Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cycles update

From my Sunday 9/20 Update: Ideally, we see some pullback into next week, before the rally resumes, with 1052-55 SPX as 1st support and 1033 SPX as Major support.

We have declined as expected.
1st Support is at 1040-45 SPX. Major support is at 1033-36 SPX area.

Detailed Cycles this past week were:

Forecast: 9/18H, 9/21L, 9/23H, 9/24L

Actual: 9/17H, 9/21L, 9/23H, 9/24L

I am looking for a possible Low around the 2.30 pm CIT or a last hour Low today. We should rally tomorrow and after.


Anonymous said...

I have known James for a lot of years. We haven't talked in awhile though. I'm a 36 year student of Gann and done properly
still works fine. My work says the market (on a close basis) bottomed friday 25 and we have one more run up to the 8th. Possibly 1122 to 1149

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Good Call on the 25th Low, I am only looking for a brief rally.

To know when exactly just email me privately at