Monday, April 11, 2011

The Master Cycle Update and 1 week trial of the Raj T&C Daily Email

In my last Master cycle (MC) Update almost 3 weeks ago, I suggested "the Panic Major Lows are already in on 3/16 and we are in a new rally phase

The rally phase is still in progress. 

In the mean time, from the 3/18 Lows, the MC (click on chart to enlarge) was looking for: 

1. rally into 3/25 High
2. Brief pullback into 3/30 Low (actual 3/29 low)
3. Another rally into 4/6 High
4. Pullback into 4/12 Low +/-
5. Rally to higher Highs above the 2/18 Highs...

So far so good as the MC and other cycles remains generally on track.

There are certainly some interesting and volatile weeks and months directly ahead and you don't want to miss it!

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1 comment:

Raj Time and Cycles said...

"Ideally we bottom out at the 4/13-14 CIT. We again tested the ideal MC target of 1305-1310 SPX"

The Master cycle had a 4/12 Low +/-, then we make higher Highs after. That still stands, even if we are off by 2 days today.

Today's Globex suggests we gap down -8 SP's making lower Lows today, that would bring the Cash SPX to 1306 SPX, right in the target zone.

That would also make the 10 and 20 TD Hurst Lows extended to 12 TD and 22 TD Long and overdue for a bottom. We need a reversal higher to confirm.