Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Major Lows for 2009

There are 2 Major lows that my Master Cycle, a Vedic based Cycle suggests to watch for 2009, one is due in March 09, the next one is due Mid June 09. The most likely Scenario is that we complete wave 3 from 2/9 Highs into 3/5+/-1 Major Lows and June 09 will be the final wave 5 Low of the year.

Today is 39 TD from the last 1/6 swing High. I have found many times in the last year that large moves end at 39 TD from a previous Major High or Low (click on chart to enlarge).

In summary we are very close to a Major Low, but timing will be important and the time is coming ideally at the Last hour CIT today/Open 3/5.

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John & Trina said...

Wow,just found your Blog and saw how you nailed the March 6 low. Are you still looking for a Wave 5 low for the year in Mid-June? Wave 4 top May 8th looks good.

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

The Master Cycle that called for the early March 09 Major Low is a Vedic based TIME Cycle and it is calling for a Mid June Low, it could well be a Higher Low as the March Low was also a 77-80 week Low.

zen said...

Is it possible that the cycle has inverted and that mid-June will be the top of the rally from the March low instead?

TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Zen, it is always possible that the master Cycle can fade and invert, which it does, but currently it remains ontrack.

zen said...

I was just thinking that it would take a crash to get us back down to the March low in just the next 2 weeks which seems somewhat unlikely since weekly MACD had not even rolled over yet and crashes happen from oversold conditions.

So, my thought was that with the market still overbought based on intermediate-term indicators that an important turning point coming up so soon would be more likely to be a high.

But I guess a mid-June low could just be a mild partial retracement leading to another leg up afterwards.

By the way just wanted to say your March low call was very impressive. I don't know of anyone else on the internet or anywhere else that nailed the low with such precision ahead of time. Truly one for the history books. I hope you will continue to update your blog.


TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

Thanks Zen,

The Mid June could well be just a 50% retrace and that would be fine with me.

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zen said...

so looks like mid-June inverted and is the cycle high since there was no deep pullback into this date