Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The next hourly time CIT due in last hour today

The last hourly time CIT arrived as the 3/23 last hour Low.

The next hourly time CIT is due today in the last hour.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The next hourly time CIT

Markets remains in an hourly down channel. The last hourly CIT was the close of Friday 3/13H.

The next hourly CIT is due tomorrow 3/24 in the 1st hour+/-.

Monday, March 9, 2020

3/3/20H was a Time Cubed Day CIT

I have mentioned in several previous posts how Time Squared Days pinpointed major future Change in Trends (CIT, ie Highs or Lows), which was a discovery of one of my mentors, the late Mr. James Brock.

Recently, on the basis of this discovery, Tim Every showed me another wonderful discovery he made, working with mathematical Time Cubed Days, which pinpointed the 3/3/20 as a major secondary High and 50% retrace. This is a gift for those who enjoy doing mathematical accurate research in the markets.

From 10/11/2007 major High:

1. 12/03/08L  =  6.61107326 Cubed Trading days (= 289 TD)

eg. 6.61107326 X 6.61107326 X 6.61107326 = 289.
10/11/07H + 289 TD = 12/03/08L, etc.

2. 07/11/09L = 7.61107326 Cubed Trading days
3. 04/26/10H = 8.61107326 Cubed Trading days
4. 04/21/11L = 9.61107326 Cubed Trading days
5. 07/10/12L = 10.61107326 Cubed Trading days
6.12/29/13L = 11.61107326 Cubed Trading days
7. 09/29/15L = 12.61107326 Cubed Trading days
8. 10/17/17 = 13.61107326 Cubed Trading days
9. 03/03/20H = 14.61107326 Cubed Trading days

Conclusion: 3/3/20 Timed Cubed High was an important secondary High and the start of yet another Crashwave. Anyone can calculate the next Time Cubed Days in the future and use it for their own fortune money$ making benefit.

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