Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review and 7/21 hourly CIT near the close

Review of the recent posted Cycle and CITs on my T&C blog:

1. The Friday 6/18 daily and hourly CIT near the close was the Monday 6/21 High at the open Major High.

2. The 6/29 post
was looking for a Low, esp around the 7/1 Squared date:

3. The 7/13 Cycle High was pinpointed here:

4. Recently I was looking for a 7/19 CIT Low, which was a 7/20 Cycle Low at the Open.

The 5 min CIT at 2.55 pm and Hourly CIT at 2.55-4.00 pm on 7/21 was the 2.55 Low of the day 7/21 (see hourly chart).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Short term high today?

Markets rallied right into my Daily and hourly CIT at 10-35- 11.40 am at the 11.40 High of the day at 1097.07 SPX, right at double TL resistance and right at Maximum Open Interest at 1100 SPX, but is barely retreating so far. 

Bullish momentum remains strong. Let's see what happens in the last hour.