Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Master Cycle (MC) performance

The Master Cycle (MC) performance since the 3/6/09 lows is shown as the green swing lines on the SPX chart. All the swing High and Low dates are in the archives of the T&C Daily Email for subs and some of them are also on this blog.

Recently the MC was looking for an 8/13 High and a retest High on Monday 8/17. We did see the 8/13 High and the retest came at the close of Friday 8/14. The MC then called for a decline into 8/19 Low, which was a retest Low with the 8/17 Low and a rally into 8/25 High, which we got.
Remember the MC is a Time Cycle and does not always dictate Price magnitude. We saw higher Highs into 8/25 High.

From the 3/6/09 Low, which the MC suggested was a Major Low (and predicted in advance on this blog), you will notice some dates are off by 1,2 TD and we did have one inversion on the 6/11 Low, which was a 6/11 High, but overall it has been pretty impressive.

But, can you make some real money with this forecast? If you were to follow this forecast alone, there is the possibility of some huge profits, but you would need to ignore all the other short term indicators, timing methods and cycles that may bring you astray. Sometimes less is a whole lot more.

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