Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 8-11 2010 High

The 55 CD/38 TD Cycle of HIGHS: 6/5H, 7/30H, 9/23H, 11/16H, next due 1/11-12

Some fibo dates supports this: 10/21H+54-55 TD = 1/8-11, 9/2L +89 TD = 1/11

There was also an 11 and 77 wk Cycle due now, combining it with my 1/8-9 (read 1/8-11, due to the weekend) Geometric and Solar CIT:

11 Wk Cycles: 12/19/08L(12/22L)-3/6/09L-5/22L(5/21L)-8/7H-10/23H, 1/8/10H

77 Wk Cycles: 8/20/02H(8/22)-2/10/04-8/2/05H(8/3)-1/23/07-7/15/08L- 1/8/10H

This will be my last post for some time. Good Luck.

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