Friday, March 30, 2012

Major Time & Cycle (T&C) Cluster CIT: 4/2-5

Major Time & Cycle (T&C) Cluster Change in Trend (CIT) due on:  4/2-5
1.    3/31 Solar (weekend) CIT
2.    4/1-4/2** Master Time Code
3.    4/3/12: geometric CIT
4.    4/3/12: Su30Ju 4/3
5.    4/3/12 is the next 10 and 20 TD Hurst Cycle Lows
6.    4/3/12: 1000 CD Cycle: 07/08/09L-1000 CD - 04/03/12
7.    4/3/12: Peter’s (PDW)1323 Cycle (posted at 
10/7/97H-1323/189w-5/22/01H-1322/189w-1/3/05H-1316/188w-8/11/08H-1323 - 4/3/12H
8.    4/3/12 – 4/4/12: 45 TD from 1/30/12 low, 90 TD from 11/25/11 low,
9.    4/4/12 Mercury Direct
10.    4/4/12 is 180 degrees form 10/4/11 Low
11.    4/5/12: 03/22/01L + 24 squared weeks = 04/05/12
12.    4/5/12: Bond1 & Ian's 89 TD: 7/1/10L, 11/5/10H, 3/16/11L, 7/22/11H, 11/28/11L, 4/5/12

The 89 TD alternating Cycle: 7/1/10 Low, 11/5/10 High, 3/16/11 Low, 7/22/11 High, 11/28/11 Low, 4/5/12 High?
The 89 TD Cycle has a noticeable alternating High and Low and the next 89 TD cycle is due on 4/5 and the alternation suggests it will be High,

Peter's 1323 Cycle of Highs: 10/7/97H-1323/189w-5/22/01H-1322/189w-1/3/05H-1316/188w-8/11/08H-1323 - 4/3/12H? The 1323 cycle suggests a 4/3/12 High.

The 20 TD Hurst Cycle has a Low around that time: 10/4L- 20 TD- 11/1L -17- 11/25L-16- 12/19L -17-1/13L- 16- 2/07/12L-19- 3/6/12L-19- 4/2/12 Low.

The time cluster is quite large and covers the entire week, which is not of practical use for trading purposes imho, so how can we pinpoint the exact date for the High or Low to occur?

I use Time & Cycle CIT Order of importance: 
1. Solar CITs (84-90% accuracy), then 
2. Geometric CIT (70-80% accuracy)
3. then other CITs, like squares, Astros, etc. 

The 3/31 (Saturday) Solar CIT is the most important turning point, which should be either Friday 3/30, but more likely Monday 4/2 CIT. The intraday cycles suggests Friday and Monday are down biased and would suggests an 4/2 Low and rally the rest of the week.

It is bullish if we decline into these important Time clusters and make an important Low, reverse and rally to continue to higher highs and Vice Versa.

Today, Friday 3/30 I had a 1st hourly CIT, most likely a High.

Intraday 5 min Mar SP CIT Times 3/30/12: 1st hour, 11.25, 12.35, 2.45 pm Eastern

Actual: 9.30 High

Intraday Cycle: (9.40H), 10.20L, 11.15H, 12.30L, 2.00H, 3.40L

Actual: 9.30 High.

There is another Major fixed Cycle due around 4/20, which is the next important date to watch


Raj Time and Cycles said...

I got 2 emails, one from Kim Rice (Kimston) and this is what he have:

4/5/12 is 1618 CDs from 10/31/07 top in NDX (618 CDs was a CIT). Next week is also 161 wks from wk of 3/6/09, 34 wks from 8/9/11, 55 wks from 3/18/11, 234 (233+1) wks from 10/11/07 top. Most of what I'm looking at points to the 4th for a top but it could be on the 5th

The other is from squiggly:

Anonymous said...

Hey Raj,
We didn't really decline into 3/30, 4/2 so is this rally week or a fakeout?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, We saw a rally into 4/2 suggesting a High today...

Raj Time and Cycles said...

The 3/31 weekend Solar CIT was most likely the Monday 4/2 High

Today, 4/3 is S4L with a 1st hour 10.20 Low and a bias to be lower the whole day

I also had a 1st hourly CIT today that was the 4/3 High of the day