Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 37 TD Cycle, Fibo Spirals and the 6 LM Cycle have an 10/26 Low +/-1

On 10/15
I mentioned: "The NDX has a regular 37 TD Cycle due around 10/25 time frame, most likely a Low."

Actual: The NDX declined into its 37 TD Low into 10/26 Lows.

From Tuesday 10/23 daily Email: "Various cycles suggest  10/23H, which is the MD High, decline into 10/26 Low of the week

Actual: We made a brief 10/22 High of the week and a declined into 10/26 Low of the week

The Fibonacci Spiral from 10/26/12 +/-:
-  89 TD = 06/19/12H (+2)
-144 TD = 04/02/12H (+1)
-233 TD = 11/25/11L (-1)
-377 TD = 05/02/11H
-610 TD = 05/25/10L (+2)
-987 TD = 11/21/08L (+2)

The Fibonacci Spiral from 05/02/11H: 
+ 13 TD = 05/19/11H
+ 21 TD = 06/01/11H
+ 34 TD = 06/16/11L (-2)
+ 55 TD = 07/21/11H (+1)
+ 89 TD = 09/06/11L (-1)
+144TD = 11/21/08L (+1)
+233TD = 04/02/12H (-1)
+377TD = 10/26/12L +/-1

The 1/2 year / 6 Lunar Month (LM) inverted Cycle has Friday 10/26 +/-1 as a swing Low.   

6 Lunar Months = 177 CD = 180 degrees/Opposition = 125 TD Cycle
What is interesting here is that the cycle is inverted = opposite or 180 degrees.

The 6 LM/125 TD Cycle ( Click on chart to enlarge):
1. 03/06/12L = 09/04/12L
2. 03/19/12H = 09/14/12H
3. 04/02/12H = 09/26/12L => Inverted
4. 04/10/12L = 10/05/12H
=> Inverted

5. 04/17/12H = 10/12/12L => Inverted
6. 04/23/12L = 10/18/12H => Inverted
7. 05/01/12H = 10/26/12L => Inverted

The 37 TD, Fibonacci Spiral and the 6 Lunar month inverted cycle have an 10/26 Low+/-1

Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19 Quick Update

From my last post: We were looking for an 10/12 triple CIT Low, a sharp rally into 10/17 High and from there, "we should make a decline into the next geometric CIT due on 10/19. There is an hourly CIT due in the last hour of Friday 10/19"

Actual: We are seeing the expected decline into 10/19 geometric CIT. 

What's next: If we decline into the last hour today, we could see a spillover decline into Monday 10/22.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/17 High and Wedge Target achieved

From this last weekend 10/12 report: "We have declined into the 10/12-15 quadruple Time Cluster CIT suggesting a Low is forming. We can see a spillover decline into Monday 10/15 CIT. We should then see a rally into OE week." 

Actual: We saw an 10/12 major Low and an 10/15 Globex Low, before a sharp rally.

Monday 10/15 intraday Update: "So far so good. We rallied above the bullish descending wedge DTL and 1433 SPX confirming the 10/12 triple CIT was the Low.We should now rally into 10/16-17 Solar CIT High.  The current bias basis CITs: rally into 10/17H at 1st hour CIT, decline into 10/19L at last hour CIT"

Tuesday 10/16: "There is a descending triangle target around 1457-59 SPX, right at the 70.7% retrace."

Actual: We rallied right into 10/17 High, achieving the projected 1459 SPX Wedge Target and closed right below the 78.6% retrace at 1460.91 SPX. The intraday High was achieved right at the Apex (yellow) of the descending wedge, suggesting atleast a short term 10/17 High.

What's next?: We should make a decline into the next geometric CIT due on 10/19. There is an hourly CIT due in the last hour of Friday 10/19. The intraday Cycle today 10/18 is a "Low am to High pm" day, which suggests a 1st hour Low and a last hour High (see chart above).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mars Rahu aspect and the November Elections cycles

I mentioned Mars was conjunct Rahu (Moon's North Node) on 10/2 back in August 2012,
which became the 10/5 major High.

I had a quadruple geometric 10/12-15 CIT (triple on 10/12, 1 on 10/15) that became the 10/12 Low.

The NDX has a regular 37 TD Cycle due around 10/25 time frame, most likely a Low.

There is a cluster of cycles all due in November 2012,  first mentioned about 9-10 months ago in the 2012 T&C forecast. This suggests some fireworks are due in the November Election month.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dominant Cycle Update

The dominant Cycle has been active, since the 4/2/12 High and has seen many high Quality solid hits, with no Inversions (which is ideal). I first mentioned the dominant cycle in the markets on my 9/13th blog post:

Since then the dominant Cycle predicted the following Highs and Lows (Cyan Lines), all within 1 TD:
 9/10H, 9/11L, 9/17H (9/14H,-1TD), 9/19L (9/20L), 9/24H (9/21H,-1 TD).

From last weekend's 9/22 Email: "The dominant cycle suggests: 9/24H (9/21H), decline into 9/26L, then a solid rally into 10/2H, all +/-1."

Actual: We saw a 9/21 High, 1 TD earlier, and a decline into 9/26 Cycle Low, which was a Bulls-eye hit. Time CITs: The 9/25 Solar CIT and the 9/26 Apex CIT supported this 9/26 Cycle Low and reversal higher. So far So good.

What's next?:  From the 9/26 Cycle Low, we should continue to rally into 10/2 Cycle High+/-1.
Time CITs (Change in Trend): This 10/2 cycle High is support by a double 9/28-29 weekend geometric CIT, but more important by an 10/2 Solar CIT, which has an 84-90% accuracy.

This Cycle has been active since the 4/2 major High, but has only been recently discovered. It is an exact repetition of a certain historic pattern of Highs and Lows. As long as this cycle remains active, we can ride the waves as it will continue to be precise. Let's see how long it continues.