Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8/29 Low

    1. We have declined into 8/29 Geometric time CIT (Change in Trend) suggesting an 8/29 Low in the make, we then rally into the next Time CIT
    2. Often (80% of the time), when Globex Futures are down all night, we see the Low of day (LOD) at the Open or in the 1st hour of trading.

  1. Intraday Forecast from last night & current. If we see a midday High,we will see a last hour High,confirming the Low am to High pm pattern

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Gold is breaking above long term weekly down channels, it may spell trouble for the stock markets

Friday, August 11, 2017

8/10-11 Low achieved, so what's next?

Forecast: form our last public post, I was looking for "an 8/7 Lunar Eclipse High and a decline into 8/11L+/-1 Day."

Actual: We saw an 8/8H, 1 day later and saw a sharp 53 SP decline into 8/10-11 Low into the 94 TD Cycle of Lows as expected.


The intraday cycle for Friday 8/11 sees a 1st hour High, midday High and last hour High
We saw a 9.50L and a 10.50 1st hour High.
If the midday High is higher than the 1st hour High, it suggests a last hour highest High and Vice Versa.

So, what's next?:  We touched long term channel support on the Emini SP at this morning's 8/11 Low. We should now see a strong rally, although there is another (higher) Low at the 8/15 Geometric time CIT. 

Raj Ian G. Thijm, Bsc, MBA
President Raj Time and Cycles, Inc.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Review & Forecast: August 4-7 High and decline into August 11 Low


The most recent Time and Cycle cluster was on 7/27, mentioned on my public blog at http://timeandcycles.blogspot.com & on twitter:

Time CITs: "Next to the 6/26 Geometric & Fed CIT & 6/27 Long term Geometric time CIT, we have the following Cycles:
1. 267 CD Cycle: 5/20/15H-267- 2/11/16L-267- 11/4/16L-265- 7/27/17H/L? 
2. 220 TD cycle: 9/12L=7/27
3. 144 TD Inverse cycle: 12/30L= 7/27H 4. 19 wk/133 CD: 2/11/16L-137-6/27/16L-130-11/4/16L-131- 3/15/17H-134- 7/27/17H

7/27 could be a High & Low. The markets needs to prove themselves first by declining below 2459.93 SPX to confirm a 7/27H was in."

Actual: Since the 7/27 Time & Cycles Cluster CIT High/Low, we formed a choppy contracting triangle the last 6 trading days.

What's next: We make a 8/4-7H at the 8/5 Solar time CIT and 8/7 Lunar Eclipse and see a decline into the 8/11 next Time and Cycle Cluster Low

The next Time and Cycle cluster is due 8/10-11 +/-1 Trading Day

Time CITs are centered on Friday 8/11+/-1 day

1. 8/10 proprietary Geometric time CIT (70-80% accurate)
2. Friday 8/11 proprietary Solar time CIT (84-90% accurate)
3. Monday 8/14 proprietary Geometric time CIT

Astro time CITs:
1. 8/10 Sun 60 Jupiter
2. 8/13 Mercury retrogrades.

Cycles: There are 2 fixed cycles due on the coming week (please remember Fixed cycles can expand and contract)

The next 19 TD Cycle is due around 8/9+/-

The next 94 TD Cycle of Lows is due around 8/10+/-

Conclusion: The next Time and Cycle cluster due on 8/10-11 +/-1 Trading Day should be a 8/11 Low+/-1 day.

Raj Ian G. Thijm, Bsc, MBA
President Raj Time and Cycles, Inc.