Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Intraday Time and Cycles 11/15/16 Review, Forecast versus Actual

Forecast: "The intraday cycle sees a 1st hour High, midday High and last hour High"

Actual: We did see a 10.20 1st hour High, 12.15 midday High and 4.15 last hour High of Day.

Forecast 11/16/16: Tomorrow sees a 1st hour Low, midday Low and last hour Low.

Intraday Time and Cycles 11/15/16

Daytraders: The intraday cycle sees a 1st hour High, midday High and last hour High.

If the midday High is higher than the 1st hour High, it indicates underlying strength and suggests a last hour highest High.

If the midday High is lower than the 1st hour High, it indicates underlying weakness and suggests a last hour lowest High and lower Lows.

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 11/14/16: 10.35, 1.50 pm Eastern

Intraday Cycle is the Pink lines (9.40L), 10.00H, 11.00L, 12.30H, 2.30L, 3.20-50H

Tuesday sees a possible 9.40 cycle Low+/-, rally to a 10.00 cycle High at the 10.35 time CIT, decline to a 11.00 cycle Low+/-30, rally to a 12.30 cycle High+/-30, decline to a 2.30 cycle Low at the 1.50 time CIT, rally to a 3.20-50 cycle High+/-30 min.

    1. We saw a 10.20 1st hour High so far
    2. 2181-82 SPX is resistance.
    3. There is a good chance we erase today's gains by tomorrow's close, which is biased to be lower.
  1. We saw a 12.10H that was slightly lower than the 1st hour High, indicating some underlying weakness and markets are stalling

Friday, November 4, 2016

The 47 TD Cycle predicted the 9/7H and remains on track for a 11/8 Low

Forecasts from my last 10/21 public post"The 47 TD (Trading Days) alternating cycle, mentioned on September 9 2016, was looking for an early September High... 34 TD after the last 47 High is also a CIT...The 41-42 week cycle mentioned in that same post, also topped out at the same time and has an average 107 SP decline...The 47 TD Cycle suggests we see a choppy decline into 11/8 election Low, targeting 2093 SPX or 2069 SPX"

Actual: The last 47 TD cycle was the 9/7H  and 33 TD later, we made an 10/24 swing High and declined a sharp 105 SP's from that 9/7H and 109 SP's from the 8/15H, fulfilling the 41-42 week price targets into 11/4 Low at 2083.79 SPX, close to the 200 DMA at 2082.30 SPX, and 2 TD from the projected 11/8L. 

Numerology & the markets:

108 has been recently actively vibrating: 

It has been 108 years since the Cubs won the World series.


so I figured 108 must also be active in the markets and found this cycle

108 week+/-1 wk Cycle: 8/27/10L - 9/14/12H - 10/15/14L - 11/08/16 +/-1 week.

There is also a 350 TD cycle that is due on 11/08/16 +/- week. Of course, all the fixed cycles can and do expand or contract, so the Low could already be in today 11/4, but there is a real election angst that should cause choppiness to lower into 11/8.

What's Next: The 47 TD Cycle is still suggesting a 11/8 Low+/-3 TD.