red vertical lines: 10.25, 11.20, 11.30, 1.15, 1.50, 2.50 pm Eastern

10.25H, 11.15L, 2.00H, 2.40L

The Pink horizontal lines are the Solar Price Support and resistance lines: 1297, 1315, 1324*, 1333 Mar SP

Notice how the 1324 Mar SP Solar Price, provided resistance the whole day

Next is we should be down into tomorrow's 10.20 am Cycle Low, etc.

Intraday Map

I Got plenty of positive feedback from subs wrt to intraday Map, so I will include the intraday chart (click on chart to enlarge) in the Raj T&C daily email from now on.

The intraday Cycle today is represented without strong Up or down biases. It is shown in Cyan, it is a series of Highs and Lows, all +/-30. The intraday cycle today is normally bullishly biased. 

The intraday cycle is shown in Cyan: 10.30H, 11.15L, 12.20H, 2.00L, 3.40H

The intraday CITs are the Red vertical lines: 10.25, 11.20, 11.30, 1.15, 1.50, 2.50 pm Eastern

The Pink horizontal lines are the Solar Price Support and resistance lines: 1297, 1315, 1324*, 1333 Mar SP

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 33-34 week Cycles

The 33-34 week cycles has been in the markets for some time. 

They are not exact cycles as all cycles continually contract and expand.

33 wk/231 CD Cycles:
06/08/10L-234-01/28/11L-231- 09/16/11

34 wk/241 CD Cycles:
03/06/09L-241-11/02/09L-241-07/01/10L-232 = 2/18/11 High or 238 = 2/24/11 Low

The 33-34 week Cycle made an important High or Low and could be the 2/18/11 High or the 2/24/11 Low. The current bias is 2/18/11 was an important High.