Thursday, April 28, 2011

The squared cycle reviewed in details

The bearish squared cycle I was watching and posted on 4/23/11 on my blog:

The Master Cycle and longer term cycle all were suggesting higher above 2/18 highs, but the bearish squared cycle was in contrast with the majority of bullish cycles  

The bearish Squared Cycle was 24 squared weeks =4032 CD Cycle, here is the chart I posted:

1. 2/28/00L + 34 Squared weeks = 3/14/11 Low (+2) 
2. 3/24/00H + 34 Squared weeks = 4/08/11 High
3. 4/04/00L + 34 Squared weeks = 4/19/11 Low (-1)
4. 4/10/00H + 34 Squared weeks = 4/25/11
5. 4/14/00L + 34 Squared weeks = 4/29/11

 The 4/10/00H inverted to a 4/25 Low.  

"I already have a bias which one will be exact, But I will know for sure on the basis on one particular cluster Timing CIT due in the coming week."

The CIT I was watching for this week was that 4/25 date, which was a Low, so the Master cycle and Long Term bullish cycles got confirmed early on, which was my bias at the beginning of the week.

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1 comment:

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Someone asked how did I know to go long on the 4/25 CIT with these conflicting cycles.

The answer was given via email in the beginning of the week,

"if we continue to rally beyond 4/25 and esp above the 2/18 high at 1344, the bullish Cycles gets confirmed."