Monday, November 29, 2010

The next Major Square of Time

I first mentioned this Square of Time back in September 2010.

Squares of CD from 7/18/06 Major Low:
26^2 = 05/24/08 -5 = 05/19/08 Major High
(26^2=26X26 CD=676CD+7/18/06L=5/24/08, etc.)
27^2 = 07/16/08 -1 = 07/15/08 Major Low
28^2 = 09/09/08 -5 = 09/02/08 Major High
29^2 = 11/05/08 -1 = 11/04/08 Major High
30^2 = 01/03/09+2 = 01/06/09 Major High
31^2 = 03/05/09+1 = 03/06/09 Major Low
32^2 = 05/07/09+1 = 05/08/09 Major high?
33^2 = 07/11/09-3  = 07/08/09 Major Low
34^2 = 09/16/09      = 09/16/09 High
35^2 = 11/24/09+3  = 11/27/09 Dubai Low
36^2 = 02/03/10 +2 = 02/05/10 Major Low
37^2=  04/17/10 +6 = 04/26/10 Major High
38^2 = 07/01/10 Major Low
39^2 = 9/16/10? => 8/31/10 Low?

Next is 7/18/06L + 40 squared days = 40^2 = 1600 = 12/04/10

Combine this CIT with the US Dollar CITs on 11/30 and 12/9 posted here:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude on Thanksgiving day

"Don't look at what you have not accomplished in the last year, look at what you have accomplished. Review only Success" 

"I complained that I didn't have shoes, until i met someone who didn't have feet"

"Count your blessings"

If someone asked you what are all the things you are thankful or grateful for? Could you answer that right away? Probably not, because most people don't look at what they already have, which they take for granted, they  tend to look at what they don't have, their unfulfilled desires.

Many people after watching the award winning movie "Slumdug Millionaire" probably realized how good they have it and counted their blessings even for a moment.

There is a website that compares how rich you are with the rest of the world. Do you realize that 85% of the world's population earns less than $5.98/Day and $2,182/Year? If you earn more than that, consider yourself blessed! and

A recent study set out to determine the affects of gratitude. The study required several hundred people in three different groups to keep daily diaries. The first group kept a diary of the events that occurred during the day, while the second group recorded their unpleasant experiences. The last group made a daily list of things for which they were grateful.

The results of the study indicated that daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. Additionally, the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress. They were more likely to help others, exercised more frequently and made more progress toward personal goals. According to the findings, people who feel grateful are also more likely to feel loved. Researchers noted that gratitude encouraged a positive cycle of reciprocal kindness among people because one act of gratitude encourages another.

This suggests that anyone can increase their sense of well-being and create positive social effects just from counting their blessings.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The US Dollar CITs

The US Dollar is often Inverse related to the US Stockmarkets.

Here are some recent and future Dollar CITs: 11/16, 11/22, 11/30, 12/9 and 12/17/10.

The 11/16 double CIT was a Dollar High and a Stock market Low. The 11/22 CIT was a Dollar short term Low and a stockmarket short term High.

Let's see how the future CITs, 11/30, 12/9 and 12/17/10 works.  

For today, 11/23, I have both a Geometric and Solar CIT in the SPX Markets, suggesting a Low and reversal is closeby, be alert.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review of the Mayan Calender and Dr Ravi Batra's predictions

The following is a re post of an article I posted on my blog in September 2008:

What the Mayan Calender and Dr Batra were saying at that time and predicting, applies to the current times with corruption rampant in the FED (Quantitative Easing) and Goldman Sacs, etc. 

Without putting a Time element on the Mayan Calender, you can see what they were saying is a very accurate description of the current times. 

Dr Batra in a 11/4th interview assures us we will see a double Dip recession, which will be caused by the FED and Goldman Sacs corrupt practices. ... 11-04.html

The Mayan calender:

In the Fifth NIGHT,  ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness), we will see the last desperate attempts of the West, and power hierarchies based on materialism everywhere, to remain in control and strengthen their power in some new very oppressive way. If the international monetary system collapses in DAY 5 we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). "

"Following the Fifth NIGHT large groups of people will however in the Sixth DAY break away from hierarchical control and guided by their intuition find a path towards increased wholeness. This is when the hierarchies will really start to break down, probably largely in a chaotic way. Yet, this is exactly the kind of chaos that is needed for the recreation of an Enlightened world."
"The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment."

There is also Dr Ravi Batra's Economic predictions that has been 80-90% accurate and the following is worth mentioning, he predicted back in 1999:

Soon after the stock market crash, a democratic revolution at the ballot box will catapult the United States into a golden age that will eclipse the reign of wealth in politics, establish a truly free enterprise economy, end permissiveness, and bring now discarded spiritual values back into fashion. Then will dawn a brilliant day, quickly sweeping across the world, the beginning of a thousand years of righteousness, compassion, and innate goodness on earth. The darker moments in human history will finally succumb to the nobility inherent in each and every one of us. It could take another thirty-year cycle before the new age sprouts in its all-encompassing effulgence, but come it will."

Monday, November 15, 2010

The 70 TD Cycle

Bruce Larson (or myself) discovered the 70 TD Cycle (click on chart to enlarge) about 1 1/2 years ago and we both posted the updates of it regularly at the T&C Forums

70 TD cycle: 10/11/07, 1/23/08, 5/2/08, 8/12/08, 11/19/08, 3/4/09, 6/12/09, 9/22/09, 12/31/09, 4/14/10, 7/23/10, 11/2/10 High. 

The latest 70 TD Cycle was the 11/5/10 High.

Friday, November 12, 2010


The 1.05 Low may have been the 12.45 hourly CIT Low, as it was right at Key support area, but we do have a Gap and Go SD Day suggesting a last hour Low, but those hourly CITs are powerful.

Is there a Major Change in Trend (CIT) at hand?

In a previous post ( , I noticed that there was a Time and Cycle cluster  in the FED week, the 1st week of November, which could have been the 10/27 Low or the 11/5 Mahalaksmi Day High.
Here are 3 cycles that supports the 11/5/10 High, the last 2 were posted by Peter at the T&C forums:
1. 77-80 wk cycle: 10/25/04L-80w-5/8/06L-77wk-10/31/07H -2X78.5 wks = 11/5/10H
2. 95 TD Cycle: 5/08/09H -95- 9/23/09H-93-2/5/10L -95- 6/21/10H -96- 11/5/10H
3. 1519 TD/6 Yr Cycle: 10/5/92L-1519-10/8/98L-1519-10/25/04L-1520-11/5H

They say the trend is your friend, but what does that really mean? Here are some clues:

Since the late August Lows, we have had 5 corrections (Cyan lines in chart), lasting 1-2 TD: 
1. 08/27H-08/31L = 24.33 SP's   
2. 09/21H-09/23L = 25.80 SP's    
3. 09/30H-10/04L = 25.29 SP's
4. 10/18H-10/19L = 25.82 SP’s
5. 10/25H-10/27L = 24.40 SP's 
The Main Rules to have a real Change in Trend to down (which means do not short this uptrend aggressively until then), is the decline should last longer than 2 TD and must exceed 26 SP’s.
This means any decline is limited to 1201 SPX (26 SP’s from the 11/5 Highs) and 2 TD and If it is more, then the trend has changed to down, which would then suggest a sharper decline.
We are currently more than 2 TD down and have surpassed the 1201 SPX at least in the Globex, this indicates an important CIT is in the works. Also NDX, the leader closed below its Major uptrend Line. Globex took out the 1201 Critical support area and was as Low as 1193 Dec SP, which is around 1195 SPX.

Often, though not always, the Globex Lows gets retested during the regular trading session, so we'll see.
  For now here are today's intraday Times and cycles:
Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 11/12/10: 10.05, 11.40-12.45 hourly*, 12.20, 2.55, 3.15 pm Eastern

Intraday Cycle: 10.30H, 11.15L, 12.30H, 2.00L, 3.40H

There is an hourly CIT today at 11.40-12.45 pm that should be important.

The next few weeks should be more interesting and exciting than the last 7-8 weeks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The daily SPX outlook

The daily SPX made a Hurst 83 TD/17-18 week Cycle Low on 10/27 Lows (click on chart to enlarge) and is now in bullish mode.  Normally the 17-18 week Cycle sees a sharper retrace than what we have seen into 10/27 Lows, even though we are in a wave 3 Higher. The 62 TD Cycle arrived on 11/1 Low and is also in bullish mode.

The market rallied to Cyan and red Channel resistance, closing at 1225.85 SPX Friday, suggesting a pullback is due. 

IF Wave 3 is 1.618 X Wave 1 = 1231.16 SPX,  also 61.8 % retrace of the 10/07H-3/09L = 1228.74 SPX, so 1229-1231 SPX should be formidable resistance.  Friday's 11/5 intraday High was at 1227.08 SPX. 

2/05/10 Low + 54 TD = 4/26/10 High.
8/27/10 Low + 54 TD = 11/12/10.

Once wave 3 completes, we will see a larger wave 4 corrective decline, that should hold above the 1130 SPX wave 1 Highs.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Divali (Festival of Lights) 11/5/10

Sri Suktam is a very special Mantra to invoke Mahalaksmi, the Goddess of wealth.

We are nothing but sound vibrations, to get the blessings, simply listen quietly to these Mantras (video below)

Message body

O Agni, please pray to that Lakshmi
that we should be blessed with inexhaustible wealth.
May that wealth bring greatest joy and peace
along with all material comforts, and,
highest of all, Liberation.
(Shri Sukta)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Intraday Time and Cycles 11/3/10

As this is a most important day to watch, here is what the Intraday Times and Cycles suggests.

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend, High or Low) Times 11/03/10: 9.40, 10.00, 11.35, 1.35, 3.15 pm Eastern

Intraday Cycle: 10.20L, 11.40H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.10L Eastern

The general bias is choppy to down to a 3.15 CIT LOD (Low of the Day)

Fed's decision is at 2.15 pm. Today's intraday Cycle suggest we sell-off into 3.15 Low of the day.

Pure Speculation of course.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dhanvantari and MahaLaksmi 11/3 and 11/5

Awakening Dhanvantari

Enliven Health 3rd November 2010

Day of Dhanvantari to bestow perfect health

Dhanvantari is the aspect of Natural Law which brings health and immortality. Maharishi Yagya performances on the Day of Dhanvantari promotes good health for the individual.

Awakening Mahalakshmi

Enlivens Wealth, Prosperity and Affluence

5th November 2010


Day of Mahalakshmi to bestow wealth, prosperity and bliss

The Day of Mahalakshmi is the most important day of the year in the Vedic calendar. The Sanskrit word Mahalakshmi means ‘great wealth’. The wealth represented by Mahalakshmi appears in eight forms which cover all aspects of material life. All eight taken together create bliss consciousness, which is more than the collection of parts. The togetherness of the eight parts creates fullness of life: 100% relative and 100% absolute.

1. Dhanya Lakshmi – Food and Nourishment

2. Dhana Lakshmi – Money and Wealth

3. Dhairya Lakshmi – Enterprise and Valor

4. Apara Vidya Lakshmi – Material Knowledge

5. Jaya Lakshmi – Victory, Success

6. Veerya Lakshmi – Vitality and Children

7. Gaja Lakshmi – Power and Status

8. Saubhagya Lakshmi – Prosperity and Protection

Maharishi Yagya performances on the Day of Mahalakshmi enliven all eight forms of wealth and promote progress in both the material and spiritual fields of life.

Vedic history reports that in the beginning of creation there was a long period of perfect life in accord with all the Laws of Nature. But eventually the harmony was disturbed bringing crime and disease to society. A large assembly of Rishis (Vedic sages) decided to introduce Yagyas to the world to re-establish peace and harmony.

Since ancient times, Vedic Pandits have been performing Yagyas and applying this Vedic technology to eliminate problems for individuals and for society.