Monday, April 9, 2012

Trend confirmed lower and Intraday Times and Cycles 4/09

The 3/31 Solar CIT  was looking for an 4/2 High and we got that. We finally saw the decline below 1386.87 SPX confirming the bearish Cycles from the expected 4/2 High. 

Intraday 5 min Mar SP CIT (Change in Trend) Times 4/09/12: 10.00, 11.55, 12.50, 1.35, 155** pm Eastern

Actual: 9.55 Low

Today is a High am  to Low pm day or Inverse.


stevesteve121 said...


does your cycle suggest a bottom before or after the april opex?


PVo said...

I also created calculators that gave me the same results. Its nice to see someone has them same potential CIT date. Kudos