Friday, April 27, 2012

The Master Cycle is active again

In the last post, I was looking for an 4/20-23 Low:
"This 4/20-23 Cycle Low is further supported by today's 4/20 Solar CIT and Monday's 4/23 geometric CIT."

We saw an actual 4/23 Low and have surged 46+ SP's into yesterday's Highs.

What's next? The Master Cycle (MC) is active again, after being dormant for some time.

The MC2 (red lines in hourly chart) predicted the 4/2H, 4/10L, 4/17H, 4/23L

Short term, we should see a High no later than today and see a sharp brief pullback, before heading higher afterwards. 

If we do rally today, then the 10.35-11.40 hourly CIT (Cyan vertical lines) Today could well be the High of the day, we'll have to see as the intraday cycle suggests a 1st hour High and a normal bias to be higher.

Generally we should see higher highs (above the 4/2 High at 1422) in the coming rally phase, with some brief short sharp pullbacks along the way. 

Once the rally is complete we will see the sharpest decline of the year take place, be prepared.


Anonymous said...

Raj this sharp pullback that you speak of on the way to over 1422 is it a day sort of thing or a few days/week? Do you have any idea how low we go before going higher? could your May date have something to do with this pullback?
Many thanks for all you do and share.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Mouth:"Raj just want to say great job and thanks for sharing with those of us that can't afford the premium service. You saved me lots of losses this week"

Thanks Mouth, but is a subscription really that expensive? Currently at $37.50/week, which is about $7.50/Trading Day, you have to objectively analyze the Cost Benefit:

Is $7.50/day worth the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you saved?

It is your choice.

Anonymous said...

Raj you are right when you break it down that way....thought it was crazy expensive. Will join.

Unknown said...


Any chance your cycles are inverting? From your graph, it seems yesterday should have been a Low, instead it is a High.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Unknown, the cycles are ontrack, the chart was an Hourly chart, not a daily chart