Thursday, February 13, 2020

The inverted and 282 TD cycle suggests a 2/12 swing High

There is an active Inverted cycle that has been in the markets for some time and recently called the 12/03/19L, 12/13/19H, 12/31/19L, 1/22/20H and is now suggesting a 2/13/20+/-3 major High.

This is supported by a dominant 282 TD (Trading Days) fixed cycle that has been in the markets for 13 years now, since the October 11, 2007 major High.

282 TD Cycle10/11/07H-282-11/21/08L-284-1/11/10H-279-2/18/11H-281-4/2/12H-285-5/22/13H-281- 7/3/14H-284 -8/18/15H-282 TD- 9/29/16H-284-11/15/17L-282-12/26/18L-282- 2/12/2020+/-3.

Conclusion: The markets rallied into an 11 year Long term channel resistance, since 3/06/09L, at the 3380 SPX area at the 2/12/20H, combined with the active inverted and the dominant 282 TD cycle. Price, Time and Cycles converged and we may be looking at a major High in this time frame.

2/16 Update: Xtrends found a SPX Monthly log channel, which I updated and extended to start from the May 1970 Low, 40 years ago and its paralel channel form the 10/20/87 Crash Low, 33 years ago.

Mars makes its biblical "passover" of the 12/26/19 Solar Eclipse on 2/20/20. This is similar in the past when Mars made its passover over the 6/21/01 Solar Eclipse on 9/11 2001. See original article here:

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Day 32 and 38 were Bulls eye Hits

"Since 12/26/18L, "Trading Day 32 and 38" from the last Low, was a CIT, often Highs"

1/22H was Day 33 and we saw a 1/22 High, yesterday was Day 38 and we saw a 1/29 lower High. Both are Bulls-eye hits.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Jan 22-29 Major High

There is a dominant, simple and elegant chart pattern since 12/26/18L, when this current Bull market began, notice there is an important CIT (Change in Trend), often swing Highs, at 32 TD (Trading Days) and or 38 TD from the last major Lows. 

1/22/20H was 33 TD from the last swing Low. If 1/22H is not the High, then 1/29+/-1 will be the major High.

The current pattern of the markets topping out at 32-33 TD and or 38 TD has been highly reliable and has been the pattern since the 12/26/18 major Lows.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Jan 02 High?

"Mars, the planet of War is currently having an 8th house aspect on Rahu, the Moon's North Node, which escalates Wars and Tensions" Sam Geppi

Markets rallied into 2 long term double red channel and green trendline resistance at yesterday's 1/02/20 Highs.