Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Series of Cycles: 9/2/08 Major High

The amazing Series of Cycles has been repeating in the markets for many years now. Sometimes the series fades, but after a month or so, it shows up again and then the Cycle provides very accurate turning dates.

The Series recently predicted a 7/28L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/19L, 8/22H, 8/26L +/-1

We actually had a 7/28L, 7/31H, 8/8L, 8/15H, 8/20L, 8/22H and 8/26L

The Series of Cycles are now looking for a 9/2 Major High and a good decline into XXX (reserved) Major Low, after which we should see a powerful rally into XXX Major High.

For further formation: timeandcycles@gmail.com

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