Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cycles and forecast in the coming week

Any cycle, for it to be an active Cycle in my work has to abide by certain rules:
1. They have to have at least 3-5 consecutive recent direct "hits", ie they have to have predicted at least 3-5 recent Highs and Lows.
2. They have to have a proven numerology behind them, ie they have to have a Vedic, Squared, Astro, etc. based numerology in them for the cycle to be even considered.
3. There are other rules, but these are some of them.

In light of the above, as mentioned before, both the long term and Master cycle (Click on chart to enlarge) suggested a short squeeze in the coming weeks. In the chart, Red lines are the forecast, blue, cyan lines are the projected Highs and Lows.

 However, for next week only, there is also the "squared" cycle (left, click on chart to enlarge) that I rediscovered that suggest we could be down this coming week only, before heading higher. 
Of course it would have been better if all cycles agreed, but sometimes, like in the coming week, you have to be aware, that they are opposing cycles at work. It is not that easy. if it was easy, we would all be rich.

I already have a bias which one will be exact, But I will know for sure on the basis on one particular cluster Timing CIT due in the coming week.

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Fred said...

Is this what you expected for the S&P. I have today as a turn, but this looks more like a breakout than a headfake...unless we have a big tail to the upside.

Fred said...

Is this what you expected for the S&P. I have this as a turn date. But this looks more like a breakout than a headfake...unless we get a big tail to the upside today.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, this is what I was looking for.

Fred said...

Does your CIT method ever conincide with Spiral they have a turn today also. Thanks

Big Bang Investor said...

Futures just broke recent highs. Smooth sailing?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Sorry for the late replies, it has been busy lately.

Hi Fred,

There was one due 4/25-28, which is from one of the Spiral experts on the T&C forums, but I don't look at all spiral turns, only a few. From what I understand from one the experts on it, Spiral dates are +/-3 and should be down from Panic dates only for the real CITs.

Peter, yes all the bullish cycles got confirmed with the rally above the 2/18 highs. This is what the MC has been looking for.