Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Master Cycle Prediction

I have received some inquiries wrt to the Master Cycle (MC), which as you may know from previous posts pinpointed the March 6 2009 Low to the day, months in advance.

The Master Cycle (MC) is a Natural Law based Vedic Numerology Cycle that is at times very precise and dominant in the market. It is a Time Series Cycle, predicting precise future swing Highs and Lows. It doesn't always project the magnitude of the Price Highs and Lows.

The MC can and does fade or invert at anytime, but when it is active it tends to be very precise for weeks and months. Of course we should NOT expect an exact repetition, but it should give you a general idea, as the Master Series of Cycles can be amazingly PRECISE. For this reason only, it has worth its price in gold.

The MC was looking for a Straight Up rally from the March 09 Lows into early May 09 Highs, which we actually got. It was then looking for a Mid June Lows, which appears to be inverted as it was looking for 3 Major Lows in June: 6/12 (was a 6/11 High), 6/18 and 6/25-26 Lows. I have important Timing Change in Trend (CIT) for 6/18-19 and 6/25-26 to go along with the MC Cycle. I am looking for one of these future dates to be the actual Low, before we rally once again to new Highs in the months ahead, atleast that is what the MC suggests. The target for this decline is the 880-895 SPX area. If we drop below the 875 SPX area, we will see much lower Lows, but for right now I don't think that is likely.

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Anonymous said...

You mean to say that June 22 or June 23 should have a corrective rally or perhaps earlier on the Fri 19th June?

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Sofar the MC has been inverted as it called for:

1. 6/12 Major Low = 6/11 Major High
2. 6/18 Low = 6/19 High.

Next is 6/25 High and 6/26 final Low. I have other Cycles confirming a 6/25 High and a 6/26-29 Low.

Anonymous said...

Is the Low in, Ian?


zen said...

Nice call again Ian! ... Looks like you have nailed it with your late June cycle low call and you pullback price target was right on the money... Now for the hat trick when is the next cycle high due and what are your upside price targets?