Monday, January 14, 2019

From 12/26 FC Low into 1/11/19 swing High

From our last public 12/24/18 post: "Markets are right on schedule (for the 75 week Flash Crash Low)"

From 12/26/18 Raj T&C Daily Email: "The infamous Flash Crash 75 week cycle pinpointed the 9/21/18 major High and has been declining into the 12/24-27 Flash Crash week Lows at the 12/27-1/02/19 quadruple time CITs and the 12/21-28 Cycle Cluster. The swing cycle is looking for a 12/24-27 Flash Crash Low and a rally into 1/11/19H"

Actual: The markets bottomed on 12/26 major FC Low at 2346.60 SPX and has rallied a whopping 251+ SP's into 1/10-11H.

From Friday 1/11 Update: "We have a last hourly time CIT that is biased to be the HOD (High of Day) and if seen, then Monday gaps lower and is baised lower"

Actual: We saw a last hour HOD Friday and Monday is gapping lower as expected.

What's next: From the 1/11 swing High, we start a volatile decline.

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