Monday, July 28, 2008

Sixsigma's 1987 Fractal

This is an interesting 1987 Fractal pattern (Click on chart to enlarge) that has been in the markets for over a year now. It is "1 Trading Day is a week" Fractal. This was posted a couple of weeks ago on our T&C Group, courtesy of "s" (that I thought was worthwhile to share with everyone.

1. 08/25/87H = 10/11/07H

2. 09/08/87L = 01/23/08L
3. 09/22/87L = 03/17/08L
4. 10/02/87H = 05/19/08H,
5. 10/12/87L = 07/15/08L
6. 10/13/87H = 07/23/08H
7. 10/20/87L = 09/11/08L???

If I calculated it correctly, this Fractal Cycle has roughly a 7 Times expansion (
1 Trading Day in 1987 is equal to a week in 2008) and bottoms around 9/11/08, the 7 Year anniversary of 9/11/01, but it could arrive earlier or later, as the fractal can expand or contract.

In Sixsigma's work it is the pattern that is strikingly similar and it doesn't always have to abide by the exact 7 Times expansion of 1987. In any case it is an interesting pattern at an interesting Time.

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