Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The 3/31 weekend Solar CIT was the Monday 4/2 major High of the week

From my last post, the 4/2-5 Time and cycle cluster:

"The time cluster is quite large and covers the entire week, which is not of practical use for trading purposes imho, so how can we pinpoint the exact date for the High or Low to occur?

I use Time & Cycle CIT Order of importance: 
1. Solar CITs (84-90% accuracy), then 
2. Geometric CIT (70-80% accuracy)
3. then other CITs, like squares, Astros, etc. 

The 3/31 (Saturday) Solar CIT is the most important turning point, which should be either Friday 3/30, but more likely Monday 4/2 CIT."

The priority always goes to the Solar CITs (Change in Trend) first, other CIts are secondary to it.
The 3/31 weekend Solar CIT was the Monday 4/2 major High of the week, as posted on the blog updates as we rallied into 4/2 High and reversed lower. The next  Solar CIT and geometric CIT should also be a High.

The 70 TD on the chart was the 4/2 High. If we close decisively below wedge support, it will cause a sharper decline into the next cycle Low.


Pete said...

I've been keeping track of your work in accordance to my own time cycle methodology. I am excited to see what will happen after this week. Are you using the Software created by Sergey Tarassov?

stevesteve121 said...

when is the next cycle low?...

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Pete, I don't use Sergey's Software, but someone posted his forecast on my forum.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Steve, Let's see how the coming week unfolds first

stevesteve121 said...


I got April 10 as a swing low

does that fit with what you have?


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Steve, I do not have a Low at that 4/10 time frame, but ocicbw.