Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Prayer

All gratitude to Maharishi and the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters.

"Know this: through homage, repeated inquiry and service, the men of knowledge who have experienced Reality will teach you knowledge. Knowing this, O son of Pandu, you will no more fall into delusion; for through this you will see all beings in your Self and also in Me. Even if you were the most sinful of all sinners, you would cross over all evil by the raft of knowledge alone. As a blazing fire turns fuel to ashes, so does the fire of knowledge turn all actions into ashes. Truly there is in this world nothing so purifying as knowledge; he who is perfected in Yoga, of himself in time finds this within himself. He gains knowledge who is possessed of faith, is active in purpose and has subded the senses. Having gained knowledge, swiftly he comes to the supreme peace." --Lord Krishna (Bhagavad-Gita)
 The Holy Tradition:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Master Cycle 2 update through Thanks giving weekend

The Master Cycle 2(MC2) (click on chart to enlarge) was/is  looking for:

1. A rebound 11/18 High +/-1
2. A relative sharp decline into 11/23 Lows (today)
3. 11/25 should have an Up bias

Intraday Times and Cycles for 11/23/11

Intraday 5 min CIT (Change in Trend) Times 11/23/11: 9.35, 10.35-45**, 11.35, 1.10 pm 1

Intraday Cycle are the Cyan lines: 9.40L, 10.00-30H, 11.15L, 12.20H, 2.00L, 3.00-40H

The intraday cycle normally has an Up bias, but the MC2 is looking for a down day and down close. 

Pure speculative path for today: 

down into 11.35 CIT, good Up into 1.10 CIT, then down again.

Good Luck and Happy thanks giving to you and yours.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Master Cycle: 10/31-11/18 Forecast Vs Actual

The Master Cycle2 (Mc2) 3 week forecast since my 10/31 public blog post: was posted in my private forum as follows:

Since 10/4 Low, the MC2 forecasted (see chart above) the following Highs and Lows:
1. 10/28/11 High
2. 10/31/11 Low 
3. 11/14 Major High 
4. 11/16/11 Low
5. 11/18/11 Up day

The chart below is the actual result:

The Master cycle2 review of the last 3 weeks: Forecast vs Actual

1. The  10/28/11 High was 1 day early at the 10/27/11 High.
2. The 10/31/11 Low was 1 day later at the 11/1/11 Low
3. The 11/14 Major High was 1 day early at the 11/11 Major high
4. The  11/16/11 Low was 1 day later at the 11/17/11 Low.
5. The 11/18/11 Up day is in progress today. The MC2 is looking for an Up day today.

What's next? 

The Master Cycle is looking for a Fortune making Power move in the coming 4 weeks, you won't want to miss.


Friday, November 11, 2011

MC2 Updated

Master Cycle 2 is unfolding as expected, 11/8 High, 11/10 Low, then massive rally today, 11/11/11...
Spike Up in progress today......

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The dominant Master cycle 2 Update

The dominant Master Cycle 2 last called for a 11/1 major Low 

The MC2 remains on track as it recently suggested alot of chop and a 11/7 Low and a 11/8 High;

In the comments section on this blog, I mentioned on 11/3: 

We should see plenty of Chop, Up and down
From last night's 11/08 email: 

The dominant Master cycle 2 suggests lots of chop with 11/7 Low and 11/8 High

For today 11/9:

The MC2 suggest a down day and down close

 Globex futures are down -27.50 as "Uncertainty over Italy's future slams markets"

The next hourly CIT I have is at 10.35-11.40  am today.

The Master Cycle suggests a huge Spike is coming, be prepared! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 32 TD Cycle, another reason to suggest a 11/1 short term Low

"The Low may be in at this morning's 11/1 Low and possibly the Low of the week. The FEd meets 11/2."

The 32 TD Cycle suggested a 11/1 short term Low as well:


This cycle has been fairly accurate as all dates are exact or +/-1 TD.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"For starters, today 10/31 should be a short term 1 day sharp pullback cycle Low. Of course there are other swing Highs and Lows in the nearby future, but today is the next solar 10/31 CIT date that I have and we are declining into it and as the solar CITs have a good 84-90% record of forecasting the next turning point, it is highly likely 10/31 should be a Low."

 "The ideal target is 1221 SPX, if it follows the same price magnitude as the MC2, but price is not a guarantee." 

It looks like we will reach the 1221 SPX target this morning as Globex is down -36 SP's.

We have declined into 10/31 Solar and 11/1-2 geometric CIT and cycles suggests a Low right here.


The Low may be in at this morning's 11/1 Low and possibly the Low of the week. The FEd meets 11/2.