Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Getting Ready to rollover?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Triangle Apex CIT 2/13 at Open High

Triangle Apex CIT with 5 waves up. The 2/13H @ Open was the 2/12-13 Apex time CIT (Change in Trend), 2/12 double Geometric time CIT and intraday 2/12 last hourly CIT and 2/12 Close-2/13 Open CIT. Time was Up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The 94 Trading Day Cycle 2/12 swing High

Review: From 1/31/19 Update: "Markets have rallied above the mini wave 4 bullish pennant/triangle pattern in a 5th wave rally. The triangle targets 2739 SPX, right at the 200 DMA at 2741.47 SPX, which is major resistance. "

From 2/5/19 Update: "We are rallying into 2/5 Solar time CIT (Change in Trend) suggesting a 2/5H in the make, but as bullish momentum remains strong and all trends remain Up, we go with the flow and wait for a trend reversal lower before considering any shorts"

Actual: We reached our outstanding 2739 SPX Triangle Target, right at the 200 DMA at the 2/5 Solar CIT High, which remains the Highs to date.

We are currently rallying into the next 94 Trading Day (TD) Cycle, that last saw the 9/21/18 major High and is next due 2/11/19+/-3. The 94 TD Cycle has been consistently in the markets for more than 4 years now, since the 12/29/14H and has been often exact, but at times off 3-4 Trading Days.

The same triangle that projected 2739 SPX price target has an Apex CIT due today 2/12, right at the double 2/12 Geometric time CITs and the 94 TD Cycle suggesting a 2/12 swing High being made.

All trends remains up, since the projected 12/26/18 major Low and the markets have been in an hourly up channel. We would need to break this up channel to get an initial Sell signal.

What's Next: We should make a 2/12 swing High+/- and start a retrace.

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