Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The June 3-6 Time Cluster

Since my last timing post on 5/19's Major CIT (Change in Trend), which has been the Major High sofar, I had a 5/30 CIT lower High (Click on Chart to enlarge).

There has been a huge Cluster of "Hits" mentioned by various respected timers in the June 3-6 Time Frame, through their own various Timing methods, some say this time frame will be a Major Low, others, a Major High.

In my own Timing and Cycle methods, I have 2 separate timing CITs, an NDX 6/4 CIT and a Major 6/9 SPX CIT.
My Series of Cycles has the last High due on 6/4-5, so my current bias is that we will see a 6/4-5 HIGH, right along with my 6/4 NDX CIT. We should then see a fast decline into my next daily SPX CIT due on 6/9/08 LOW. It becomes clearer to me once my Timing methods confirms my Cycles.

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