Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 66 week NDX Cycle

The last daily CIT (Change in Trend) was the 10/22 Low. The next daily CIT is 10/31-11/1, which should be a short term high. This corresponds with the 66 week Cycle (click on chart to enlarge) in the NDX due this week +/- 1 week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10/22/07 Low

I had many reasons to see a short term Low on Friday 10/19/07. The Low arrived the next trading day, right on Monday 10/22@ Open Low and we reversed 20 SP's off the Low and close at our Highs.

10/21 was the end of the 9 days of Mother Divine, which is often a CIT (Change in Trend), just like the start of the 9 days was on 10/12 gave an 10/11H CIT.

This past weekend was also an important Lunar CIT and 10/22 was the Midpoint of Mercury Retrograde and Mercury Direct. 10/22 was also an important Astro CIT.

Finally, we had a 47 TD Cycle Low (Click on chart to enlarge) due today, which is probably the
illusive 10 week Cycle Low

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/19@ Open is the next important Turn

October Options expire this Friday 10/19@Open. The October Options has lots of Open Interest at the 1520-25 SPX area. Most Options would expire worthless, if SPX prices were even close to that price by Option Expiration on 10/19. There is a first cluster of fibo Support at 1531-35 SPX area.

The next 56 hourly Cycle ( click on chart to enlarge) and the Apex of the broken wedge is also due 10/19@ Open.
10/19 is also the 20 year Anniversary of the 10/19/87 Crash. This should be an important daily CIT to watch.

Monday, October 15, 2007

11 am CIT was a Non-event

CIT didn't work as markets went Straight Down now, especially with optimistic PC ratios @ .69, while markets are down -17 and we just broke the 8/16L- 9/10L uptrendline, we should close on our Lows, but first we should get a 2pm CIT (Change in Trend) and bias is it will be a High.

Watch the 1050-11 am Major CIT

Watch the 1050-11 am (Eastern) Major CIT as the potential Low of the day or for a rally into 2pm High, especially at 1565.50 dec SP Major Support.

Looking for a rally into 10/17 High.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10/9/07 short term High

We had our rally into 10/9/07 High, as expected in the previous post.

I also had a Timing Cluster today, 10/9/07:

Sun 060 Jupiter 10/09/2007 04:04
Venus 165 Uranus 10/09/2007 01:28

Ju sq Ur (bullish)

Ian's Main Cycle short term High
Ian’s TRIPLE daily CIT

Ian's 56 hour Cycle
Ian's JPTL

The Dec SP 7/18/07 High was 1578.80, Today's High is sofar 1577.40, should cause a brief pullback.

There is a 9.35 CIT tomorrow right at the Open, could be the short term high

Friday, October 5, 2007

Gap and Go

We are having a Gap and Go Day on the bullish NFP report, especially if we pullback into a 10.55 am CIT Low, we should close on our highs and retest the ATH today.

We are currently right at Trend line Resistance now (see chart). The 128 hourly (corrected from 130, 128=2 * 64 hours = 2 * 8 squared) Cycle arrived on 10/3/07 as a Low. Ideally we should now rally into 10/9@open Highs.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Review intraday Times

Review intraday Times (posted yesterday):

Markets are flat lining, in a narrow directionless trading, awaiting NFP tomorrow, still CITs managed some intraday swings:

The 9.55 CIT was a 10 am Low, rallied 6 SP's into 11H.

The 10.50-11.10* was a 11.00 Low (10.50 was mailed to subs, next to the 11.10), decline 4 SP's

Remaining CITs for today:

2.20-25 CIT?

3.35 pm CIT

Either 10/4 or 10/5@1st hour should be a Low. The 130 hourly Cycle could be off by a couple of hours and some cycles suggests a 10/5L

We should then rally into 10/9@Open.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10/4 CIT ontrack as a short term low

The hourly CIT (Change in Trend, High or Low) at the close yesterday 10/2 was the High, the 16 and 20 TD Cycles were also due 10/2/07.

We should now make a brief decline into 10/4 Low, where the 130 hourly Cycle CIT (click on chart to enlarge) is due @ 12.45-1.50 pm, but could arrive as early as the 11.10 am or as late as 2.20 pm CIT as the LOD (sent all this information to clients)

Intraday CITs today (All Eastern):

9.35 CIT was a 9.40H

10.10CIT was a 10.10L

11.45 CIT was a 11.50H

We should now make a 4.15 CIT High(or Low).

Tomorrow 10/ 4 also has 9.40, 9.55 , 11.10* and 2.20 pm CITs.

I am expecting a LOW tomorrow 10/4, ideally at 11.10 am or 2.20 pm CIT and a rally into 10/9 @1st hour, where I have the next Time Cluster.

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's October!

The Market took out the most recent 7/28 highs, making that high a non-event in my work and is now likely to make higher highs into 10/2 Highs.

This makes me less bearish, especially how OCTOBER has barely arrived and Bears are growling all over the place.

A brief decline into 10/4 and 10/9 Lows are expected before the next rally starts. 10/9/07 is the next Major CIT in my stuff.