Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intraday Times and Cycles

For the Stockmarket and SP 500: Thursday’s bias is a Low am to High pm (or Inverse) with a 10.00-30 Cycle Low at either the 9.50-10.00 CIT or the 10.45 CIT, we then rally to a 12.45 Cycle High+/-30, perhaps as early as the 11.20 CIT, decline to a 1.40 Cycle Low, rally to a 3.00-3.30 High.

Intraday 5 min Mar SP CIT (Change in Trend) Times 4/05/12: 9.50, 10.00, 10.45, 11.20 pm Eastern

Intraday Cycle are the Cyan lines: 10.00-30 Low, 12.45 High, 1.40L, 3.00-30H

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