Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Master Cycle now and into 2011

The Master Cycle (MC), when active is a great cycle to know as it is very precise in predicting exact Highs and Lows. (For more information on the MC, please email me at for the free MC 2010 Forecast, where the MC is explained in details) 

The MC has been in the market Day for Day for about 7-8 weeks now, since the 11/1/10 Lows and continues to see higher prices, confounding the Bearish outlook.

However, one of these days soon we will see a hard down day, just to feed the Bearish sentiment. The MC knows exactly when to expect that.

In general though this rally should continue into January 2011 and if it is still active, It also has another major High in March 2011 as well.

2011 should be an exciting year and should see lots of Volatility and some large swings Up and Down.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New year to all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vedic Astro transits in December 2010

This is what I posted back in early December:

Vedic Astro transits in December 2010:

There are 3 important Astro events in December that should have an influence on the stock markets:
1. 12/10 Mercury goes retrograde from 12/10-29. On 12/29 it goes Direct. These are often CITs.
2. 12/11 Mars conjuncts Rahu (Moon’s North Node) in Mula Nakshatra (Star group), which is star group of destruction.
3.  12/21 is a Lunar Eclipse.

From Vedic astrologer James Kelleher: “Mars and Rahu conjunct on December 11th in Mula nakshatra in the first part of Sagittarius. This is a volatile conjunction. It is accident-prone, explosive, and unpredictable. It can give unexpected flare-ups of anger. Mula Nakshatra is ruled by Niritti, a goddess of destruction. The shakti (power) of this nakshatra is the power of destruction. So you might want to steer clear of the week before and after December 11th when it comes to risk-taking activities. For example, you might want to rethink that appointment to do your first bungee jump at that time.”

Infact Mars, Rahu and Mercury are in the same House and Sign of Sagittarius, ever since Late 11/29 Major Low, when the stock markets made their Low of the week. Notice the Mars Rahu conjunction occurs on 12/11, in the weekend of the expected High. On 12/6 Moon will join this same Sign for 2 days, until 12/8 and on 12/16 the Sun will join, Mars, Rahu and Mercury in Sagittarius. On 12/22 Mercury will transit backward into Scorpio. It is not until 1/7/2011 that Mars will leave Rahu’s House. We need to watch these Astro transit dates: 12/8 , 12/10-11*, 12/16 , 12/21-22, 12/29 and 1/7/11 for potential CITs in the markets.

Notice all the Astro CITs have been working wel as short term CITs!

12/8, when Moon left the Sagittarius House, it was a 12/8 short term swing Low,
12/10-11* weekend conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the Sagittarius House was the Monday 12/13H.
12/16, when the Sun enters the Sagittarius House, along with Mars, Rahu and Mercury was the 12/16 Low.

Next 3 transits to watch is:

1. 12/21-22, the 12/21 Lunar Eclipse and 12/22, when Mercury leaves the Sagittarius House
2. 12/29, Mercury goes direct on 12/29
2. 1/7/11, When the great malefic Mars finally leaves the Sagittarius House.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 12/16-17 Time and Cycle Cluster

Timing wise I had 12/16-17 as the CIT (Change in Trend) to watch.

Cycle wise, The dominant cycles were looking for a 12/13-14 High and a brief pullback into 12/16-17 Lows, before heading to Higher Highs.

Price wise, The cycles were expecting a sharper decline, but in these Cycles, Price Magnitude is not assured.

It is possible that we have already seen a Low in the 1st hour today, but ideally the Low was expected tomorrow, before we see the reversal higher.

The next Dollar and Solar Change in Trend (CIT)

The last Dollar CIT was on 12/9, which was the 12/8 High. The next Dollar CIT is today 12/16.

The Solar CITs are 84-90% accurate. the next Solar CIT is on 12/17.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dominant Cycles Update

I mentioned on 12/2 that my Master Cycle was active again with 5 Hits:

11/1L, 11/09H, 11/16L, 11/26H (11/25H), 11/29L, next 12/13-14 High

Today should be the next short term High according to the Master and Major Cycle, which has been in the markets for quite some time now.  Today, 12/14 is also the next Daily Geometric CIT. 

If the Master Cycle continues to be correct, which i think it will be, then 2011 will provide plenty of large swings up and Down that should be highly profitable. I won't want to miss them. It should be an exciting year for everyone who plays these large swing Highs and Lows right.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Short term: Apex of the triangle Low

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 12/09/10: 11.50Apex, 1.15 pm Eastern

Actual: 11.55 Low of the day, 1.15 was a High

We hit the Apex of the triangle at 11.55 Low of the Day...

Timing the next Cycle High

With new closing highs that comes along with all kind of bearish divergences everywhere, we need to be alert for a High forming at any time, but when exactly?

Precise Timing is going to be critical. Once the Highs are in, we should see a relative sharp correction afterward.

These Change in Trends (CIT) tend to be exact,sometimes +/- 1 TD, although they work 70-80% of the time, so take the following fwiw.

The Dollar CIT is today 12/9, the Solar CIT is 12/9 is for the stock markets. The SPX itself has a 12/10-13 CIT. These next few days are a critical Time period to watch for the markets.

As mentioned in my previous post, even though there were many reasons for a 12/7/10 High (see December 7th post), my Master Cycle and Major cycle are the dominant Cycles to watch at the moment and are currently expecting higher Highs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Cycle Watch, 12/7 high?

As mentioned in my previous 12/2 post, the Master Cycle is active again with 5 Hits and was looking for higher Highs above the 11/5 Highs, which has now occurred. So what's next?

There are 2 dominant Cycle that I am watching, one is my Master cycle that has us generally higher into January and March 2011, before a larger correction takes place. The other is the Major cycle that has been in the market for the last 6 months and is due top out soon. It will be interesting to see which one is more dominant.

There is one very long term cycle I mentioned on the T&C forums and elsewhere that tops out today, 12/7/10. I don't think this is the dominant Cycle right now, so here it is: 

The 29,455 CD Cycle:

1. 09/03/29 Major High = 04/26/10 High
2. 11/13/29 Major Low  = 07/06/10 Low (Actual 07/01/10L)
3. 04/16/30 Major High = 12/07/10 High

We will see if this one works or not, the current bias is the Master Cycle will be correct and we see higher Prices into next year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The master Cycle is active again

The Master Cycle expands and contracts as the Universe and has been fine-tuned and has been active again, with 5 hits: 11/1L, 11/09H, 11/16L, 11/26H (11/25H), 11/29L

What is next?  It now expects higher highs, above the 11/5 Highs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review of the Dollar CITs

Review of the Dollar CITs (Change in Trend = High or Low) posted on the T&C Blog on 11/23:

"Here are some recent and future Dollar CITs: 11/16, 11/22, 11/30, 12/9 and 12/17/10."

The 11/16 CIT was a Dollar High and a Stock market Low. 

The 11/22 CIT was a Dollar Low and a Stock market High.
The 11/30 CIT was a Dollar high and tock market Low. 

Next Dollar CITs have been adjusted to: 12/9 and 12/16.