Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Series of Cycles and Intraday Turning Points

The proprietary series of Cycles has been back on track and was looking for an 8/8L, 8/15H and a 8/19 Low, and is now looking for higher prices, but other cycles are suggesting the Low could stretch to a 8/21-22 Low. We'll see which dominates, but the Series has been the dominant Cycle for now.

In any case today, 8/20, intraday (Change in Trend) CIT and bias (sent to clients) was:

"Speculative Path: C/Open High, 9.55 Low, 10.45-55* High, 11.30 High and 12.20 Low"

We had a Open High, 10.05LOD, 11-11.15HOD, 11.30H, 12.25L

For tomorrow, 8/21 there is a 9.40-45 am Time Cluster, bias is it will be a Low.

Other CITs for 8/21 are 1.40, 2.25 and 3.50 pm EST.

For further formation:

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